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Learning A New Knitting Stitch

As you know, I'm a very basic knitter.  I knit, I purl, and I do that in basic patterns.  I do love it, and I like having my hands busy with something in my freetime.  I've wanted to learn to do new stitches, and work my way from cowls, hats, and scarves to sweaters for my grandbabies, and maybe knitted slippers, too.

Its July, and hot as blazes outside, but I'm spending most of my time hunkered down in the air conditioning, so I thought it a fine time to bring out my knitting and try something new.

I found this neat stitch on Pinterest and watched this video.

I practiced with different size needles, and yarn and have settled into working with this for now - 

I'm having fun with it.

With it being high summer on the calendar, it seems a bit crazy that I'd be knitting, but for me Autumn begins at the beginning of September and if I wait to get started on projects, I won't have them done when we'll need them. 

Are you a knitter?  Do you knit year round? Are you work…

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