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Family Reunion

We headed down to Florida last Tuesday night.  We drove overnight as it is Tim's favored time to drive I95.  It went well, stopping for fuel, bathroom breaks and a short nap or two.  We arrived mid-morning and after short naps we proceeded to get settled in at our friends' home.  

For dinner, we went to get some Mexican food.

 Our friends Rick and Jane, who housed us all.
We then went over to Tim's moms'  house to say hi.  At 97 years old she has short term memory loss dementia.  You can tell by the photos on the wall that we try to keep the family in her view daily.

On Thursday, Tim and Kyle and Kamryn, went to his sisters house to pick up our great niece (who is Kamryn's age), and his nephew Andrew (who is Nate's age and a missionary in Chad).  They went to the beach, and Sarah, Jane, and I went to The Windsor Rose Tea Shop in Mt. Dora, Florida.  I first heard about The Windsor Rose in Victoria magazine many years ago.  We've been going ever since then, when…

Drive By Houses

Do you ever drive a certain way so that you can see a house you like?  I do!  Besides the fact that if I drive the same route over and over (like when I take Sarah to work) I get bored, so I have to find new routes.  

Melissa from The Inspired Room  used to do 'drive bys' of houses or neighborhoods she liked.  So I decided to do that and share two houses, in different styles that I like very much.  They are on the same road surrounded by farmland, here in Lancaster County.

The first one reminds me of a colonial farmhouse, and has a bit of a New England feel to it.
I always think I'd love to see inside, but then are afraid I'd be disappointed!  What if it looked modern inside, or had purple walls in a bedroom?!  Those things are fine, but not in this house! Right?  So, I just drive by and enjoy the way this house delights me.

The next home is the home of a pretty well known decor blogger.  14 years ago she spoke at a ladies retreat I attended before she or I began to blog. …

Beautiful Easter

We had a wonderful Easter.  It started with Rachel surprising us on Thursday evening.  Our church had a really special Good Friday service, we went to breakfast on Saturday morning.  Yesterday, Nate and Kayleigh came to the Easter service, and then we all came together for lunch at our house.

We had 15 people here for lunch - our family, Wes and his brother Reeve and sister in law Faith, Nate and Kay and the girls, my parents, and our friend Denny.

I set two tables.

I really enjoy setting a beautiful table!

Kamryn and Klaire's places had their special bunnies!

The weather was mostly sunny and warm.  These clouds just moved through and we had no rain.  It was perfect for the egg hunt, this year just the grandgirlies did participated.

We served ham, potato salad, broccoli salad, pasta salad, green bean casserole, jello.  Everyone brought something.  For dessert we had a Key Lime pie, and I made a low carb lemon yogurt cake.  It was delicious.

Here is the recipe - Lemon Yogurt Cake

I whipped…

Lilacs In Bloom

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.  Today is Good Friday, the day we think of Christ sacrifice on the cross.  Shedding his blood as an offering to the Father, to not just cover our sins as the old sacrifices of lambs did.  His shed blood paid the debt our sin had caused and made a way for us to have fellowship with God.  To be part of his family, a joint heir with Jesus.  Its a sober remembering, a day to be so grateful.

Easter is the day we celebrate his resurrection from the dead.  Because of his resurrection, we have the promise of eternal life. 

In family news, Rachel surprised us with a visit home for Easter Weekend! Easter is also a poignant day for us as my younger brother died on Easter Sunday, 24 years ago.  He'd been estranged from our family for five years, become ill and came back to the family.  It always has seemed like such a redeeming thing that he died on the day we celebrate the resurrection.  For we know that on that particular Sunday, David was indee…

My Daily Work

We all have daily tasks that keep us busy. They are the basic work of keeping a home, and caring for those who live in your home.

We are down to four people from 8-10 people and it feels very weird some days.  I have so much time on my hands.  Basic chores don't take long with four people, who are basically all grown.  Meals, dishes, cleaning, laundry.

There are some extra chores this time of year, as the maple trees are setting their seeds, but its not heavy work.  

I find that as my family have grown, there is more emotional work that I do, than a lot of physical work.  Having conversations with my out of state daughter, meeting my other married daughter to shop for clothes and stopping for a treat and conversation, giving my son a ride home from work since they have only one vehicle, keeping my teenage son busy, and listening to the things that are interesting to him.  Talking with my husband about business, listening to his stories, cheering him on.

That's my real work. Relati…

Morning At The Cottage

Good Morning from the Cottage!  It's a lovely morning, after a drizzly Sunday and a thunderstorm last night.  The lilacs are so close to blooming!  They are full of blooms this year, and are going to be gorgeous.  This one is right outside our kitchen door!

I found a lovely hydrangea at Aldi on Friday.

I have some tiny daffodils in my garden, and Kamryn picked a few yesterday.  I popped them into this little glass vase from Target's Dollar spot.

I ended up making 10 bunnies on Saturday.
Four are for my grands.  A friend came and got the two white ones and the green floral that is tucked in the corner on the right, for her wee girls. I gave the pink checked one to baby Brielle, who I got to see yesterday!  

That leaves just one green bunny left.  I think I'll take it to my great niece in Florida.  We are headed down there at the end of the month for a mini family reunion.

I took Sarah to work this morning, and when I got home the sun was shining through the sliding doors onto thi…

Fabric Bunnies

I spent a few hours yesterday tracing and cutting out fabric bunnies.  They will be stitched up with a quarter inch hem on the outside, stuffed, and then the bottom sewn.  They'll get a bit of twine or ribbon around their necks.
I thought I was going to just do four, but I couldn't stop myself once I started going through my fabric stash.

I've actually got two each of the green and white bunnies cut out.  I love the florals, and may do a few more of them.  
This is what my Saturday is going to look like!  Oh, and I might use pinking shears around the edges once their sewn!

On another note, I am reading and comment on your blogs, but getting my sent mail back saying it couldn't be delivered.  Is this what has happened to those of you who've said their unable to comment?  Also, its happening when I try to reply to your comments on my blog.  I've changed nothing with my email, but it seems as if the blogger commenting issue has finally hit me!  If we're FB friends…

What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

So many choices!

We bought these for our small group snack last night.  The week before people mentioned that they love Klondike Bars, so we knew that's what we'd bring.

We also brought chips and salsa, two kinds of hummus, and pita chips.  It was really good.

We had a good discussion last night about questions people had about the Bible, and questions about God, creation vs evolution, why we seem to follow some aspects of the Bible but not others.  

I hope you have a great day.

With Such Beautiful Weather, I just Had To...

Repot my ficus tree into a larger pot, buy potting mix, buy some Ranunculus for potting, plant some seeds.

I found this potting soil at a local nursery, for the same price as the regular potting soil!  I was happy to purchase it.

Doesn't it look nice?  The plants are happy to get their roots into it.

My ficus has been growing very well in this pot.  It even grew some new leaves over the winter.  (The dark grey pot in the background is its new home!)

This photo show some more new growth happening.

Ficus can have trouble adjusting, but hopefully this one will be happy in its new home.

Our Speckled Sussex hens are the most curious and yesterday was no exception.  She kept coming up the stairs to see what I was doing.

Ranunculus are so pretty and are cold tolerant which is perfect for spring.

I planted them in the Ficus' old pot.

This is their new spot.  Corner of the deck close to the house.  Lots of sunshine, sheltered from west winds, and a bit of protection from cold temperatures due t…