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Blue Moon

Did you know that Friday night is going to be a Blue Moon?  This means that the month of August will have two full moons in it.  Tim said that the next Blue Moon won't be until 2015.  Tonight the moon is shining brightly in a clear sky, when I took the dogs out it was very easy to see, though it was almost 11:30pm.

My days are full, mostly of good things.  Kyle is feeling much better, thank you for praying for him.  He felt well enough today to do his math (which he loves) and even did several lessons, because he wanted to finish the first disc of lessons.  There are 30 on each disc.  He is now a quarter of the way through his 3rd grade math - highly unusual for this family who is mostly filled with those who find math a bit, well, challenging.  Did I mention that we have only been doing school for a few weeks and that a good part of those days, he has had a virus and done no math?  Yea....he likes to do many, many lessons a day!  I let him!  I mean, why not?  He likes it - he thin…

Tasha Tudor

It's late evening now and I feel as if I should be writing this with a quill pen by lamplight.  Instead I am typing away on my laptop in a room lit by a lamp.  
Today was Tasha Tudor Day - It's her birthday.  Clarice at Storybook Woods is hosting a celebration as she does every year.
I became a fan of Tasha when I was a girl - my Mom had a book called 'Take Joy' by Tasha that was a Christmas book - with story and songs.  It had the most darling illustrations.  I remember my 5th grade teacher was from France and I showed her the book and she taught our whole class the song 'Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella.'  
I appreciate the way that Tasha lived her life in a simple way - made her own clothes from the time period she loved, kept goats and corgis and chickens....
Victoria Magazine did many features over the years and I would read them over and over.  A few years ago when Tim and I were celebrating our 20th anniversary we went to Williamsburg, PA and I specifically …

My Little Guy

is not feeling well.

I think he has the same virus I had last week...Sarah might have been coming down with it too.  Bless her heart...

They shall rest and relax and be made comfortable.  I made grape juice popsicles' today.  They can't wait to try them out.  

Sometimes being sick is a blessing in disguise.  It helps you to  slow down.  It is just what is needed right now!

I Will Rejoice In The Lord

This is one of my favorite songs. Enjoy!

Hard Workin'

My husband is a hard working man.  He was raised that way and his spiritual gift is service, so helping and serving others comes naturally to him.  He has taught our kids to be hard working too.

Emily is his right hand "man" for some of these projects.  Last week they sealed our driveway, this week they did my parents driveway.  

Here you can see Kyle and my Dad supervising.  

This driveway is huge - there is a parking area to the right you can see a bit of.  All this space took 12 5 gallon buckets of sealer.
Doesn't it look great?!

Wednesday, Tim rode his bike over to a family from church to do their yard work, as the husband is recovering from surgery.  That is the kind of man I am married to.  

I am thankful for how well he helps me look after my parents.  I know they think he's the best son in law ever!  Never mind that he is their only son in law!

Pumpkin Bread

I have been trying to keep to my grocery budget and not overspend.  My husband gets paid every two weeks so I get cash out and shop for two weeks worth of meals, snacks, dog food, toiletries etc...

I often have a bit of cash left for the 'in between' week, which I use for milk, fresh produce and eggs.

This past week, I decided to not go to the store for pantry items or other foods if I did not have the cash. This has lead to me having to really use my creativity, and stock in the pantry.  It also lead to me realizing that the pantry items had been being used but not replaced.  

And all of this leads to Pumpkin Bread.  I don't usually make it in August - it's always more of a fall item around here, but I wanted to have something other than oatmeal or toast available for breakfast or to have as a snack.

I looked in my upstairs pantry and my pantry shelves in the basement and came up with canned pumpkin.  I had all the other necessary ingredients, so yesterday morning before …

Early Morning

When I stepped out on my deck this morning I was greeted by cool air and the beauty of a bit of mist in the trees.

We live, as the kids like to say "in a ditch" with hills all around us.  It is lovely and interesting to see how it gets light long before we see the sun and also how at night it is dark here while the hills around us are still bathing in the light.

