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Thanksgiving Week

I gathered all my ceramic and glass pumpkins yesterday, along with a few signs and put them away until next year.  Every year, I pull all the fall decor right before Thanksgiving week.  This allows me to match the what's happening outside (we still have patches of snow on the ground).  

With so many people on social media, feeling the pull to decorate for Christmas early, I've been pondering why we feel that we must decorate for Thanksgiving with pumpkins and autumn leaf colors.  

Those are beautiful colors, and it makes for a nice tablescape, but just like it is perfectly okay to prepare roast beef, a vegetarian dish, or a pan of enchiladas for your Thanksgiving meal, I think its okay to have garlands and twinkle lights glowing for your decor.

After all, unless you live in the deep south, you've had bare trees, cold temperatures, and possibly snow already.  The glow of those twinkle lights are likely calling your name!

I tend to decorate with natural items - greens, berries a…

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