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Time With My Daughters -

Lindsay and I ran an errand for Tim last night and then dropped by Border's to see what they had on sale.  Their going out of business sale is only 20% right now, but I did find this book by Joel Salatin that I have been wanting to read called "Everything I Do Is Illegal." 
Catchy title, eh?  I glanced through it and it looks good and thought 

Lindsay saw a book - well, I pointed it out to her - about the music of the Lord Of The Rings.  It was a hardback book and was $60. She did not buy it.  My girls are of the modern age to look up things on, which she did and found it for much less, though she decided to not purchase it yet.  She did purchase a Mandolin though!  It had great reviews and was an amazing price!
I was amazed!  It has already shipped and will be here next week!

While we were out, we also went to the fabric store where she purchased new material for a new medieval era dress.  It is going to look really good.  It is a light weight cotton, g…

My Table

This is the table that Tim built - nearly two years ago while I was in California with Rachel for my niece's wedding.  I came home to a dream farmtable.

We have kept it covered with a vinyl table protector for all this time, until Tim could get it finished.  Today he decided was the day for it's transformation to begin!

It seats twelve easily and is nice and wide - it is a work space as well as a table.  School is often done here, as well as sewing, cooking and games.  Oh, and lest we forget it's real purpose - lots of eating!

Tim and Lindsay moved it to the deck and he began the process of sanding.  When he left for work, I told him I would stop by the hardware store to get the finer grit sanding belt he needs for tomorrow, when I picked up Emily from work.  The hardware store was closed.  So I went to our favorite Tractor Supply store and they only carry the round sanders.  I was told that Wal-Mart sold them, so after I picked up Em, we went to Wally World.  They do sell th…

We Start School On Monday

It's hard to believe that we have been on a break since the end of April.  It has been so good though.  This is the first time in about 12 years that I am not doing work preparing for co-op, and the first time in 6 years that I am not fully responsible. 

At first, I would have moments of thinking "I can't be sitting here reading I've got too much to do" only to realize that "No I don't."  It was a good feeling.

I have spent the summer at ease and we have kept the house tidy and laundry done, meals made, friends - old and new - have come to visit, but I have been without that constant sense of "Oh, I must call ___" and "I need to type the address list."  The endless minutia that was a part of my responsibilities.  When we are together as a family, I have been fully present!  It's been wonderful!

This year we are studying Early American History.  This is a favorite time period of mine, and I am excited to delve deeper into this s…

Teatime Tuesday

Today I am drinking "Black Pearl" and having Banana Nut bread with mini chocolate chips, that my daughters Emily and Rachel made.  It's a delightful breakfast.

I am using this sweet teapot by Royal Vale, an English Rose luncheon plate, my sweet Old Country Roses Chintz teacup and a creamer that came with a luncheon set that belonged to my late Grandmother.  I used to always play with the luncheon set when I would visit her as a little girl.
 I love the Old Country Roses variations, the chintz being a particular favorite. 

Here is the sweet creamer - it has no markings so I am not sure of the manufacturer.  I love to have tea in the quiet morning, taking time to gather my thoughts before I begin my day. When is your favorite time for tea?

I'm joining Lady Katherineand Sandi @ Rose Chintz Cottage for Teatime Tuesday.I am loving getting to know you all and sharing tea with you!  Thanks for dropping by!

Family Happenings

Today is my parents 52nd wedding anniversary! Congratulations Dad and Mom!  For their birthdays in May we gave them some funds toward a weekend get away, and they chose to use it this Anniversary weekend.  They are staying at quite the cute cottage near Gettysburg.  She says I would love it and that I have to go stay there sometime!  She has me eager to see it!
I am thankful to the Lord for His work in their lives over the years.  He has kept them together.  This blessing is not just to them but to all of us - my brother and I and our children and to our grandchildren.  Four generations...seeking to follow the Lord.  He is good!

Today, we are going to have lunch with Tim's brother Dan and his family.  They leave at the end of the week to return to Senegal, West Africa. This year they have been home has flown by.  We are thankful for the times that we have had together.  Lindsay and Emily were planning a trip to Senegal with their Grammy (Tim's Mom) and her husb…
Today will be hot again, so I am headed outside early, to beat the heat and to mow.  Then a bit of tidying work in the front garden...

We have a new family from church coming for lunch tomorrow.  I am going to slow roast a turkey overnight.  You can read about how to make "perfect every time turkey" in this post.  I do this anytime during the year that I make a turkey.

The church we attend is family integrated and we have lots of children!  With all the children there were no girls in Rachel and Sarah's age range - just older and younger.  So I started to pray and the Lord brought this sweet family with 10 children!  7 boys, 3 girls.  The girls are ages 12, 9, and 1.  Twelve and nine are exactly my girl's ages!  They are getting to know each other and are looking forward to tomorrow.

There is also mutual interest in all things Tolkien.  Lindsay is excited as it seems as if there maybe folks who will play LOTR Trivial Pursuit with her! 

Kyle is excited because he is going…

What I'm Reading

I have been doing a lot of reading lately...
The younger kids and I are reading through this series by Laura Ingalls Wilder - We started The Long Winter Wednesday night.  I usually read about two chapters, but they always want more.  I like that - leaving them wanting more.  

I just got these Alexandra Stoddard books from the library.  I am reading 'Creating A Beautiful Home' first.  I just started it, but I already like it!

