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New Years Eve

I can hardly believe that tomorrow starts a New Year and a new decade...
This is a special time for our family - Tomorrow is Lindsay's 18th birthday and then our anniversary on the 2nd.
Today will be filled with preparing for a gathering of our friends and family, fellowship, fun that is what is in store for us tonight! Then at the stroke of midnight - after 'Happy New Year' it becomes 'Happy Birthday!'
I am going to take the tree down today - with a full house tonight we can use the space and it helps it to feel like a 'new' space! I probably will leave the garlands and greenery and some white lights. I love the warmth it adds to this cold and snowy season.
I pray that this will be a year of growth for our family, spiritually as well as physically! After all our numbers will increase by one in June when our grandbaby comes!
Dallas at Abounding Treasures shared a beautiful quote on her blog yesterday -
Every home should be a Bethesda, “a house o…

Christmas At Longwood Gardens

Edited to add - click on 'Girl in Nature' blog on my sidebar to see some of my daughters photos from today!

I hope you are not tired of reading about Longwood Gardens. We really love it there, even in the winter. We went to see the Wildlife Tree that our homeschool co-op made decorations to go on it - they all had natural items that wildlife eat - seeds, pods, thistle, etc...I took a few photos - the tree looked really good - but somehow they didn't get transfered to my computer. I hope Lindsay took some!
We visited two of the tree houses, the Peirce-duPont house and then Tim, Emily and the younger kids went to explore the meadow, while Lindsay and I went to check out the conservatory.
The weather today never got above 32 degrees and it was very windy! I think Lindsay and I made the smart choice!
It was beautiful...every year they do different things and this year I just loved the many Christmas trees, and Pierre duPont's music room which is decorated in a different w…


Image - Young Girl Reading - Jean-Honore' Fragonard

I have been addicted to reading since I was in the first grade. Seriously addicted...I would read the cereal boxes on the table at breakfast every morning. My mom joined a book club when I was in elementary school so that she could buy me Nancy Drew books at a good price, it was a two books in one kind of deal. They would come once a month I think. sigh. I would be done with them in about a week. My mom couldn't keep me in books.
I love going into bookstores of all kinds. Now there is a lot of 'twaddle' out there as Charlotte Mason would say. This is true not only in children's literature but in adult literature as well, and let's just be honest there is a lot of garbage out there. But hey, I am not going there in this post!
What I wanted to share was some of the books that I read this year. Now mind you, being a busy mom, who homeschools and runs a homeschool co-op, and since we do lots of …

Christmas Day

Hope your day was as great as ours, gifts, food, snow,

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

It's Almost Here...

Just a few days left until Christmas...
Tonight we went to our friend Mindy's 'Holiday Concert' at her high school. She is a soprano and sings in the choir. It was a really good concert. For being a public school and being a 'Holiday Concert' they sang and played mostly religious music, including ending as is their tradition with the Hallelujah Chorus! They have Madrigals, choir, an orchestra and a concert band...many students with a lot of talent! It was wonderful to hear them proclaim the Lord's coming - even if some did not know what they were singing about!
All our shopping is done...Tim's birthday is Thursday - yes Christmas Eve! We are going out for dinner - or perhaps lunch if most restaurants are going to be closed at dinner time. We are going to the Christmas Eve service at our church and then will head home, to open stockings and get little ones settled for the evening. My Mom and Dad will spend the night and be there first thing in the mor…

Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel...

A Christmas Laugh...

Snow Is A Comin'

The forecast is for 8 to 12 inches here tomorrow.
Today is my main grocery shopping day and I must finish my Christmas shopping. I am taking along Lindsay and Emily as reinforcements!
It should be a long day, but fun, and Oh! the crowds will be crazy...not only are we a week out from Christmas Day but with a storm coming folks will be out to get their necessities.
The girls have a rehearsal tonight at church for those who are playing special music for Christmas Eve...long day ahead.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend - still focused on Christ's coming. This is the purpose for it all.

