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Popping In To Say Hi!

This is the space where 265 people are going to be celebrating the wedding of my bridal couple this Sunday.  I can't wait for you to see how it will be transformed by tables, and flowers, and candles and lots of people who love this young couple!  Love and Joy transform us and can transform a long lobby space into a thing of beauty!
I'm so excited for them, and for the challenge of prepping two locations between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm.  (the wedding and the reception are at two different churches and we cannot get into the spaces until noon!)  I have a great team of volunteers ready to help set up tables and chairs, and set tables.  I've already put 72 candles in 72 jars.  
Today I pick up the flowers, and get them opening up, and prepped for arranging by Saturday night.
36 floral centerpieces, 7 bouquets, 12 boutonnieres, 6 wrist corsages, two flower girl baskets, and 12 pew clips!
There will be a unity candle with some florals, and the cake table will have some florals as well…

Introducing My New Business!

I added the flowers under my name to help hide the phone number.  That part will not be on my business cards!

I'm really excited about my business!  I am a born event planner. I really enjoy helping people plan for the big events in their lives (weddings, teas, birthday parties, themed gatherings) and I love working with flowers, too.

Its fun to see what's grown out of my years of planning teas, our fall fest, parties, and of course, weddings!

This week is busy as it is wedding week!  I'm very excited for Caleb and Jess's wedding and its going to be gorgeous!  This is a big wedding; 265 guests!  A tricky part of the wedding is going to be that the wedding is on a Sunday and the ceremony and reception (at two different locations) are both at churches!  Ceremony at 3:00pm and no set up at either venue until noon!  Pray for me and the team I've assembled for reception set up!  I've got a plan and am getting it all organized this week! 

We can do it!

I, of course, will …

Friday Five

Its Friday!  We are savoring a bit of mild weather for a few days, and that's got me in the autumn state of mind!

Here's my five for this week - 

1. My living room this morning.

2. Rachel got braces this week.  She was missing two permanent molars that never developed, and so we waited to see what her wisdom teeth would do.  We'd hoped that the wisdom teeth would be able to come in properly and take the place of those missing molars.  That didn't happen, the wisdom teeth were removed, and so this week started the process of pulling her teeth together and lining up her 'bite.'  She just has the uppers for 6 months then they'll add the lowers.

3. An old photo of maple leaves.  I've shared this many times on my blog, but I do love it.  Can't wait to see the leaves changing again!

4. In the meantime, I'm savoring peach season!  I'm planning to start freezing some this week.

5. Michaels has cute pillows (and other fall things) and right now fall items …

House Plants: Time To Re-Pot

My house plants have all be thriving this summer with new growth and growing in size, so I decided to re-pot several of them yesterday.

This Pathos didn't get re-potted, its doing just fine in it's spot and in it's pot.

It's got new growth on it, and it seems to thrive with a lot of indirect light.

My Boston Fern is usually on this little chair on the table by the front door.  It had grown and needed more room so it got re-potted, and I put this smaller pathos in its old pot.  This pathos, well its actually two, were grown from cuttings, that Lindsay gave me.

The fern is in an urn now, and today I placed it on our dining table.  Its getting big and stately.  It will probably not stay here in this spot, but with our open plan living room and kitchen/dining room, I'm limited on actual spots for it!  

I'll have to re-think some of my decor or perhaps take it back to my bedroom.  My room is on the north side of our house and I don't get any direct sunlight in that r…

Dreaming Of Autumn

These magazines called to me at the store several weeks ago, but I'm just beginning to look and dream of Autumn.

We've had a hot, humid summer with a lot of rain, but even with that I'm beginning to see a subtle change in the light (when we are not under rain clouds) and the place the sun is coming up on the horizon is a bit lower these days.  All signs of the seasonal change coming in four weeks.

Then there is this sign, too

Lindsay found this leave in my front yard last week.  I've learned that this does not it is mean that there will be an "early" autumn, but that the seasons are beginning the change from summer to autumn.  I'm seeing a hint of change on the trees that turn early.  

I have no idea what the color will be like this autumn with the tropical rainy pattern we've been in for two months this summer.  I hope that the autumn is dry, sunny, and beautiful.  

I can't wait to be outdoors again, to feel that nip of coolness in the air.  Soon it w…

How Would You Update These Houses?

I used to like to watch a show on HGTV called "Curb Appeal."  It can happen to any one who lives in a house for many years.  You stop 'seeing' what everyone else sees and your home can become dated, and the plantings can be over grown.  Simple changes can breathe new life into the curb appeal of a home.

The other day I was driving through a friends neighborhood, and I noticed that there are some really nice homes, but they need some 'updating.'  I thought it would be fun to talk about them on the blog.

