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Today Is The Fair

These photos are from the gaming show they did in July.  The show for September was cancelled because of a rainy week that brought over 5 inches of rain.

Today will be in a different location.  This year will be the first year that we are there for the whole day.  Rachel and Lindsays' student Abigail's events are during the day, and Lindsay's events will be this evening.  It makes for a very long day but a fun one.

The weather this year is much cooler - the last two years we roasted!  Today I will be bringing a few blankets to sit on and use to cover up this evening - it will be in the 40's tonight.  We will be drinking hot chocolate, and wearing our jackets.

The girls are so excited and Kyle is even doing an event this morning - open lead line with Rachel leading him around the arena!  

Fun times.

Wren Bay

Have you read this book yet?  It is written by Clarice Fox-Hughes and is based on the things her blog is about - the delight of caring for your home and family.

If you love home making you will love this book.  It is a sweet story of a young woman named Wren new bride to Devlin Bay.  He brings her to his childhood home, Bay Farm, before he must head out to the war.  Wren learns to make his home her home, while dealing with her loneliness with Devlin being away.Wren has grown up in the city and now lives in the country, she wants to learn to be the helper that Dev will need her to be, so she learns to conquer her fears, and in doing so makes friends with the caretaker's family.

This book is full of the delight of walking alongside Wren as she makes the house more her style, makes gifts for holidays, cooks, learns to milk a cow...

I enjoyed this book very much and am eagerly waiting for the next book about Wren Bay. 

You can find Clarice at her blog Storybook Woods and you can purchase …

Kyle Recites Psalm One

The kids memorized Psalm One earlier this month. I like them to review it regularly and so yesterday I recorded him reciting....

Fun Week Ahead

This week is full of fun stuff.
Today, the kids have are going to be participating in making a commercial for a local corn maze.
Lindsay has new riding students this afternoon.  She has had a good summer with lessonsfor 5 students and now is adding two more students.  If the weather holds, she will be able to give lessons for nearly 2 more months before it gets too cold to ride.  
Wednesday begins our local agricultural fair.  We usually go several times. This year the girls want to go on to see the students showing their cows, sheep and pigs.  For those of you who live in the 'big city' like I did growing up, this is actually a lot of fun and very interesting as well as educational.  We will be spending time there all day on Friday due to the equine events.  Rachel will be competing during the day in the youth events and Lindsay will be competing in the evening.  One of Lindsay's students is going to be competing along with Rachel.   The weather has been…

Autumn, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways...

1. The cooler, crisp chill in the air.

2. The golden light in the late afternoon.

3. Leaves changing color.

4. Cozy throw blankets for evening.

5. Flannel sheets!

6. Open windows.

7. Campfires.

8. Soy candles.

9. Hot tea in the evening.

10. Knitting.

11. Fall foliage trips.

12. My birthday.

13. Cold apple cider.

14. Hot mulled cider.

15. Wearing sweaters.

16. Warm socks.

17. Shorter days.

18. Pumpkins carved into fun luminaries!

19. Oil lamps.

20. Colorful Mums in the garden.

What about you?  What are the things you love about Autumn?

All the photos in this page are from my Pinterest Autumn board.Let me know if you want an invite.

Welcome, Autumn...

Isn't this pumpkin cute?  Emily and I did them a few years ago.  We just used a cookie cutter to make the indentation on the pumpkins and then used knives to cut out the stars...

Today it is pouring rain.  I had to go out for my big grocery run, had an issue with needing to add power steering fluid while holding an umbrella so as to avoid the drowned rat look since I still needed to go to Costco.  I tried to get online last night and this morning but we were having internet issues, so this is my first chance to get online.  Let me just be real and say that this was a hard day, but in the grand scheme of things not anything really difficult.  Just annoyances.

It has been looking Autumnish for the last several weeks.  The light is different at this time of year, a few leaves are turning, several plants in the garden have leaves that change....

We are taking a trip to New England again this year and I can hardly wait!  I need to book one more hotel stay for our last night...

Tomorrow, I …

Busy Hands...

Rachel having grown like a weed this summer, handed most of her skirts down to Sarah and was in need of a few new ones.  I sewed two skirts yesterday.  This one is light aqua baby cord in a fun pattern..