I had seen folks around blog land reading Clarice Fox-Hughes book 'Wren Bay' and when she announced that she was giving a 20% off code - I decided the time was right to get my own copy.  Peeked at it because I just cannot help myself, however I am waiting to finish the Duggar's new book 'A Love That Multiplies."  

I like the Duggar's and this book gives insight to "how they make it work."  I appreciate their heart for their children and their heart to raise them for the Lord.

I always have multiple books going at the same time…

My Mystery Flowers

are a mystery no more!

My friend Bee solved the mystery today!  She sent me a comment saying that her daughter Emily, who works at our favorite LongwoodGardens and is studying all things horticultural, says that it is Rudbeckia laciniata hortensia

We have a winner, ladies!  

The same friend who shared these with me from her garden, gave some to Bee's family as well.  I love friends who share! 

A friend who was one of my flower girls at my wedding nearly 24 years ago shared a link yesterday to what I thought might be the one - you can see it here.  

It is so good to have the mystery solved.  Rudbeckia "Golden Glow."  That is a very fitting name for it!  Some of it fell over in the rain we had two nights ago...I need to tie it up today, thankfully it is by the deck.

Thanks Emily for solving the "Great Flower Mystery!"

Lunch on the table yesterday - grilled chicken salad, fresh peaches, cantaloupe.  Yum!  Flowers from my garden - still trying to find out what they are. 
My friend Bonnie sent a link to see if I thought that Heliopsis Helianthoides might be it, but the flower petals on mine are a bit rounder - though they must be in the same family.  They are cheerful in the garden, and tall!

Kyle watching Sarah play Nancy Drew.  They have always looked alike and yesterday both in the same color it was striking. My Mom even commented on it!

Beauty on my kitchen window sill...

It was hard to get good photos with my old point and shoot and the morning light streaming in...

We have been having a lot of fun around here lately.  Swimming at Camp Geezer, sleepovers with Grandma and Grandpa, ice cream, time with friends....

Soon it will be back to formal learning for us.  I bought a workbook for Kyle on Friday and he started it yesterday.  He loves it.  I don't like to buy a formal curriculum for a 6 year old…

Teatime Tuesday

Today I want to share a favorite tea shoppe, located in the village of Intercourse, PA. It's called "Ye Olde English Shoppe" and is filled with delightful items such as tea, and English candy.
The best part however is the tea shoppe.  Beautifully decorated, tables set with Royal Doulton tea cups, bits of has a very nice atmosphere. My Mom and I have had tea there several times, and really enjoyed it.  A few of my daughters have been there as well.

The staff are kind and helpful, and while the shoppe is very lovely and they use real china, it doesn't feel stuffy or uncomfortable. 

If you ever come to Lancaster County, I hope you will take time for tea, and that you will visit this lovely tea shoppe.

Joining Sandi @ Rose Chintz Cottagefor Teatime Tuesday.  I hope you'll join us!

Things I Love

My family is going to wake up and wonder where the blueberry muffins are!  This candle, hand poured by my friend Becky @ Good Neighbors Candle Company, smells so good!  All her candles do.  They are soy, with hemp wicks - so no nasty lead or other toxins being released in to your home!  Hurray!  They come in different sizes and she even makes tea lights now - which I personally love, because I like to tuck a candle here and there into jars, etc, and have the whole house filled with delightful aroma!  Last Fall I was using Cinnamon Stick a lot, and the Cappuccino one was great as well.  You can purchase her candles through her Etsy store.  

I am also loving the new slipcover on my couch.  Our old one was threadbare, and it was time for something new!  I went bold this time - no more tan.  Although I must say our last slip cover was a work horse!  Besides our big family, we have lots of people here at the cottage on a regular basis - read LOTS OF CHILDREN - and that cover was great!  We …

We're Back From The Gaming Show

I am sitting in the dark in my cool bedroom reliving the gaming show today.  It was hot, but a beautiful breeze was blowing and my parents wisely brought a big umbrella!  Shade and a breeze made for a happy Momma!  

Lindsay is so comfortable on her horse Sandy.  They are a good team.  They had a good day together.  3 second places, 1 fourth place, 1 sixth place and Reserve Champion.

We have had Liberty for almost 2 weeks now.  She has never done gaming shows.  Ever.  And as her previous owner out grew her she had been loved on but not ridden for about a year.

Here they are headed to the polls for Poll Bending.  You ride to the other end as fast as you can, weave in and out of the polls, turn go back through the polls and then ride back as fast as you can!  They did really well.  Rachel and Liberty ended up with 1 fourth place ribbon and 2 sixth place ribbons.  Considering it was basically a training day for Liberty they did amazingly well.

Here she is coming out of the arena.  Her friend …

Gaming Show

The girls are busy this morning, grooming Sandy and Liberty for a gaming show.  Lindsay and Rachel did this show in the fall with Sandy and it was such a wonderful day.  Very relaxed and fun.

The quality of the photos is not great, but you can see their excitement.

Sandy doesn't look too excited though, now does she?  She has been washed and is waiting for me to come French Braid her mane.  I knew that God had a reason for giving me four daughters - to practice on them so I can braid horse manes!  

Gotta ahead today.  I'll try to get better photos of the day - I'll use Lindsay's camera!