Friday, September 23, 2016

Hobbit Party

As all fans of The Lord of The Rings trilogy know, September 22nd is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins birthday.  Many celebrate with a party in their honor and so do we!

My daughter Lindsay and her husband Joseph are the hosts of this fun annual event.  This was the third year they've hosted.  The first year was planned as we drove home from Florida a few days before September 22, 2013.  That was before they were engaged even, but she wanted to host a party, and Joseph is happy to do the things that make her happy.  It was held at our home, and it was so much fun, they've made it an annual event, though now it is held at their home.  

Our adorable and delightful hosts.

A fun nod to Bilbo's 111st birthday 

 Getting everything set up 

 It was a beautiful evening

 Some of the people came in Middle Earth inspired clothing while others didn't

Two dragon cakes to remember Bilbo's adventure in his younger years with the dwarves, and a battle of wits with a dragon named Smaug.

The Hobbits would have enjoyed the food - turkey, ham, breads, cheeses, crackers, grapes, apples

These Elven cousins made an appearance 

Pretty candles for light

And of course the magnificent party tree!

It was a wonderful evening!

I love how my kids practice hospitality in their own ways, how they help each other.  Emma spent a good part of the day helping Lindsay get things ready (making cakes, etc) and then we came after our co-op was over and Rachel came after work.  We plated everything, made glazes for the cakes, sliced bread and cheese, washed dishes.  All of Lindsay and Joseph's guests had a great time, and we did, too.

Since hospitality is a big part of my family's life and especially in our homes, I decided to link this post to Thoughts of Home on Thursday.  Inviting people to your home is such a special way to share yourself with others.  Over the years of this, I've learned that people love to be invited as well!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Welcome Autumn!

I so agree!

I know many of you are still having very hot weather - we are having very warm days, but the cools nights have arrived and this next week we are to cool down in the daytime, too.

Soon it will be time for sweaters, and cider, and campfires, and hot chocolate.

This evening we are celebrating, in happy coincidence with the Autumnal Equinox, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins birthday!  Yes, it's Hobbit Day and Lindsay is hosting her annual gathering!  I'm slow roasting a turkey and there will all sorts of delights to please a Hobbit!

There will be dancing and I am hoping to teach a Scottish Country Dance we have learned!  More about that soon, but Sarah and I attended a Scottish Country Dance group, with a few friends,  and are learning to do these dances!

If you love autumn too, you may want to check out my Pinterest board.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Baby Sprinkle

I hosted a small baby shower for Kayleigh on Sunday.  It's her second baby and so I kept it small and called it a 'sprinkle.' 

 Kayleigh let Kamryn help her to open the gifts.

 My mom bought Kamryn a tutu to match one that she bought Klaire!

 My mom commissioned my sister in law to create a special card (that can be framed).  Its the cutest!

 The only flowers still blooming in my gardens.

I made a 'onesie' cake!  Adorable and easy!  

I bought Kamryn a Kangaroo family that has a Daddy, Mommy, big sister and baby sister!  Just like her family!

Now we only have to wait for the babies to decide to come!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Family Portraits

Our longtime friend Jennifer of Fly Away Home Photography came and took our first professional family portraits!  It was special having her do since we've been friends since our oldest kids were about 5 years old! (they are now 27 years old btw)

I love how Sandi and Cheyenne came to be in the photos too, though they decided eating was much more interesting that what we were doing!

 The whole family.  Love that we captured this moment in time for both Emma and Kay.  I love that Kamryn is holding her mommy's hand and my mommy's hand.  I love that my wonderful sons in law have made my daughters' very happy.  I love that my daughter in law loves my son. I love my sweetheart and I'm so happy that my parents are in good health! I love my younger kids who are all growing so fast.  I so proud of all of them.  Lots of happy in this photo, and I'm grateful we captured it.

 Nate, Kayleigh, and Kamryn (and Klaire)

Lindsay and Joseph

 Emma and Vinnie

 Mom and Dad - They celebrated 57 years of marriage in July!

 My sweetheart and I

 Rachel, Kyle and Sarah

We took these on a Sunday and it was windy and warm that day.  My hair did crazy things in spite of the fact that I sprayed it with freeze hair spray!

 My handsome bookends!  Love these two so much!

I adore this photo of Tim and the girls and our grandgirlie!