The color in the flower looks black but is actually brown.  It is very cute.  She can wear it with her dark aqua t-shirt, white, and we want to find her a brown shirt.  This looks good with light shoes or her boots.  The colors make it work for early Autumn on into Winter.

This is a wee infant hat for my niece's baby boy due in December.  I am getting ready to start a rag quilt for him in the cutest fabric!

I made this blouse out of a McCall's Laura Ashley dress pattern.  I don't know if it is out of print but the number is M5039.

All I did was cut the 'skirt' to the length I wanted and did not add the side zipper!  So cute!

I made her green skirt yesterday too - she likes bright colors and the weight of this is actually heavier than the baby cord skirt!  

This fabric is…

Teatime Tuesday, with Recipes but first a story

We've become addicted to having a campfire in the evenings.  Last night we invited friends to come join us.  It is fun to just hang out with people you've known for a long time.  

While we were visiting by the fire the girls got the horses out to ride for a while. We had quite a scare when Liberty  bolted with Emily on her back - Emily is a very good rider but she bailed off into some bushes.  After chasing her down, Lindsay and Rachel were getting the saddles off etc, when Liberty bolted again and ended up across a busy road nearby.  She apparently went back and forth across this highway several times before she got tired and let Lindsay who was riding Sandy bareback catch her.  We are thankful that she was not hit by a vehicle!

Emily and I had a busy and fulfilling day.  She and I peeled lots of apples and made 2 quarts of sauce, and an English apple pie.  We have more apples to make sauce with as well.  I use Smokehouse apples and use very little sugar.  It is delicious!  Oh,…

My Beautiful Granddaughter...

Lindsay let me take all these photos off of her camera card.  The photos of her in the green dress were taken a few weeks ago while the weather was still warm...

Kamryn loves to be outside.

She loves our old dog Samantha and is gentle with her.  When we were teaching her about being gentle with same we would say to Kamryn "good girl."  Now she calls all animals "good girl!"

Here she enjoys Auntie Lindsay's bracelet...

and cowboy hat...

Yesterday it was much cooler in the late afternoon when we gathered to watch the guys from church launch rockets...

Here she is with her Daddy...

So here you have it - a proud Grandma post....

Happy Constitution Day!


Fall Nesting Party

Melissa is hosting us all over at her blog "The Inspired Room."

With the high for today predicted to be 67 degrees, it was time to pull out the Autumn wreath.  

The cool weather made it the perfect evening to do a fire outside...

And not to be forgotten...

Time to "decorate" with the Autumn color M&M's!

Have you started to decorate for the changing season?

Fun With Grandpa and Grandma

Kyle got to goto his first baseball game the other night!  He was pretty excited!  The Barnstormers are our local minor league team, and Grandpa and Grandma like to go several times a season.  This time they took all three little folk.

My Dad said he ate his weight in food!  He is funny - sometimes he eats very little and then other times, you can't fill him up!  I do know he had a hot dog (a huge favorite of his!) and funnel cake!

This was Sarah's second game.  She had fun too! 

They really like Cylo the team mascot...there are no photos of Cylo however. 

Don't know what the cause of the girls' expressions are, but it funny!  Rachel has been several times to games so she is a veteran.

Grandpa had a great time with his little pal...having a 6 year old grandson will keep you young!  All of my Dad's other grandsons are in their 20's and one is a Dad to two young Great Grandsons!  I know that my Dad would love to take them all to a game someday!  Wouldn't that be …


I was up early, for me, this morning.  I have a busy day ahead.  Lots of schedules to juggle and coordinate.  My thoughts have been on asking the Lord to help me to take one thing at a time and to Trust Him to make a smooth way through it all.  Isaiah 26:3 - "You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you."  

I have been praying for a friend's adoption of a daughter from Bulgaria.  God has been doing amazing things.  It is hard to find out about how children live - abandoned, barely cared for.  Praying for many things, especially what our response should be.  I read this morning about street children in Brazil.  It is wrenching.  How it must break God's heart.  Again, what must my response be?

It is easy to get focused on mundane things, or a busy day, like I have today, but what I need to focus on is "What does God have for me in this day?"  What lessons does He want to teach me?  What blessings does He want me to b…