Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome September

I find myself amazed that it is September.  What a summer we have had, and my heart is full as we move into my favorite time of the year.  We had many life changing events - deaths, weddings, baptisms.  It's been hard and wonderful.  

And goodness, it's not just the summer!  What a year!  Today marks Lindsay and Joseph's 6 month anniversary!  

Emma's last day at work was Saturday, so this week we are focused on school for Rachel, Sarah and Kyle, and packing and sorting for Emma.  Besides packing her things for school, we will pack up things that she wants to keep but doesn't often use.  Hopefully we'll get this room painted in the coming year, too.  

We have packing of our own to do as well.  Friday we will be heading to Williamsburg for a week.  Friends from church are coming too.  It's going to be fun, educational, restful.  Then we take our girl to South Carolina for school.  

It's another of those life changing events.  One that marks a pivotal moment in your life, and also in the lives of your children.  We are seeing God's hand at work.  

It will be strange to only have three kids at home on a regular basis now, and Kamryn, of course!  I am so thankful for having this time with her in the early, formative years of her life.

Here is a video of her singing in the car on Friday.  We'd gone to a nearby orchard to get apples and peaches.  We always listen to Rachel's iPod in the car and this is a favorite Chris Tomlin song.


I love hearing her sing!

On the Trim Healthy Mama front, I am still learning about it, but have been eating on plan, and in about 10 days I have lost a total of 7 pounds!  So encouraging and amazing!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gathering The Moments

August has seemed quieter since we didn't take any road trips this month at all.  We really just hung out at home and got a good month of school under our belts!  

The month began with losing Tommy, Joseph's younger brother. The memorial service was special.  Their mom Susanna has posted an amazingly open post on her blog that is worth reading.

 Kyle turned nine this month and we started school!  So happy to have 19 days finished already!

 All four of my girls were baptized this month.

 Our church gave Emma a going away party, and took the time to pray over her.

 We've had amazing weather for August, with the a/c off much of the time!  Unheard of for August!

 Kamryn and I had a sleep over and we attended a wonderful wedding!

The month seemed calm and slow, in spite of the big life events of this month.  I'm thankful for all the memories this month.

Thanks Cheryl for hosting us again this month.  I love Gathering the Moments, and if you do why don't you join us?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Look What I Found On My Husband's Phone

These are Kyle's glasses.  The kids often take photos with Tim's phone, so I assume these are their work, maybe even Kyle himself.

All I can say is with a boy, you never know what you're going to get!

Happy Friday Friends!

Waterlogue App Again

I've been having some fun with this great app. 

 I really like how this turned out.  Sometimes the faces aren't great on this app, but these turned out fine.  

 The chapel ruin at the Palace of Holyrood House, Edinburgh, Scotland August 2013.  
Tea cups drying after they've been scalded.  This was a photo I took the day after our Christmas tea last December.  I love the way this one looks, too!

This app is so fun to use.  It is now available for the iPad as well!

Do you have and use this app?  I am wondering how they would work as a digital upload to have them printed on a canvas.  They could be great Christmas photos!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Nearly Time

to bid our girl farewell, and leave her at her school, but not yet.

Emma is in her last week of work.  Just four more days, then a week to pack, and we head out on a week of vacation in Williamsburg.  Then we take her to her school.

She is excited and so am I, believe it or not.  She is going to be stretched and challenged and matured in these next two years.  God has been doing beautiful things in her life and that is only going to continue.

I will definitely cry some tears, but with texting, and FaceTime, I think we can connect each week.  

She has an adventurous spirit and is so much fun to hang around with.

I definitely will miss my girl, but I wouldn't hold her back from what God has for her for anything.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

So I've Decided

to give Trim Healthy Mama at try.

We've been eating well for years now - a lot of organic food, good local produce, raw milk.  But I realize now that I also had tons of carbs in my diet, and yet didn't feel like Adkins was the way to go.

