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31 Days - I Made It!

There were days, as I confessed to Vee, that I struggled to get something posted during these 31 days.  Some days the thoughts came to me so quickly, some posts were thought about for several days, and some days I felt dry and that I had nothing to say, yet I had committed to doing this and I wanted to keep that commitment!  So I prayed that God would give me something and He always did, even on those days where the words and thoughts poured forth easily, He was in that as well.

Thank you for praying for my niece Alicia, I thank you for asking about her.  Her lump was on her side/back and it felt soft she said.  The doctor believes it is a lipoma or referred breast tissue.  If it is a lipoma the doctor will want to remove it.  She goes for an ultrasound today.

Kayleigh goes in early this morning for more lab work.  They are checking hormone levels.  The midwife believes that she has miscarried the baby.  We are so sad.  They are thinking of names and we are grateful that we got to know …

31 Days - Yet Will I Praise Him

I have an urgent prayer request.  Will you please pray for Kayleigh and our unborn grand baby?  It seems as if she is miscarrying this precious little one.

Pray with us first that God will sustain this pregnancy, and secondly if He chooses otherwise that He would be glorified by our actions.

We know He is the author of life and we are trusting Him.

31 Days - Preparing For The Holidays

Thanksgiving is a month away.  Then comes Christmas.  

Thanksgiving is generally a one day event, while Christmas around here begins the day after Thanksgiving and lasts until after New Years!  I wish our Thanksgiving wasn't so close to Christmas, but when they were started they both were more of a one day event.

In years past it has been easy to blow through Thanksgiving to the season we all could wait for - Christmas!  But now, I try to focus in  the week before, if not several weeks before, on the purpose of Thanksgiving.  

Of course, we SHOULD be thankful everyday.  We would have nothing without His goodness and mercy to us.  The scriptures say 

"...for He makes His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust." Matthew 5:45

There are so many scriptures that speak of giving Thanks.  I want them to know some of them at least, so they can remember.

I believe that is a key word "remember."  In scriptures we are commanded to r…

31 Days - Season Of Snuggling

Getting a late start this morning due to this....

She woke early, as her Momma was heading out to work.  I brought her into my bed for snuggles.  We watched a few Thomas episodes, ate some breakfast, then got sleepy again.

It's a rough season of life, but someone has to live it!

31 Days - Campfire

It's that beautiful time of year where it is a bit chilly during the day, and cold at night!  Ah, we've had great weather lately.  It's the time of year we love to sit out with a campfire.  Tim has been working this weekend, so he was looking for something fun to do as well as read to the kids and have devotions.  So he suggested a fire, everyone was up for that, grabbed coats, boots, hats, and coffee, and went outside.
Once they saw I was taking their picture they started to pose for me.  This first one is just a normal shot....

Note Emma in the background with her elegant fireside pose...

Ha ha - Seems as if Rachel looks the same in all of these....

Okay extreme pose here!  Crazy girls!

These two are a blur as they were moving around so much at first and helping Tim chop kindling.  Once he started to read, however, they really did settle down.

It was a beauty of a campfire.  The night was clear and we heard a fox roaming around and crying out.  Tim and Rachel checked on our ch…

31 Days - Loving In Spite Of Differences

Many of you know that our son is engaged, a dad of our darling 3 year old granddaughter and now they are expecting a second child.  

Just for the record (they already know) this is not the order we would have wanted these events to play out.

That said, these children are gifts from God, and we welcome them.  It's a humbling thing to trust God for all the details and to set aside potential anger and bitterness for love.

We're not perfect at this.  In fact, I've spent way too much time this past year being upset that things weren't moving along like I thought they should and feeling resentful at times.  God has convicted my heart, showing me that he has given me another daughter to love and mentor, and I haven't been doing it.

Just days later we found out together, in the ER, that I would become a grandma for the second time.  Kayleigh had been having a pain in her chest that was getting worse so Emma and I went with her to the ER.  Turns out she has some inflammation of…

31 Days - The Season of Preparation

The season of preparation can mean different things to different people.  It does to me - sometimes at the same time!

I am currently in a season of preparation.  A cousin of mine mentioned last week that there were 10 Saturdays until Christmas!  Oh, man that got my attention!  Now there are nine Saturdays!  Yikes!  

This has got me knitting furiously on a lovely scarf made from my bargain bin chenille. 

I found two skeins of this lovely yarn at a local craft store for $1.00 each!  Love that and I know it will make a nice gift.  

I want to do more hand made gifts this year, or at least give things that are meaningful.

Another preparation is underway here, but that is my husbands' department.  It is preparing for cold weather by making sure we have plenty of wood for our wood stove to burn.  He does this for my parents as well.

All year he works on wood - getting it for free by taking a tree down for someone or removing a tree that is down already.  Its neat how the Lord provides and Tim …

31 Days - Trusting In The Midst Of Uncertainty - Update

My nephew's wife Alicia is a godly young woman, mama to two sweet boys (ages 4 and 2) and a loving wife.

