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Computer Craziness!

I just got done talking to a most helpful guy at Frontier about our computer modem. We had been having trouble accessing the internet from our desktop. He ran tests and it is now working very well. Now at issue is my laptop. Apparently the wireless switch is off and the toggle switches (don't I sound all techie-like and don't you think I know what I am talking about?) are not doing the trick. I call Dell - this computer as you may remember because it is soooo important - was purchased from my niece. It's warranty is outdated, so at least for tonight I am without the capability of accessing the internet in a wireless way on my laptop. Perhaps another call tomorrow - or maybe one of you has a Dell Inspiron 600m and you know where the hard wireless switch is?

Well, it was worth asking!

Anyway, I am giving a huge shoutout to Mike at Frontier who helped me and went above and beyond trying to help me with the laptop as well! Thanks, Mike!

Tomorrow - I am hoping to start va…

I'm Back!

We actually got back on Thursday about 7:30 pm, but we have been busy doing some projects here at home. Of course, yesterday I needed to go get groceries. For some reason all these people insist on eating regularly!
Today I did some cleaning, major dusting and vacuuming. I also made homemade vanilla ice cream for later, made dinner, and am working on a dish to take to our fellowship meal tomorrow...Emily will work on a dessert for tomorrow later.
I worked in my garden yesterday - it is overgrown and weedy - ick. In the fall, I think I will transplant much of what is in the front flower beds, putting it around in the back, and just keep the front with a cleaner, less jungle like look!
I snagged a few photos from Melissa's blog today from the wedding. Lindsay's camera card with wedding photos is missing. Fortunately for us she downloaded almost every thing on Aunt Esther's computer, so even if it is lost forever, the photos aren't!

Here are my beautiful nieces and thei…

Fun Give Away At Apples of Gold!

Deby over at Apples of Gold is having an awesome give away! Aprons, books - so much fun.
Go visit her and leave her a comment!
Race you there!

This and That

Sorry still no photos because of no cords...even Melissa hasn't had time to post any....We took lots but they will have to wait...
I did want to say that it was a lovely wedding - very God honoring, and the bride and groom shared their first kiss at the altar! I get a kick out of how quickly they got the hang of it! heehee They really want their lives to be a testimony of God's goodness and they shared in their vows how they want to serve one another and the Lord together.
Crystal and Andrew had never dated anyone else - they trusted God to bring them THE person, in His timing. We trust that they will be blessed with children, too. They both love kids - he is a teacher and she is a midwife - great professions for both of them.
Later today we are having lunch with my mother in law and then hitting the beach in the late afternoon with Tim's sister Esther and Melissa and Ethan. It has been hotter than normal here and so the beach will be better later in the day. We have …

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad. He is a good example for us all in serving others and at 70 years old of wanting to still grow spiritually and be the man God wants him to be. So thank you Dad - I love you!
I also want to say Happy Father's Day to my Tim. He is a great dad...he is patient and has a heart to teach the kids not to outwardly conform to a certain standard, but to reach their hearts with the truth and to guide them in it. He loves his children and is a faithful man. I am proud of you, Tim.
I also am thinking of our family in the western portion of PA who are missing their Dad today. We love you and are thinking of you.

Guess What?

Sarah's hives - still here. A trip to the local Centra Care and we discovered that she is allergic to Penicillin. Who knew? She has taken it before, had been on it this time for 8 days...they told us that it can just happen.
Her hives looked really bad today and were not responding to the Benedryl. They were even on her face and were starting to make her look bruised and was bad. So she is off her meds, just still on the Benedryl and it has already made a difference we think.
Pray for her that she would be cleared up quickly and that she will stop itching!
Wedding later today - last night the rehearsal dinner. It was very nice to spend time with the family and to meet other friends of the family.
Talk to you later!

We're Here!

Did I tell you that Lindsay got a new camera with some of the monetary gifts she got for graduation? It's great. Between she and Emily they take really nice photos so I left my camera home.
However Lindsay might have left her cords, that allow us to upload photos to my computer, home. If so, no photos for you until we return!
We arrived around 5:00pm and got settled into our hotel room, then went over to see Tim's mom. Stayed a few hours then took the kids was perfect. The weather was cooler than expected and the water nice.
Tomorrow is fun with my friend Jane, my sister in law and her family arrive from Missouri, we will see my other sister in law (mom of the bride) at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner...I can tell this whole trip will feel like a whirlwind!
Have a happy weekend!

We Are Having A Great Trip

My kids travel so well...they slept, ate, watched movies....We didn't need to stop every few minutes to use the bathroom either! :)
Today we have a nice drive and should arrive around dinnertime. Tomorrow we are hanging out with our good friend Jane, and then in the evening going to the rehersal dinner. The wedding is Saturday, I think we may be going out on Father's Day with Tim's mom and his sister and her family.
What are you all up to today?

We're Off!

We are headed to Florida this morning!
We have had a crazy couple of weeks - mostly busyness with finishing school and Lindsay's graduation, but thrown in were also Kyle and Sarah both being bite by deer ticks (they are on antibiotics) and yesterday Tim got a bout of Vertigo - so we ended the day with a visit to the doctor. He is on meds and is doing much better!
So we go....looking forward to time with family and friends and our niece's wedding this weekend.
We would covet your prayers for us as we travel and that God would be glorified in all our relationships - there is the possibility of a sticky family situation.
I will try to check in often - it is going to be HOT - so I may need to stay in the ac and surf the net!

