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Here Comes The Rain, Again

Remember this pretty, sunshiny photo from yesterday?

This is how it looks today.

It's supposed to clear up this morning and be partly sunny this afternoon.  We'll see.  We've had rainy drizzle on days when they were not calling for rain at all.

Lindsay, one of her sister in laws, and another friend, have been camping back in our woods since Tuesday.  They've had a lot of rainy weather and cold, but yesterday afternoon was beautiful, and it was in the 50's overnight.  They have built their own shelter, and beds, are cooking over a fire.  I'm not sure they'll count this camp out as a favorite memory.

We had an above average rainfall year in 2018, and while I'm not sure we are having that this year, it feels like a continuation of last year.  Time will tell.

I'm hosting my Mom and seven of her friends for a tea luncheon tomorrow.  These gals get together once a month for lunch, and I invited them to my house for this month.

On the menu

Lightly Curried Chicken…

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

We've lived in our cottage home for 17 years, and when we bought our home we worked on it for several months before moving in.  One thing I didn't want to spend money on was kitchen cabinets, so we thought we'd keep the outdated ones, and just paint them to give them a fresh look.  Well, it turned out that all the lower cabinets were in really bad shape, so we ended up with inexpensive pre-made cabinets.  I painted them a few years ago, and I am happy with them.

What we've never done is put knobs and drawer pulls on the cabinets.  I wanted something different than the basic ones that came with them and over the years, I just never wanted to spend the money it would take to put knobs and pulls on these cabinets. I have 9 drawers, and 15 doors in my kitchen and that's a lot of hardware which equals a lot of money.

Last week, Miss Mustard Seed (Marion Parsons) shared that she changed out the hardware on her desk and share the link to really nice drawer pulls.  I followe…

A Great Quote

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven in to the lives of others."

This is such a stirring quote for me.  It reminds me that regardless of our place in society, or our abilities, or work, we can have influence on the lives of other people.

I can often come to feel that my work at home, or my interactions with people as I go out and about, have no real value or eternal consequence.  

I need to remember to not believe the lies of the enemy of my soul, and to look to the one who gives life to my soul.  He's the one who will guide and direct me daily, give me encouraging words to say, help me point to Him.

I hope you all had a lovely day celebrating Mothers yesterday.  I know that it can be a hard day for those who've lost mothers, or long for children but aren't able to have them.  You are seen and loved.  I hope you have a woman in your life who is like a mother to you, and that you have people in your life to mother.

Our ne…

Friday Five

Happy Friday, Friends!  

It's gloomy skies here, a bit windy, and I think we're going to get some rain today.

Kyle will be finishing up his standardized testing today, going with me to get groceries (he wants to pick out a few snacks!) and then we'll pick up Sarah from work.

1.  Our hens are laying prolifically, in the nesting boxes and one or two like to lay in the barn.  This is several days worth of eggs.

2. Speaking of hens - they love treats and they come running when I call them.  They also come running anytime they see me hoping I'll have a treat for them.  

3. We cut my bridal veil spirea back a lot last year.  It has some flowers on it this year but nothing like in years past.  Next year it should flower well again.  I love its dainty flowers.

4. Coffee Pods Abound - we keep a lot of pods around for when we have guests.  Organic Peruvian, decaf, Hazelnut, even hot cocoa.

5. Peonies - I'm trying something new with a few peonies.  This is how growers cut them for f…

This and That

I love this photo of the Queen and Prince Philip meeting their new great grandson, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.
Archie - I never saw that coming, but apparently its very popular in the UK. Harrison seems like an American thing (Harry's son).  I'm pleased that they are all so happy.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm for my projects.  The key thing is making a plan that Tim feels comfortable with and a realistic budget and timetable.
We've already talked with our son in law's brother Daniel about a small project of replacing a door frame for the kitchen door.  Daniel runs Musser Carpentry, a company started by his grandfather.  

