Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Music

For those of us who love Christmas music, it is a struggle to wait to listen to it until 'others' approve!  You know what I mean!

This year I find myself listening to Chris Tomlin's cd 'Adore.'  We all like this one.  I have it downloaded on my phone and we listen to it on my bluetooth speaker.  

I also love to listen to Pandora, and am enjoying the Classical Christmas station, and a celtic Christmas station.  

As much as I love to listen to the 'traditional' seasonal music like "White Christmas" or "I'll Be Home For Christmas" this year I found myself not wanting to hear the 'same ol' thing'.  

It's been really good.

I love to watch some YouTube videos of my favorites, too.  Like these

I like a wide range of music, as you can tell.

What about you?  What are you listening to during this Christmas season?  Please share in the comments!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Enjoying The Season

With my cataract surgery over, I am now free to just enjoy this season.

All obligations are behind me.

We have been enjoying ourselves in spite of my surgery being on the calendar.  

Monday I helped Kamryn put together a ginger bread house.

Tuesday, the kids and I, along with my mom did some Christmas shopping.  I am doing some online and some locally.  I feel no stress about shopping.

We've been watching Christmas movies - A Christmas Carol,  It's A Wonderful Life, White Christmas, and a movie that was new to us, Max Lucado's Christmas Candle.  It was very good.

I went to a Christmas party on Tuesday evening, for our homeschool co-op moms.  That was fun!

And we've been playing games together - mostly Clue!  It's always been a favorite of mine, and sometimes I win!

We've been trying to read together in the Bible, as a family.  We've been reading and discussing the book of Jude this week.

One night soon we will go to look at the lights at the Herr's Potato Chip factory.  They always have an awesome light display for free!

Sarah and I are going to sing together for our Christmas Eve service.  We are going to sing Mary, Did You Know.  I'm an alto and she is a soprano.  We are having fun working with Becky on it.

What are you doing to enjoy the season?  Any traditions you'd like to share?

Surgery Update!

I went in this morning and had my surgery.  I could feel the prayers for me as I was not, even one moment, nervous or anxious.  Not even claustrophobic!

I'm home and feel just fine.  I have a clear plastic guard over my eye and I have to continue to use my eye drops for several weeks.  

Once they take you back to the OR, its very quick, and I was out quickly too!

I'm thankful for such great technology that allows for my vision to be restored!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Prayer Request

I don't know if you remember that I discovered that I have a cataract on my right eye.  I've been to the specialist and I am going to have the cataract removed, with a new lens implanted, on Wednesday.

I am looking forward to better vision soon!  It certainly will make driving at night easier.

I start 2 of the eye drops tomorrow and then add one on Wednesday, until they are all gone.

The doctor who is doing my surgery is excellent and has done the cataract surgeries for my grandma, dad and mom.  We're keeping it in the family.  My doctor said that is a high compliment!

So if you'll remember to pray I'd appreciate it.  

I'll try to post on Tuesday but maybe not Wednesday, though I may pop on with my special sunglasses and give you an update!

Thanks friends!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Step By Step Decorating Our Christmas Tree

We headed out Saturday morning to get our tree.  Within 2 minutes we chose the one we wanted! It didn't take long to get it cut down and ready to go.

Tim is great at getting the lights on the tree.  I know I've shared the secret to a gorgeous tree before, but I'll say it again.  The secret is LOTS of lights!  This is a 7 foot tree and it has about 900 lights on it!  The first step in putting lights on the tree is to get them into the center of the tree.  This makes the tree glow from the inside out!

After the lights are on, I take over and I start with the ribbon.

Then the ornaments go on.  This is not all of the ornaments I placed on our tree, in fact I added my red wooden garlands that look like cranberries after I took this photo.

Lindsay came by for a while this evening, and we sat enjoying the tree with her.  After she left I turned all the lamps off and took this photo.
I'm really happy with how it looks.

I hope you have a wonderful 2nd week of Advent.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Scones

I found these on Pinterest when I was looking for low carb scone recipes for my tea at church.  As you know I am doing Trim Healthy Mama and we have several families who have dietary restrictions due to gluten issues and allergies.  I wanted to make sure we had enough food for everyone to enjoy, and these turned out to be amazing!

The recipe comes from Carolyn at the blog All Day I Dream About Food.  She has lots of amazing recipes on her blog!

If you are cutting out sugars in your diet or if you have a gluten issue, give these a try!  I just ate two for breakfast!  Yum!

We are off to find a tree today, and the plan is to get it all decorated today as well.  Tim has promised to put the lights on it for me, which is great!

I'll be playing my Christmas stations on Pandora today and smiling from ear to ear!  

What are your plans for today?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Around The World Tea

Sorry to be late getting this post finished.  I was waiting on some photos from a friend, and Tim wanted to take me to breakfast this morning!

My friend Kelly took these photos of each of the table centerpieces.  Each centerpiece had items representing a different nation.

 Great Britain




 The Netherlands


We set six tables of eight with all my own tea cups and vintage glass luncheon plates.  We used all of my tea pots and creamers and sugar bowls.  I've been collecting for many years, and realized this year that I need a few more tea pots!

We gave every guest a globe ornament

Some of our guests listening to our speaker

Karen Andreola was our speaker last evening.
I know that some of the photos are dark.  I work to bring in ambient lighting for our teas, as the only other option is the florescent over head lighting.  Way too bright!

I was so busy getting everything ready that I didn't take any photos of the tables set before the tea other than the one I showed yesterday.  If I can find any from friends who attended, I'll post them.

I did take a photo today of my tea pots so you could see them.

The second teapot on the left is the very first tea pot I ever owned.  Tim bought it for me for my 26th birthday!

My newest teapot.  I bought this at HomeGoods this week.

I look forward to this tea every year, and I could not do it without my kids and Tim's help with set up.  I also want to thank the Joseph's sisters for their help, too!