Lindsay's Graduation!

Friday night we held Lindsay's graduation celebration. It was really awesome. We were able to put together a short ceremony that honored God and Lindsay. She picked out all the music...
Emily played her recorder for the prelude - she got to pick those songs..."How Firm A Foundation" and "Sweet Hour Of Prayer."

Lindsay being 1st in her class got to give the Valedictorian speech...she hates to give speeches but she did fine!

Lindsay'sdear friend played "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing." It was beautiful. The congregational songs were "Amazing Grace" and "Be Thou My Vision." Lindsay chose well...

Tim gave the message, a challenge to Lindsay and to us all to walk with the Lord, even if it means being counter cultural. And to set an example for those generations who will follow.

We framed the diploma and gave it to her that way...she has it hanging on her wall by her bed.

Thenwewentbackto eat cake and to dance!

Nearly all the ch…


I have been trying for 3 days to post photos from Lindsay's graduation...I don't know why they won't upload.

I have tried interenet explorer and google chrome....I am so frustrated...don't know if it is the computer or our isp....

I may have to take a trek to Panera Bread today and try!!!!

Hopefully you will hear from me later about Lindsay's wonderful graduation!

Can You Hear My Sigh Of Relief?

Every year we have year end evaluations. We adore our evaluator and look forward to seeing her every year. She's great!
This year though it seemed as if everything was conspiring to hinder our preparation for the evaluations.
We ran out of toner for our printer and I didn't have the van available to me today! Yikes! Then the floppy disk I used to back up transcripts, objectives etc...won't open. Crazy! I had to retype them - 3 different objectives, and two transcripts! Plus help Rachel put her portfolio together. All year we save samples of their work to show our evaluator...this year Rachel had a lot of poetry she wanted to show her. Guess what? Rachel couldn't find it! She did manage to find some that she had thankfully saved on the computer...I backed all my important documents to my flash drive - I love that little thing - it's red too! My favorite color! No more floppy disks for me!
It all turned out fine - Tim brought the toner cartridge home with hi…

Home Again

Thank you all for your sweet words and prayers for us this week.  I can tell you that they were in evidence as I noticed peace in the whole family.  Aunt Marylou was tired and sad but she mentioned several times "he is in a better place."  How thankful we are to know that is true!
When we were making plans to go to the funeral, I thought that since we were going to drive there and home again the same day, that we would leave the kids at home with my parents and just Tim and I would go.  Tim felt it would be important for the kids to come.  Aunt Marylou enjoys them and he felt they would be a sweet "distraction" on such a difficult day.  He was right.  The only other young children there were Tim's cousin's daughter's kids. (Is that 1st cousins, twice removed?) All of Tim's cousins, his dad's cousins, Aunt Marylou's brother and wife etc...just loved the kids, were amazed at how well behaved they are.  Lindsay and Emily did what they normally d…

Popping In To Say Hi!

Sorry I have been absent for a few days...I have been reading your blogs, but just kind of too busy to post!
I have been in full grad party planning is going to be fun - and special.  We really want it to be meaningful for her as well.  I mailed a bunch of invitations/announcements today!
Today I have done my huge grocery haul day, instead of tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will be headed to the western portion of our state for our uncle's funeral.  We have heard that our dear aunt is missing him, but at peace.  We will be so glad to see her tomorrow and give our love and attention to her and the family.
I also am doing all those last minute things before a trip, even though ours will be a long one day trip, such as preparing snacks, drinks, entertainment, etc...
Well, I need to to you again soon!

1 Thessalonians 4:13

"But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope."
Our  dear Uncle Don went home to be with the Lord in the early morning hours this morning....
I have such fond memories of him...he and his wife Marylou were very welcoming to me, when I first met them in the year before we married.  He liked to call Tim and I "Bonnie and Clyde" and I liked to call him "Scooter" because he reminded me of Scooter from the Muppets!  He liked to tease and I would tease back...he liked that.
He and Aunt Marylou both just had birthdays and this year was their 63rd year of marriage!  
Please pray for Aunt Marylou - she was taken by to the hospital by ambulance yesterday with chest pains.  She was fine, they felt it was just anxiety and they allowed her to come home.  She has been in poor health for several years and Uncle Don's health has taken a toll on her as well.
Their daughter Marsha has bee…

A Cheery Update

This dear girl is now 10 years is that possible?  I am so thankful for 10+ years of delight in being her mother.  What a precious girl she is, quiet around many people, but full of chatter at home.  A smart girl who loves to read, ride horses, do things with her sisters...she is growing up.  There is maturity working its way into her life...I am a big advocate of early responsibility - it leads to early maturity.  Being responsible and mature doesn't mean a child doesn't get to have fun - in fact just the opposite!  It means that the fun is enjoyed all the more than if her life revolved around herself and only being entertained.
Yesterday was a perfect example;  Since it was her birthday I invited some friends over for an adventure party.  Perfect for girls!  They rode our horses, cooked hot dogs and s'mores over a campfire, learned to shoot arrows with a homemade bow, and went on a nature hike.  The also walked in the creek and played in the hammock...they didn&#…