31 Days - I Am Thankful For Fresh Mercies

Thankful for a late night of talking with one of my daughters and having her open her heart to me, though it was hard.

Friends, let me tell you an important thing.  Get to know the needs of your children when they are young.  Recognize that that little one who is following you around, or clinging to you is doing so because they have a NEED to be connected to you!  They want to be with YOU!

This is a good thing!  However, sometimes when we are in the midst of this season of child rearing, we long for moments alone and we shoo the children off to go play.  

This is okay if you've spent time connecting first.  Otherwise it can lead them to feel rejection, that builds every time you are busy with a committee meeting, or blogging, or fill in the blank.   I became aware of this several years ago, and though we talked about it, she held on to it.  I am so thankful for her forgiving heart and a heart to share even though it was hard.  Tears were shed and forgiveness given.  

Thank you Lord, for my beautiful daughter, and her heart for you.  Thank you for fresh mercies every day.  A chance to make different choices in these later years of parenting than I did in earlier years.  Thankful for growth and change.


  1. With God, each day can be a brand new day. Three willing hearts were involved in that time of conversation....Blessings to you both.

  2. I love that there are new mercies! How I depend on that!

    And I love that there was forgiveness and restoration and open, willing hearts! Such an inspiration...

  3. Loved this - it's difficult to parent at times, but there is always forgiveness.


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