My Children, My Friends

My older girls and I spent several hours last night, sitting in the livingroom, laughing and talking. I love these young women, who are my daughters and yet my friends. We talk about life and love, the future. We talk about the Lord, about doctrine, about living as Christians in the world. I am so thankful for them.
This morning I have been pondering how we got to this point. It doesn't just happen - one day you wake up and your children are nearly adults and you are dear friends. It takes a deliberateness on your part. It takes seeking the Lord from the time they are born and asking for wisdom and patience and sensitivity. It takes have a goal of where you would like to see your children as adults. It takes selflessness.
I have failed at all of these things many, many times. I have talked when I should have listened; I have yelled, when I should have spoken patiently. I don't deserve the relationship I have with my children, but I am so thankful for the Grace that has…

SoS Conference

This last weekend the National Center for Family Integrated Churches held a conference on The Sufficiency of Scripture. We were hoping to go along with some other members of our church, but it didn't work out this year.
I followed along on the NCFIC blog which you can read here.
The speakers for the conference were Voddie Baucham, Doug Phillips, Scott Brown, Paul Washer, Dr. Joe Morecraft and Kevin Swanson.
The conference is available on audio in two formats cds or mp3 download. You can preorder it at this link.
Some families we know through blogging were there and we wish we could have been there too! Maybe next time.

Creekside Cottage

Image - Thomas Kinkade - Christmas Evening
Isn't this a lovely creekside cottage?
It doesn't look anything like my Creekside Cottage. Don't know if you all know but my blog is named after our house...I have always loved the old tradition of naming houses. In Little Women - they live in Orchard House. The Bennet sisters live at Longbourn and Mr. Darcy of course is from Pemberly.
We kept trying to think of a name for our house and finally a few years ago came up with Creekside Cottage. Our little yellow rancher sits on 4 1/4 acres with a creek that runs 11 months of the year, well, most years.
Our little cottage is not perfect - in fact it was a huge mess which is why we were able to afford our home! It really needs new siding - it is over 20 years old and has some holes here and there - a few rooms still need baseboard trim...that sort of thing. It is a delightful work in progress, and has been fun to make it our own, so to speak. Did I ever tell you that my…

We Danced The Night Away...

These photos are a beautiful picture of the value of a Family Integrated Church. In these pictures you will see fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, husbands and wives, grandmas and grandsons, single folk, teenagers, little girls all dancing together, our fun times flow out of our times of worship all together. It comes naturally to include everyone, because we are used to being together.
This set of photos shows the dancers doing 'Lucky Seven,' which includes the grand chain! This is a fun dance to do and everyone loves it.

These photos are of a different dance called 'The Small Set'.

As you can tell some people dressed up and some came casually but everyone had a great time!
We will have to do it again soon!

Christmas Ball

Image - Christmas Greetings

Tonight is our Christmas Ball! We discovered the fun of English Country Dancing a few years ago and now we try to host a Ball at least once a year.
We are not sure how many are coming but we always have a good time with our family and our friends!
We have preparations to take care of today so I need to run...I will try to take photos and post them soon!

In The Bleak Mid Winter...

I found this beautiful video over at Holy Experience.

If you would like to watch it on full screen click on the button - second from the right on the video screen, the one right next to the volume button. Also make sure to pause my playlist!

A Tree For Kyle

This blurry photo is the best I can do with my little point and shoot! But it looks so nice in Kyle' bedroom. You see yesterday, I had him cleaning his room while I sorted through his clothes, packing away the ones he has outgrown. It occurred to me that other than a string of lights over his window, his room didn't have much Christmas spirit! Then in a flash - a brilliant thought - "I have small trees downstairs! Wouldn't it be cute to put one in his room." But what, other than lights would I put on the tree? Then it came to me - he has a huge bin of Hot Wheels! I could put some of his cars on the tree with yarn. As I looked through the bin I realized that he has a lot of motorized vehicles from the movie "CARS"! I grabbed my left over red yarn, wrapped it around one of the back tires and tied it to the tree. I also put a few other cars on it - like one of his Jeff Gordon hot wheels. He loved it!

