Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Eating Dinner Together

 It's always been important to us as a family.  Breakfast is a staggered affair (as each family member wakes up on their own)and lunch is eating leftovers or sandwiches when your hungry.  But dinner has always been a meal to eat together.

When all the children were younger, Tim worked shift work and sometimes our main meal together was at lunchtime.  I treated it just like dinner time - it was our main meal for the day and I cooked, and we set a nice table.

More recently, since Rachel started working and Tim started his own business, both last year, having a meal together has gotten more challenging.  Rachel is mostly not here at dinner time, and sometimes Tim doesn't get home until late.  Sometimes we wait for him, like we did last night though that means we are eating at 7:30 pm.  

Still we do our best to have this time together.  When Kayleigh and Kamryn lived here, and both Lindsay and Emma were still at home, we often had twelve to fifteen people at our dinner table every night!  That was only three years ago!  Dynamics change in a family.  Lindsay and Joseph got married, Emma went to SC for school, Nate and Kayleigh moved to their own place nearby, they got married, our friend Denny got a job driving a truck and he is not usually here anymore, my parents don't always stay for dinner on Tuesdays.

Sometimes it is only four of us at the table like,  last night, but we still set the table, and had a meal together.  It's important that the younger children still have this time with us as a family.  We talk about everyone's day, the kids tell Tim what they learned about during our school time, he might share something he read in the Bible that morning.  There is often laughter at our table.

Changes can be hard but they are inevitable, so it's best to embrace them.  Once we got used to the smaller group for dinner, I realized that I had more freedom in what we had for meals.  Its inexpensive to order a pizza now, and the kids love it when we decide that we will all do 'dinner theater' and watch a movie together while we eat.

No matter what we end up doing for dinner, we try to use that time to connect with each other and build bonds as a family.  In fact the kids are so used to us eating together, that when Tim and I are going out for a business dinner or something, the kids get so excited to do what they want for dinner that night!

Tim and I are getting eased into the empty nest.  We are already getting practice as during the summer the kids are all gone to Ultimate Frisbee on Wednesdays.  We've made that our date night.

What about you? Has having a meal together been an important thing in your family life?  If you are empty nester's now, do you still sit down together for a meal?  Still have date nights?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Behind The Scenes Of The Wedding

All of my photos are behind the scenes wedding photos.  As the decorator/floral designer/helper for the wedding, I didn't get a chance to take many photos during the service or reception.  During the service I was happy to sit with Tim and some friends and to enjoy seeing Ruth and Gary remarried.  God is good.

Here is our fellowship room - the kitchen is off to the right behind those 'temporary curtains.'

 Ruth had an inspiration photo of the centerpieces from Pinterest that she liked, 

and we made it happen on her budget.  I used the cylinders we had from Emma's wedding, and we chose silk petals over real.  They looked wonderful.

The tables also had mints, nuts, butter and rolls on them before the wedding ceremony started.

I did a sweetheart table for them.  This was such a hit with their family and guests and everyone came to visit with them at their table!

Each end of the room had a drink station.  Becky (from Hospitality Lane) and I decided to have the drinks be self serve.  It saved our young servers from having to refill drinks.

Several young people - early twenties to age 11 - acted as servers for the reception.  Daniel, Laura, Jane, Sarah, Kyle, Quinn, and Brooke served spinach salads, and then brought out the plates for the main course which was ham, potatoes, and green beans.  There was already a wonderful fruit cup on the table.

 The coffee carafe was not on the table yet but Becky even made the sugar 'pink' to coordinate with the brides colors!

 The cake was a replica of their cake from their first wedding 39 years ago.

Here is the bride before the ceremony with her bouquet.

 photo courtesy of Becky

And with her children Joy and Steve, who served as matron of honor and best man.

 I didn't get photos of the arrangements for the sanctuary at the wedding, but I took some this morning in my living room.  
 This was on the sweetheart table.

 The white hydrangea didn't hold up until this morning, but it was beautiful in the arrangements and in the bouquets.
Any of the 'holes' you see in the arrangements were where the hydrangea were.  I am so in love with these roses.  They opened beautifully and were just stunning.

Weddings are a lot of work, but they are so fun as well.  What a joy to help a couple celebrate such a significant moment in their lives!

I took a 'selfie' of myself in the kitchen during a lull in the work of the reception.  I used to hate to see myself in photos, but I'm growing to not mind.  I want to leave proof of being present in the lives of my children, family, and friends.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sneak Peek Of What I've Been Working On

The wedding is tomorrow, so today my crew and I set up the reception space. We filled cylinders with water and flower petals and floating candles, moved tables and wiped chairs and vacuumed.  We put on the tablecloths and napkins and flatware. We helped to hang curtains to hide the kitchen from the fellowship space where the reception is being held.  We pinned tulle on the chairs on the aisles and tomorrow I will add little pink sprays roses in little vials of water.

I made the bouquets today, and I'm pleased with them.  I also made two boutonnieres, that look great.

With the rest of the flowers I'll be putting together two floral arrangements in containers for the sanctuary.  

It all looks so pretty and I can't wait to show you.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wedding Work

I am working on details for the October 22nd, wedding that I am helping with.  I got all the tablecloths hemmed, thank goodness!  What a job!  

Now I need to get some items for the sweetheart table. Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspiration!

From Glam - 

To simple -
And everywhere in between.

Lots of flower inspiration, too!

Tomorrow, I am going to the wholesale flower place in the morning, so I can get the flowers into warm water and get them opening up.  I will be putting together two bouquets and two boutonnieres on Friday.

Late in the day on Friday I'll be setting the tables and putting the centerpieces on.

Here is a photo from when I was testing them out.  The bride is having pink and green for her colors, and saw this idea on Pinterest.

Lots to do over the next few days.  The wedding is nearly here!

I'll take lots of photos and share them with you on Monday!

Autumn Is Here

Though we are having warm, nearly hot weather this week.  Last week when I mowed I wore a light jacket.  This week I was in capri's and my short sleeves rolled up to avoid a 'farmer's tan.'

The leaves are changing in earnest now, and these are some photos I took today while mowing.

That crooked tree on the right really blocked my view of the red tree!  I'll have to take a walking tour of the property soon.

Our Red Sunset Maples are just beginning to turn.  They are always lovely.  I'll share them in a few weeks!

What is autumn looking like in your area?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Four Generations

Today was a family day.  It was a day for newborn cousins to meet, 
 Isla (eye-la) and Klaire 

Sister in laws to hold each others babies

 Four Generations - my mom, my son, his daughter and me

 Another set of four - my mom, my daughter, her daughter and me

Big sister holding baby sister on the right, and cousin on the left!

Our nieces (Tim's brothers' girls) came over today to hold the babies.  This is the only photo I have of them.  Here Shelly is holding her first cousin, once removed.  Shelly then Skyped with her dad and mom in Africa and they got to see the babies, too!  So cool!

Tim always called Emma 'his little package.'  I love this photo of his package holding her package!

Family is a beautiful thing.

Grateful for everyone of them!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Hydrangea In Autumn

I'm enjoying the hydrangea with their autumn colors.  They will dry nicely too and I'll be able to enjoy them through the winter, as well.

Joining the girls at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.