Saturday, March 25, 2017

EBAY Has My Comforter!

You can see it here.  It looks like its in good shape, but it's gently used.

So I'm not sure.

Plus, do I want the same thing I've had for 10+ years?

I've been checking out Kohl's online, and Country Curtains.  The Red Buffalo Check is dreamy, but a bit out of my budget at the moment!

Tim and I were just talking and he thinks something different than what we've had would be nice.

So the search continues....

Friday, March 24, 2017

Needed: New Bedding

I bought my comforter set over 10 years ago, and I still love it.

Which is pretty surprising for me - the one who loves to change things up in the house! However the time has come to replace it.  It was worn thin in spots and has actually worn some holes in a few places.

Tim and I still like these colors together - the background on it is a pale gold, and the reverse side of the comforter is solid in the pale gold.  I've been looking for bedding online, and at stores and just haven't seen anything I like yet.

In light of the state of the world, a bedding set it truly 'first world problems' I know, and I hesitated to even post this.  But I was wondering if you have any recommendations for me.  Places you like to shop for bedding, online or in person.  Department stores?  Specialty shops?  

Help a girl, will you?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Horses Get A Manicure

Yesterday, the farrier came to trim and shape the horses hoofs.  Sandy went first and then Cheyenne.

 Cheyenne is a grey horse normally but it pretty dirty with the snow melting and her rolling in the pasture.  You can tell she still has most of her winter coat, which is good, because in spite of the sunshine and blue skies, it was freezing cold with wind today!

You can really see how dirty she is in this photo.  The Farrier is clipping her hoof.

 And here he is filing the front of the hoof and shaping it.  That half moon white shape on the ground is some hoof trimmings.  The dirt was picked out of her hoofs.

Nearly all the snow is gone now.  Here is the last of it in front of the cottage.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What We've Been Doing

Yesterday, being the first day of spring, we went to Rita's for free frozen ices!  I have had more off plan meals lately and so I didn't want to have one, but I wanted a treat so I made a thin mint shake from this recipe.  Easy and tasty!

We took Kamryn with us, too.

 It was partly sunny but chilly and breezy (can you see my hair flying around?) so we only sat outside for a few minutes!  They finished up their treats in the car!

When we got home we worked on more schoolwork.

Then in the evening, Tim and I went to a Chick-fil-A A-lister party! It was held in the lobby of Sight and Sound Theatres and we got to try out a new soup that will be in the restaurant here later in the year, and see a preview of a few other treats, like the Strawberry Frozen Lemonade and a new sandwich that is going to be amazing.

Mark Cathy from Chick-fil-A was there and spoke.  Tim and I spoke with him afterward and I'm telling you the family that owns Chick-fil-A are genuine and focused on SERVING their customers.

It was a fun night.

Later this week, I'm taking my niece Crystal, her daughter and Kyle to see Jonah, thanks to friends who share free tickets!

Scottish Dancing tonight - the men will be wearing their kilts tonight, and we'll be celebrating St. Patty's Day.

Busy days ahead, with a business seminar on Wednesday evenings that Tim and I are going to go to for five weeks, and then our co-op on Thursday.  I'll need the weekend to recover but its all good stuff!

Please tell me I'm not the only busy one!  What are you all up to?

Monday, March 20, 2017


I'm so happy that spring is here!  

We were teased a few weeks ago with super mild temperatures and flower buds on my lilacs.  Then we got, what we like to call, "second winter."  More snow and very cold temperatures!

I'm hopeful that in spite of this late snow that spring flowers are just around the corner.  In the meantime, my niece and great-niece are visiting from Florida and enjoying snow!

Sarah helping Kamryn, in pink, and Miriam, in purple enjoy the snow!

It's all in your perspective!

I'm looking forward to hydrangea, roses, peonies, iris and more in my garden.

How are things in your 'neck of the woods?'

We had a busy weekend with our guests and a long day at church, since we had a fellowship meal afterward.  The girls had friends over then, we took them home in the evening and my niece and I settled in for a chat, which ended not too long before Tim got up this morning.

To say I'm a tad groggy is an understatement, but it was worth it.  I'll grab a nap in a while and then try to get to bed a bit early this evening.  Tim and I are going to an A-Lister event for Chick-fil-A this evening!  

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Simple Decorating

In my first year of blogging, I found another new blogger at The Inspired Room.  Melissa has a home decor blog, and I love the things she shares about making your house YOUR home, and styling your home to suit you and your family.  

She's been writing books the last few years, too, and they are really wonderful.  She has a new book out called, Simple Decorating, and I really love it.

It is a small paperback book with 50 tips to "inspire your home."

When I got my book in the mail, I thought, "This is a wonderful book for a newlywed or a young mom."  The format is laid out so you can read a tip in just a few minutes.  Tips about lighting, rugs, paint, how to decorate on a budget.

This may be my favorite book of hers so far.  I keep it on the table next to the chair I sit in to read.  It's inspiring even for me with many years of home making and creating experience.

I was sent this book by the publisher, but my thoughts are, as always, all my own!

ps - Did you know there was an Inspired Room coloring book?  You can check it out here!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Garden: David Austin Roses

I'm in love

Falstaff Climbing Rose

 Can't you just see this climbing up and over my archway in the front garden?  I can.

Iceberg Climbing Rose

 How about two of this beauty framing a seating area?

How about being able to go out and walk amongst this beauty?  Or clip fresh roses every week?
 The Ancient Mariner

 Claire Austin

 The Queen of Denmark

L.D. Braithwaite

There is so much beauty on David Austin's website that I don't know what I would choose. 

I've been trying to ignore the snow and cold that we have received so near to spring by looking at gardens online.  

Prince Charles' Highgrove House Gardens are beautiful and inspirational.  When he bought the house there were no gardens and not very many trees around the house.  What he's done there is amazing.

Do you garden?  If so,what do you like to grow?