I have been so enjoying the weather this last week.  We've had the a/c off, and it has been wonderful to enjoy the outdoors again.

There she is!  I loved how the mist looked when the light hit it...

Looking toward the barn - I love the sunlight on the trees...

A few minutes later and it is much lighter, though the sun hasn't risen much more yet.

I am enjoying this easing into Autumn, though I wouldn't be surprised if it heats up again, before we have our real Autumn weather, after all, it is still August which is notoriously hot around these parts!  I am thankful for the break from the heat.

I'm heading into…

On The Mend

photo credit - Emily Rabe
I've been marveling at how wiped out I was while sick.  I slept a lot and that is unusual for me.  But Sunday and Monday I could tell I was better....
Yesterday, I did some schoolwork with the kids, and almost put myself to sleep while reading aloud to the kids!  I thought that maybe I had overdone it Sunday and that I was going to need to nap.  But I didn't I laid on the couch for about 10 minutes and then started to vacuum - a move the furniture level vacuuming.

That done I had plans to clean the floors.  This doesn't get done nearly enough.  These are hardworking floors and they take a beating.  The best way to clean them is the old fashioned 'Cinderella' method - on the hands and knees.

Fortunately I've got good help around here and it was done in no time!  I was amazed because I moved the pantry cupboard and cleaned behind it and the side of the stove and microwave that don't see daylight but managed to get greasy!  Ick!  I also c…

Rest and Fellowship

I've been doing a lot of this lately, and looking just like this of course, as I recover from some goofy virus that has been making its rounds.  Sore throat, ear pain, low grade fever.  I thought I had strep, but no, just a rest, drink fluids and wait it out virus.
So that is what I have been doing.  It makes you exhausted too.  I've napped more in the last week than I did while I was a kid!  Well, maybe not that much, but you get the idea.
Yesterday morning, I felt better and decided to go to church, knowing I could head home if I got wiped out.  I was able to stay the whole time, through our fellowship meal and ladies book study!  I surprised myself.  
Then home with families from church, to relax and have fun.  There was more Ultimate Frisbee, bike riding, scootering, archery.  We built a fire in our fire ring and roasted hot dogs, and used our pie irons to make grilled sandwiches in the fire.  The weather has cooled amazingly and we are enjoying a hint of Autumn.  Yesterday f…

Hey Jude

Have you ever read it?  

Yeah, not The Beatles song, but the little tiny letter in the Bible?   The one right before The Revelation?  

I know I have several times while reading through the Bible in a year.  Could I have told you what it was about?  No.

I recently heard Chuck Swindoll speaking on Jude and it caught my attention, and so I have been reading there for a week or so.  Not that it is that long - it can be read in its entirety in about 2 minutes.  I have wanted to take it in, to think about it, to apply it to my life.

Jude is warning the believers about false teachers.  He is reminding them to remember the truth of their faith and to contend for that faith.  He wants them to not be lead astray be the false teachers.

It has lead me to pray - for myself, for my children - that we would know the truth and not be lead astray in our day of false teachers "tickling" our ears....

As Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes "there is nothing new under the sun."  We do not need to …

August Note Card Party

Joining in the fun once again with Vee's Note Card Party!
After a very hot and humid summer, and I'm certain we're not done yet, we have enjoyed a few days that felt like a preview of Autumn.
This made me search for my Autumn photos and here were some I really liked.

Autumn is my favorite season, and I wish that we could have a long one for a change.  After all we have long winters, and long hot summers, why can't we have a long Autumn once in a while.  Those beautifully warm days and cool nights eventually easing to cool days too.  Cider, hot chocolate, bonfires, s'mores, sweaters, scarves, local fairs.

It won't be long now.  I can hardly wait!

What A Wonderful Way To Start A Day

Up early today for a special reason, though I am posting this late in the day.  I had an invitation to have breakfast over at Hospitality Lane.