She told me this week that she found a lump in her breast and that it seems to have grown quickly.  It sounds like she may have a cyst, but her mother had breast cancer in the past so Alicia wisely is having it checked out today.  
**Just talked to her and it's not her breast it is on her side/back**

She is trusting God in the midst of this uncertainty.

Will you pray with us?  We are praying "the prayer that never fails" - Thy Will Be Done.

31 Days - Loving Good Things

What is a 'good thing?'

Someone famous used to use this phrase when she was giving tips on something on a TV show.  But I think it encompasses so much more than just tips.

A good thing is something that edifies - builds up - our families, our homes, our lives.

Reading the Word = a good thing.  Reading trashy 'romance' novels = not a good thing.  You could make it into legalistic rules, but that would be a bad thing, don't ya' know.

There is one list in the Bible that give us a guideline to what we should be focused on.

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever ispure,whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

During any season of our lives this should be the guide for what we think about, participate in, watch, listen to.  There is of course, variation allowed - God is the creator and has created with such immense…

31 Days - I Am Thankful For Fresh Mercies

Thankful for a late night of talking with one of my daughters and having her open her heart to me, though it was hard.

Friends, let me tell you an important thing.  Get to know the needs of your children when they are young.  Recognize that that little one who is following you around, or clinging to you is doing so because they have a NEED to be connected to you!  They want to be with YOU!

This is a good thing!  However, sometimes when we are in the midst of this season of child rearing, we long for moments alone and we shoo the children off to go play.  

This is okay if you've spent time connecting first.  Otherwise it can lead them to feel rejection, that builds every time you are busy with a committee meeting, or blogging, or fill in the blank.   I became aware of this several years ago, and though we talked about it, she held on to it.  I am so thankful for her forgiving heart and a heart to share even though it was hard.  Tears were shed and forgiveness given.  

Thank you Lord, f…

31 Days - Loving The Season Of Teaching

As I've grown as a woman,  I have loved the opportunity to mentor and teach others.

I particularly love teaching my daughters, and their friends, how to make a house a home.  Last week in our little home economics class we made pillowcases.  It was so much fun, the girls did a great job and their pillowcases turned out great!

It's been so much fun to have four sewing machines set up and going at the same time!  They would be too impatient to have to take turns sewing!  I am so thankful for the large dining table Tim built for us!

Sarah, just a tad pleased with herself!

Rachel's pillowcase.  I told her I'd like a set just like it for Christmas!

You can find the fabulous tutorial by Missouri Quilt Company here.  I have wonderful things pinned on my Sewing Board.  Feel free to check it out.

This week we are going to talk about a skill I think all women should have - Event Planning.  Whether it is hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for the extended family, or a birthday party or a Holi…

31 Days - Loving This Autumn

We are having lovely days and chilly nights - perfect for Autumn.

Our color is coming on very well now, though my Red Sunset Maples are not really showing much color yet.

The trees along the creek and the property line, and in the pasture are very pretty.  Several times over the last few days, the beauty has caused me to stop what I've been doing and just drink it all in.

I sent Lindsay out to try to capture it for me.  This is what she brought back.

I'm loving it all....

31 Days - Loving Your Home - Part Two

I didn't plan on a 'part two' for this post but our activities here yesterday just begged for one.

When you own your home, it requires you to take care of it, or it starts to get frumpy and unhappy.  Then you get unhappy.  Not good.

The last several years have been extremely busy ones, and we barely kept up with everything.

This month, inspired I am sure by the beautiful weather, we are churning out the projects.  

Yesterday's projects are ones of not only necessity but of beautifying our space; we painted our exterior house doors.  

Oh yes, they are red!  The afternoon sun was shining brightly on the front door as Tim was replacing the knobs.

The white door is our kitchen door that most folks enter into our house through.  The other awful looking door is the basement door.  
They are both red now too.

This girl here gave them each a thorough scrubbing before paint was applied to them.

Tim took the opportunity to do some caulking while the door was out.

The youngest two in our f…

31 Days - Loving Your Home

Whatever season you are in right now, you are making your home somewhere.

Helen Allingham - Rose Cottage
And this potentially can be a source of stress.

Perhaps, you are a young couple with small children and your starting to outgrow your home, or you wish you owned your home instead of renting.  

Maybe you are getting older and your current home has become a bit much to keep up with, but you hate the thought of downsizing from a well loved home.

Sarah Bryant

There are tons of scenarios we could come up with, but you get the idea.  I am here to say that we can love our home regardless of circumstances.

When we were a young couple we were in training to be missionaries.  We lived in an apartment without a bathroom - we had to use a shared one down the hallway.  But I made that first small place a home for us, and we welcomed friends in every week.  

During one portion of our training Tim had to build a home in the woods of the training center for us to live in for 6 weeks.  This home was built…