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Our home is the center of our family life.  We live here, work from here, do school here.  Our home takes a beating from us being here 24/7 and requires more maintenance than a house where its inhabitants are gone most of the time.

Our fridge went out again, but it was an easy fix by our refrigeration guy.  I'm so thankful to not have to buy a new one at this time!

Our business is a year old this month!  So excited at how God has blessed and provided for work!  It was a huge leap of faith and God has been faithful to us.  

With building the business, we are not wanting to have extra expenses (like a new fridge) right now.  We will be buying a new basic microwave.  Ours died last year and we still have to empty space above the stove.  We've been using an older one, which has been fine, but its time to replace the old one.  Do you know that you can fry in microwaves now?  We won't be buying one of those, all I do in our microwave is reheat coffee, melt butter, and defrost stuff.  I want simple, and so does my budget!

Some items we want to work on in the house are -

windows - we need to replace some screens and fix a storm window or two.  We have a few windows that just may need to be replaced.  

trim - we have a few rooms that need baseboard trim. (when we moved in here we began replacing the trim with our own style)

siding - our home is about 30 years old and has the original siding on it still.  We've been waiting to reside the house until after my parents move in, as we will be adding a garage and a mudroom/laundry room.  Then it will all get new siding going from pale yellow to white.

basement - I'd like to paint down in the basement to brighten it up.  We also plan to make part of the basement a movie watching space.

Many of these things will take time to get to in the budget, but they will be done over the next few years. We want to take good care of our home, updating it (on a budget) and also keeping it in good shape!

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  1. I can SO identify! Our house is over 100 year old - 2 story. We've lived in it about 13 years. The thought of a potential move to a ranch-style home about undid me! As it turned out, there was none that fit our budget and needs right now. So the decision has been made to add closets to a downstairs room so it can serve as a bedroom and update/remodel the main floor bathroom. There IS always something, but the house is paid for and it is "home"!

    So happy to hear your business is supporting your family's needs. Living simply and joyfully within the supply of our Heavenly Father makes it all possible ♥

  2. Home maintenance is a never ending thing isn't it? Glad your fridge repair is an easy one. It seems when one appliance goes out they all get sympathy pains. Why is that? LOL

  3. Deanna, isn't this the truth? Really it doesn't matter how old or new your house is. There's always work to be done and upkeep. When our house was 2 years old the dishwasher stopped draining. You just never know.... I love that you've set your priorities and are handling things in the best way for you. That's what we all need to do and it helps reduce stress.

  4. Glad your fridge is running well again. The quilt looks delightful! (I'm catching up on your blog) and I love a good list of things to do around the house. It is a never ending deal, isn't it, to keep a house in good running order. But it's nice to have goals and chip away at them.

  5. Deanna- I am in a constant state of maintenance here.
    In fact some cracks came back in our walls because of the heat and dryness here.
    We are all in this together!
    Have a blessed day friend,


  6. My husband just retired and as I look at your list it's practically the same list that I made out this morning. We live in a little old house and the projects are never ending but we consider it a blessing to even have a house to work on! : ) Thank you for your posts.

  7. Indeed...little by little is how things get done! (I have to remind myself of that too. It's easy to focus on the long list of projects rather than one thing at a time.)

    Congratulations on one year of the new business!! It's exciting to see how the Lord with your refrigerator! :)


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