First up - This house sits on a rise, so the photo from my car is this angle.  I like this house.  Its not a cookie cutter of every other house and I like that they have the white trim which really pops against that beigy siding.

Overall its fine but that tree is not doing it any favors.  They may like the privacy of it, but its blocking the porch, which is a really great feature on this house.  And I don't like that small ornamental tree in its spot either.  

A Farewell Party

Lindsay and Sarah began scheming to give Rachel a surprise going away party, a few months ago.  The tricky part was a date to hold it.  It had to be a Sunday, so her Chick-fil-A peeps could come, and then there was our trip to Texas to factor in.  And what did we want to do exactly?

A secret message board was created, and it was settled to do a gourmet s'mores bar, with a nice campfire, twinkle lights hung in the trees, and hay bale seating.

But it rained, though the forecast was for sunny skies all day, then rain clearing by 4:00pm etc.  Sigh.  This has been our summer.  

The party was held at Lindsay and Joseph's so preparations could be made without Rachel knowing.  Lindsay made the call for it to be held inside, and cleverly came up with putting the marshmallows on a foil covered cookie sheet and putting them under the broiler, on low, for four minutes.  Perfection!

They planned the colors for decor to go with her favorite Van Gogh paintings, and put them everywhere!

I still ca…

Friday Five

Thank you all for your kind comments on the vlog.  I think I will do more in the future.

1. My grandson Clark in the pool made me smile this week!

2. I helping with a book launch for Sarah Clarkson's new book 'Book Girl.'  I've been given some chapters to read, and it is reasonating with this book girl!  I've already pre-ordered a copy, and am going to increase my order to give them to my own book girls.  You can pre-order here.

3.  I started a new project last night.  This crocheted scarf is a pattern I've done before but with a smaller hook and finer yarn.  It was written for this size yarn and hook.

4.  I purchased all that paper goods for the wedding I'm coordinating.  I love seeing a plan come together.

5. This week a big sink hole opened up in the parking lot at an outlet mall where we shop often.  This section of the outlets is relatively new.  We have had a lot of rain.

I have to drop Sarah at work this morning, met with my bride and groom, and get some g…

Scenes From My Cottage

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my video yesterday.  I second guessed myself about posting it, but I'm glad it was encouraging.  I also want to add that God uses these challenging times in our lives, for our good.  He can apply pressure to us to get us to more fully rely on Him, and to get our attention.

I wanted to share some of what you'd see around my house if you were here this morning.

I just finished knitting a cowl on my size 35 needles.  I am getting a head start on gifts.  This pattern is so easy - cast on 21 stitches, knit 29 rows, cast off, stitch ends together, done!  

I haven't shown Watson lately.  He's an all black cat (getting a few old age white hairs now) and he's hard to photograph.  He's also huge.  We don't over feed him, and he doesn't have tumors, etc.  Our former farmer friend said sometimes male cats get big like this after they've been neutered.  He's been this big since he hit his adulthood.  

One of the best t…

Vlog -

Spontaneous Hospitality

My husband had a text from our friend Don asking if we could get together on Sunday.  We of course said, "yes!"  We never get enough time with them.  All four of their young adult kids came, too!

So we picked up some tasty chicken and sweet corn, I sliced up some Flaming Fury peaches, they brought some chips and dip, drinks, and a cucumber salad.  

We used paper plates and napkins and my canning jars for glasses.  We ate and talked and had a great time.  Many cups of coffee were consumed!

Meanwhile, the usual group of young people began to gather, and they headed out for a hike.  One guy decided to hang out with the us, since he didn't feel like hiking.  He said, "I'll just hang out and talk with the adults, " yet he is a business owner and a young adult himself!  Its funny how we don't always think of ourselves as 'grown up!'

Tim left for about an hour to help someone with a plumbing issue.  Then swung by and picked up the usual Sunday dinner to fe…

Friday Five

I really enjoyed your thoughts on my post yesterday!  I appreciate this community of women.  

Here is my FIVE for this week!

1. Kyle's hair cut.  He hates getting his hair cut so I let him grow it out over the summer!  It was crazy, though sometimes it looked pretty good!  He's so funny!

2. My name is Deanna and I have a dish addiction!  I love these plates!  I swoon over them everytime I see them.  Christmas Tree Shops sells them for $4.99 per dinner plate!  I haven't bought any, but I may start hinting for my birthday in October! (grin)

3. Flaming Fury - 
That's the name of these beauties that came home with me today!

4. Kamryn has started her school year, too.  She was working on her letter blends the other day while she was here.

5. The September issue of Victoria Magazine came!
Its the annual British issue, and its always an excellent issue!

Doesn't the cover make you want to travel to England?

That's my Five for this week!  I hope you have an excellent weekend!