I've been seeing a lot about Trim Healthy Mama online, there are a ton of recipes on Pinterest, and I joined the group on Facebook as well.

When we were in Florida, I found out that  a friend of my sister in laws, a gal I know as well, who reads my blog, but rarely comments, a great cook was doing THM and since January had lost about 50 pounds.  That is what spurred my looking into it more.

Like I said I joined the FB group, and bought the book.  I decided to take the plunge.  I have significant weight to lose, and this has given me hope that I can eat well, many of the things I already eat, just not mixing carbs and fats, and using Stevia and Erythritol (which is a sugar alcohol and is the what the sweetener Truvia is) instead of honey or evaporated cane sugar, to eat lower carb wraps etc.  I believe that this can work for me.

The other night I made tacos.  I could have everything that we use for tacos, so I just made my tacos with carb balance tortillas and regular tortillas for the family.  That is easy.  

Right now I am in the learning process still - What makes up an S (satisfying meal) and what makes an E (energizing meal), when to do a Fuel Pull etc…

I will keep you updated.  I'd appreciate your prayers, as the Lord may bring me to your mind.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Goin' To The Chapel

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We were privileged, last evening, to attend the wedding of a young woman and a young man whom we have known for many years.  The bride Emily, her sister Elizabeth, and Lindsay and Emma have been BFFs for many, many years.  These girls are so dear to us.  The groom is the son of Becky of Hospitality Lane.  

The wedding was at a lovely location called the Eicher Arts Center, in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

 The historic building is very small, so the ceremony was outdoors, on the loveliest evening we've had in a weeks.

 Everything about this wedding was personal.  The bride planned it all and it really reflected their style.

 I caught the groomsmen praying for the groom before the service.

 Mama of the groom, and the papa following behind.  Oh, and my 'papa' in the red shirt.

 The lovely Mother of the Bride.  My friend Belinda and her husband Carl have given two daughters in marriage this year!  One in May and this one in August!

Chelsea, sister of the groom.              Becca, sister of the bride.              Elizabeth, sister of the bride.

 Sisters and bridesmaids.  The brides two cousins were also bridesmaids.

 Here comes the bride!

On a side note, aren't the flowers unique and beautiful?  The bride has studied horticulture and works at a greenhouse.  She knew exactly the flowers she wanted, and also incorporated succulents.  My friends Susan (who did the flowers for Lindsay's wedding) did the flowers for this wedding, too!

 Everything was so personal.  The pastor is Emily's family's pastor and also their family was part of the homeschool group we used to be a part of.  There was history there with so many of the guests too, so it was a true family wedding.

 Beautiful part of the service with the parents, grandparents, and pastors of the bride and groom coming up for some silent prayer time to bless the couple.  At one point the bride was looking up at her groom, and he reached out and gently wiped tears from her face.  It was a very tender, sweet moment.

 The Kiss!

 The building is an historic house built around 1734.  It is small inside.  They squeezed 109 guests inside!  Thankfully this location has a great covered porch that was used for the food, which was amazing, provided by our friends, Tom and Vivien Law of The Laws of BBQ.  I've never had such amazing chicken!

 Close up of the flowers on the head table.

 The wood center pieces were cut by the Best Man.

 This was how they did the place cards for each guest.

These wooden trenchers were made by the brides 15 year old brother!

My heart is rejoicing with this couple who have been interested in each other since they were young teens.  They didn't see each other for several years, and then last October, the groom broke his collarbone (jumping a bonfire at his 21st birthday), and Emily and her sister Elizabeth brought him get well goodies.  A few weeks later Mike and Emily were an item once again, and everyone knew it was for good!  We wish them many, many years of happiness and joy!

Thank you for including us in your special day!

P.S. - I didn't get a photo of the cakes which were delicious and made by Becky the mother of the groom.  3 different flavored cakes, white buttercream frosting in a simple swirl design which were displayed on wood cake stands similar to this -