Here it is with the flash on my camera - you c…

Shepherds Abiding

I love the Mitford Series by Jan Karon. Earlier this week Brenda at Coffee,Tea,Books and Me mentioned this book in one of her posts. I read it several years ago, but decided to reread it this Christmas season.
I loved it so much, again! These characters make me want to live in Mitford.
The kids went to Sight and Sound Theatre and saw "Miracle of Christmas," with their grandparents today. This gave me time to sit in my livingroom and read to my hearts content!
I also made a traditional cookie in our family that I make every year. My grandma used to make these Russian Tea Cakes every Christmas and passed the recipe along to me. I am going to share it with you.
Russian Tea Cakes
1 pound of butter 1 cup of sugar 4 1/2 cups of flour Vanilla to taste walnuts, optional Powdered sugar
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Cream butter and sugar and mix 1 cup of flour into the butter and sugar mixture at a time. Add vanilla to taste - I use 1 tsp of REAL vanilla. If you want to add walnuts…

Christmas Cheer

Image - George S. Knowles - Christmas Cheer

I have done very little Christmas shopping and am not nearly ready for Tim's birthday Christmas Eve or Christmas or Lindsay's birthday January 1st and our 22nd wedding anniversary January 2nd!
But I am not worried - I find that I am full of the Christmas spirit. I have been focusing on Christ this Christmas - specifically His Coming...
Love was when God became a man Locked in time and space Without rank or place
Love was God born of Jewish kin
Just a carpenter with some fishermen
Love was when Jesus walked in history
Lovingly He brought A new life that's free
Love was God Nailed to bleed and die To reach And love one such as I John E. Walvoord and Don Wrytzen
When I was younger, I sang in our church choir - we learned this song as part of a has stuck with me all these years.
Tonight is a cozy night in...the older girls are headed out to our friends home for a few hours. Then they'll be home.
Yesterday was filled wit…

A Quiet Weekend

Saturday the forecast was for snow, but we live in an area of our state that is rather mild over all. However right around 8:30 am the snow started to fall, very lightly at first, then heavier and heavier.
The photo above is one Emily took early in the snowfall. We ended up with about 5 inches! It was a wet snow and hung on all the trees and shrubs so beautifully!
The little girls had a birthday party to attend on Saturday - right near our closest Target store - so the big girls and I did a bit of Christmas shopping while we were out. It was fun.
Home to relax and get ready for the evening as well as prep for Sunday. I always have the kids pick out what they want to wear to church a day ahead so that we can see if it needs to be ironed, if they have tights etc...even if they are clean! They everyone gets clean and into pajamas. We had a fellowship meal planned for after the service on Sunday so Lindsay cooked Chicken and Pasta and Emily made Uncle Robert's Chocolate Surprise P…

Encore Performance

I really enjoyed these guys' performance last year - so I am going to post them again for your viewing pleasure!

Have a great weekend!

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes....

Image - Vincent Van Gogh -The Bible -Still Life

After dinner tonight, Tim was reading in the book of Acts which we have been studying for a while. We were talking about Paul and Silas who had been put in jail for casting out a spirit of divination from a slave girl. While singing and praising the Lord in the middle of the night - God sent a huge's a cool story you should check it out - Acts 16.
While Tim was reading Kyle leans over the table and says "Dad! I know who Jesus is!" Tim said "You do? Who is He Kyle?" To which Kyle replied "Jesus is the Word!"
You see, our advent calendar starts with that scripture - John 1:1 -" In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God," and last night I asked the 3 youngest kids if they remembered what the first verse of our advent calendar says. They all said separately "John 1:1" and recited the verse from memory.
I was struck again …