Diane from Tomato Soup Cake blog and her daughter Millen and friend Diana and her wee daughter had come to our area to see the Wiggles live!  

They came to church yesterday and then with great joie de vivre, they came along with us to watch Becky's mom Ruth, my daughter Emma, my niece Shelly and our friend Joseph jump out of an airplane!  Poor things we dragged them all over the county!  It was a lovely day, and they all had a great jump!  It was fun to visit and share together while we were waiting for the jumpers.

This morning before they left we all had breakfast together.  Chelsea took this fun photo of Millen, Diane, myself and Becky.  Thank you, Becky, for using your grandmother's china and for the lovely food.  It was so special.

Then home to reality.  School with the kids, peaches to can, lunch to make including some bread.  



I love the word Bliss, don't you?  I think I like it so much because it is not overused and it is so full of meaning.

The definition, according to is: supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment.

I have decided to make today a day of bliss for myself.  It is easy for us to run ourselves ragged, to always go, go, go.

Today, while I have home keeping to do, including two 1/2 bushel boxes of peaches, I am going to revel in my home.  I am going to pamper our little cottage, make her smell sweet, bring fresh flowers inside.  I am going to listen to beautiful music, burn a candle, laugh with my family. 

I am going to enjoy my new Victoria magazine!  It's the British issue, and the September/October issue!  Just look at those luscious colors on the cover!  Inside is full of delights too.

Sigh...I can already feel the contentment welling up inside me....

I Have Frodo Baggins Hair

We recently have been watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  We enjoy them very much and usually do half of an extended edition movie over several nights.

While watching recently, I realized that I have Frodo Baggins hair!  


 It's uncanny, really, isn't it?

Amazing.  I should add that this is the way my hair looks when I wash it and let it dry on its own - no product, no blow drying, or curling iron.  My hair has always had a mind of it's own...cowlicks, curly, crazy hair!

I guess if I have to have hair like someone famous it's nice that it is a character that has good character, though Samwise Gamgee is my favorite hobbit!

Why am I posting about this?  Because I have a photo of myself with my Frodo hair and I do not have a photo of all the hard work we did this evening in the gardens behind the house.  Tim dug a bunch of mulberry trees that were trying to grow - I told him our large mulberry tree is probably responsible for thousands of mulberry tress now growing all…

I Have Been Thinking

about what a blessing it is to open your home to others.

I have been tired from the hectic pace I have been keeping, nearly dosing off Sunday afternoon at church while watching the wonderful movie Monumental.  If you haven't had the chance to see this film, please get a copy and watch.  It is so good.

Monday we were up at 0' dark thirty, as my Dad likes to say.  We were headed to the Accessories the Show event at the Javits Center, in the big city.  It was a good opportunity to meet new vendors and we have our eyes on some new lines that we would like to bring into the store.

 By yesterday afternoon, I was so sleepy.  I kept dozing off while Kyle read to me...I don't know if he realized it or not.  I was afraid to ask if I had been snoring!

Last evening, the girls played Ultimate Frisbee and some of the group came back to our house, as is the usual pattern.  They are a great bunch of young people...they all have hearts to walk with the Lord and to encourage and help each o…

Happy Birthday, Kyle!

My sweet boy is now seven!

Big Event

We have been talking and praying about making some changes to our business.  We decided to add events to our repertoire of services we provide.  The idea is to be vendors for ladies conferences and other women's events. We also have some big plans for our website.

Right when we were throwing around these ideas, we were invited to be a vendor at a local Ladies Night Out in our city.  A local radio station and another group are sponsoring this event!  We saw it as a confirmation of what we feel is a great option for our business.

That event is tomorrow night!  We have been busy ordering product, designing our display table, making a coupon for the swag bags, deciding on lighting....It's a huge learning curve for us, but it's good too.

Lindsay and Emily are excited about doing this event and I must say that I am too!

Because I like you all so much, I thought I would show you a preview of some of the jewelry and a really cool backpack bag...

So, what do you think?

Pray for us, that…