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Book Talk - Girls' Club

I'm helping with the book launch of Sally, Sarah, and Joy Clarkson's book, "Girls' Club; Cultivating Lasting Friendship in a Lonely World."  I was given three chapters to read, and I have pre-ordered the book!  

I'm really excited about this book because friendship (which is one of the purposes of my blog) is really important to me.  I don't have sisters, so friendships with women has been a need all through my life.

God has graciously given me a friend at every point of my life, but there have been times where I didn't live near my friends, and I've been lonely for my kindreds.  I'm one who gives all of myself to my friendships, and so I find myself lonely at times.

God also graciously gave me four daughters.  I intentionally built relationships with each of the individually and I am so thankful for each one!  We've shared tears, laughter, tea, food, babies.

I'm grateful for the relationships I have even with my far away kindreds.  I'…

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