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Inspiration: Terrain

My mom and I had a lovely time at Terrain yesterday.  They were busy preparing for their big festival beginning the holiday season.  The festival is on Saturday.

I always find so much inspiration at Terrain.  They are the reason I got back to having live plants in my home, and they inspire me to live beautifully.  I must add, Terrain is mostly out of my budget, but I take ideas I see there and make them work for me in my home.  

This cannot be stated enough: You do not have to have a huge decor budget to make your home warm and cozy for your family.  There are sources for many similar items to those carried at Terrain.  You just have to have eyes to see it when you're shopping in your normal places.  When you do, you'll start to see string lights that are very affordable, tin houses, ornaments....

I hope that you find inspiration here, to be yourself, to decorate to your taste and that of your family, to BE YOU!

That's the best person you can be.

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