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Home Keeping: Painting The Living Room, Kitchen, and Hallway

I brought up the idea of painting the living room, kitchen, and hallway months ago.  It really needed to be done.  There was some drywall repair that needed to happen also, and Nate volunteered to do that.  He's skilled in that area, and I appreciate his willingness to use his time off to do it.

Tim hates painting, so over the years, if I wanted a room painted, I did it all while he was at work.  This worked out best, because he and I work very differently, and I'm an optimist and he's not, so usually I just got the painting done while he was not home.

However, while I was visiting Emma in Tennessee, Tim started the project with some help.  Nate got the drywall repair (some seam work and some screws popping out), and Tim painted the ceiling.  Wes began cutting in the yellow paint, also.

When I came home, I had fresh ceilings, some cutting in work done, and everything from the walls and tops of the cabinets on the floor in my bedroom!

Saturday, we (Tim, Rachel, Kyle and I) got …

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