Monday, April 8, 2019

Using The Gifts God Has Given Us

Have you ever done a test to determine your spiritual gifts?  Mine all have to do with leadership and how I've learned to use mine are through Women's Ministry.  I really love encouraging women and helping them know that they are loved by God.  I also love planning events and practicing hospitality in our home.

This weekend was a perfect combination of those things.  I've agreed to serve on the Women's Ministry team at our church, and on Saturday we hosted a Priscilla Shirer simulcast.  Being a day long event, with worship, prayer opportunities, and teaching sessions, we also provided lunch for our ladies.  

We served homemade soups, a green garden salad, rolls, drinks, desserts, and snacks.  We had coffee and tea available, as well as water, lemonade, and iced tea.

It was a really good day.  I took notes, and will use them to remind me of the truths Priscilla shared.  We were in the book of John, chapter 15.  It is about abiding.  Jesus is the vine, and we are the branches.  His job is to provide what we the branches need to be fruitful.  Branches don't always have the internal connection to the vine and so they wither or are unfruitful.  Sometimes a branch has too much going on, that it can't bear fruit.  So God, the vine dresser, comes along and cuts off the 'too busy' stuff, or prunes the unfruitful parts, so that the grapevine can be fruitful, and bear much fruit.  Our job as believers is to reside in the vine, and he will provide what we need to grow and be fruitful.  Its not our job to provide anything, we just abide and receive from Him. 

An interesting point that she made was that if Jesus is the true vine, then that means there can be false vines.  False vines feed us false nourishment.  We don't produce the fruit God wants us to produce.  We must remain in the Word and listen to the Spirit of God to be feed real nourishment for fruitbearing.

Excellent day and I was very happy to have helped the ladies who came to have a great day as well.

Then I came home, made a quick dinner, and spent time with my people in the evening.

Yesterday we had two couples over for lunch after church, along with our usual crew of our family, Wes, some of Joseph's siblings, and also Lindsay and Joseph.  I had baked some chicken in the oven Saturday night, and then put it in my crock pot to heat up gently, while we were at church.  

When we got home from church, I made a fruit salad of three kinds of fresh berries, Sarah made a green salad, and Lindsay popped some crescent rolls (from the can!) into the oven.  She and Joseph also brought ice cream for dessert, and Wes brought a potato salad.  We ended up with 18 people here for lunch!

It was such a great day.  We enjoyed getting to know these two couples better, and one of them brought their 18 year old grandson along who loved hanging out with all the young adults.  They played frisbee and games, and had a very enjoyable afternoon, too!

I went to bed last night tired, but content.  I used the gifts God has given me, and that is a good feeling.  Serving, encouraging, sharing life with others.  

Its like this blogs mission statement - Hospitality, Friendship, Encouragement.

All photos taken this morning.  With new friends I didn't want to be snapping a lot of photos, and having them feel awkward.


Welcome to Creekside Cottage - a place of Hospitality, Friendship and Encouragement!

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