This girl has finished her academic work required by the state to graduate. She's handled working, and finishing school very well.  She's going to be working full time, and saving money for Bible school.   
Kyle has finished as well, and has testing today and tomorrow, then we have our evaluations on Monday and are on a break for…

Baby Sussex

Today we got our first glimpse of Baby Sussex.  He's adorable and we're so happy for Harry and Meghan, who are delighted with being parents.

I was worried that a frenzy was building, due to the way people were reacting to the Sussex's desire for privacy regarding their baby's birth.  I think people over reacted, but that's the nature of people on social media these days isn't it?

Now, the wait for Baby Sussex's name.  Any guesses?

I think Philip will be one of the names, if not the first name.  Harry is very close to his grandfather, and none of the other children have Philip in their name.

I also think they could diffuse the complaints of her half siblings, and father and use his name Thomas as one of the names.

Also I think, because Harry is close to Diana's side of the family, and they made the point in their announcement of saying that Diana's siblings had been informed of the birth (not just the Queen and Royal family), they may use the name Spencer…

Future House Projects

We've lived in our home for 17 years, and when we bought it, it was a fixer upper.  We fixed it up and it has served us so well.

Now, though, it is showing its need of being updated, and somethings like windows, need to be replaced.

So I am making a list here of things that we'd like to get done on the house in the next few years.  Some are big things like siding, and others small like paint.

Here goes - 

1. Replace the windows.  If we'd had the funds we'd have done this when we bought the house, but it is time.

This bow window needs to be replaced.  I want to do a flat window here with side windows that will open to allow good air flow.  Also, Tim would one day like to do a porch on the front of the house and a bow window would eat into the sitting space.

Maybe something like this - 

2. Re-Side the house.  We know what kind of siding we want, and what color, so its a matter of deciding when.  I'd like to have both of these done before the end of July.

We like the lo…

Since We've Been Home

I feel as if I disappeared after Wednesday's post.  I'm sorry about that.  We arrived back home last Monday morning from a quick trip to Florida for a family reunion.  

Tuesday evening we'd had a call from Tim's sister to say that Tim's mom had had another mini stroke, and her mobility was hindered, and seemed to be struggling cognitively.

In the days since then she has continued to improve, and other than needing help to get from place to place, and she was not able to feed herself, she was quite stable.  Tim spoke with her on Saturday, and she was doing well, had a good appetite, but still couldn't feed herself.  We had a text last night saying that she fed herself dinner! 

She always amazes us!

Friday morning Tim informed me that Lindsay's horse Sandy, was having some kind of issue.  Lindsay was on her way, and she had called the vet.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you already know that Sandy had a colic issue, and it wouldn't resolve, s…

Tea Time: New Tea Things

When we went to The Windsor Rose last week, Sarah was given this delightful tea cup to use.  I loved the graphics on it of the Queen drinking a cuppa and it has two corgis on the sides.

The banner reads "Long May She Reign."

I also bought a china mug that has a crown on it and it says, "Happy and Glorious" on the banner.

We also visited World Market and found Yorkshire Gold tea, Paris by Harney & Sons, and Tunnocks Tea Cakes!

These are delightful additions to my tea collection!

Family Reunion

We headed down to Florida last Tuesday night.  We drove overnight as it is Tim's favored time to drive I95.  It went well, stopping for fuel, bathroom breaks and a short nap or two.  We arrived mid-morning and after short naps we proceeded to get settled in at our friends' home.  

For dinner, we went to get some Mexican food.

 Our friends Rick and Jane, who housed us all.
We then went over to Tim's moms'  house to say hi.  At 97 years old she has short term memory loss dementia.  You can tell by the photos on the wall that we try to keep the family in her view daily.

On Thursday, Tim and Kyle and Kamryn, went to his sisters house to pick up our great niece (who is Kamryn's age), and his nephew Andrew (who is Nate's age and a missionary in Chad).  They went to the beach, and Sarah, Jane, and I went to The Windsor Rose Tea Shop in Mt. Dora, Florida.  I first heard about The Windsor Rose in Victoria magazine many years ago.  We've been going ever since then, when…