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Home Life - The Atmosphere

One of the most important areas of home life is the atmosphere we establish in our homes.
We do not have to have mansions, we can live in the humblest little cottage or apartment, but we can have a beautiful atmosphere inside.  The great thing is anyone can do it.  You can make the choice to build a beautiful home life for your family.
God put it on my heart many years ago now to establish a warm home life.  A place that my husband and children would love to be...It took thought.  What do I need to do so that MY husband feels welcomed when he comes home?  What kind of attitudes are going to be acceptable?  Do we want music playing, if so what kind?  
A woman is a thermostat in her home...she sets the family temperature...if she is contentious she will fill her home with strife.  If she serves her family in love she will get love and happiness in return. 
One way I established warmth in our home was to model it with my own isn't/wasn't always easy, but I determined wi…

This and That

Saturday we went shopping with our friends and they picked out some great material!  Their Easter skirts are going to look awesome!  Also they picked out fabric for bedding for the girls who share a will be cute and a bit more "grown up" than their current pink and purple princess and castles look.
My girls had fun as well, and Rachel bought herself some fabric for a is really cute.  I hope to do a lot of sewing this week - my older girls are going to help by brushing up on their basic sewing least helping to cut out!
Yesterday we had church and then a fellowship meal.  These are always fun.  I took Curry chicken and rice and a yellow cake with homemade chocolate frosting.
The frosting recipe is so easy:
6 Tablespoons of butter, softened. 2 1/2 cups of powdered sugar 1/2 cup of cocoa powder 1 tsp real vanilla 1/4 cup of milk
Cream the butter, add the sugar, cocoa and vanilla.  Slowly add the milk.  If you find the frosting too thi…


I am working on a new ball gown for Lindsay for our Jane Austen Ball.  I am using the pattern below and doing view A - the one with short sleeves.  We have modified it in that we have raised the neckline a bit.  It is going to be all white, which was very common in the Regency period, and I can't wait to finish it!  Emily's dress is an almost exact copy of view A - which I made in the fall of 2007 and it now fits her beautifully!

Today we are going with friends the PA Fabric Warehouse to buy fabric to make skirts for both daughters and mothers...It will be fun to work together to make some pretty skirts for Easter.

What are you doing today?

I Always Wanted To Be Nurse

I was told I didn't have the math skills, but medicine and health have been big interests for me, and they still are.
I have been taking care of my Tim and doling out his meds everyday, and teaching the girls what to do as well.  They are very good about caring for others.  I encourage him in his therapy and make sure he has his coffee just the way he likes it.  It is a pleasure and a joy to do this for him.
I find that God has granted my desire when He made me a wife and mother.  Little did I realize that in that gift, I would use all the areas of interest that He placed in me.
I love to care for my family.  I nurse boo boos, research the best way to deal with poison ivy or bug bites, I take care of minor burns and tummy aches.  I know how to deal with bee stings, or when to call the doctor about a fever. I do not turn green at blood or at broken bones, or staples, used in place of stitches...
I thank God for…

Family Read Alouds

Last night, we started a read aloud as a family.  We haven't had a read aloud with Tim for years!  The book we are reading is "The Scottish Chiefs", by Jane Porter with illustrations by N.C. Wyeth.  This book is a nice compliment to our World History studies.
Tim, holding court in the recliner...
Emily listening and trying to follow the "old fashioned" gets easier as you get into it.
Rachel drawing while listening and snuggling with me.  It was terrible..:)
Sarah occupied while listening...
Lindsay was really enjoying it.
I must say that I did too.  There is something relaxing and soothing about having a read aloud.  This book is very big, we will be reading it for awhile - I wonder if we can get it done before Tim's six weeks disability are over?  That would be great, as I don't know if we could get back to it once he heads back to work....
What kind of books do you like to read and do you ever do family read alouds?

Spring Is Here!


and I say "Hallelujah!"  
We had a long, cold winter and while we may yet have a Spring snow storm, I know that it wont last.  How do I know?  My lilac is leafing out, I have "weeds" in my flower beds, the grass is greening up and we see the sun alot more!
I always get excited this time of year.  We are getting to the home stretch with our schoolwork and our homeschool convention is coming up.  I soon will be able to enjoy my perennial gardens, we will take more trips to Longwood Gardens! In late spring - early summer we move into a more relaxed mode for a time.  It is good and enjoyable!
We took advantage of the beautiful weather we had this weekend to visit with friends who came to see Tim.  Tim is worried that he will become very bored while he is recovering so he was especially pleased to have company and to get to church this weekend.
Yes, you read that right.  He is doing so well, we went to church.  Everyone is amazed at how he is doing.  Our f…

Franklin Springs Family Films

I discovered this film company last year and was intrigued by the films they had for sale.  Then they had a booth at our homeschool convention last year.  By the fall we discovered that we had a new channel on our dish and it was Angel2 and on Saturday nights they show the Franklin Springs Family Films.
The first film we watched was The Art of Candle making and featured the West Ladies.  I was so excited because I had just read about these ladies on the "Eyes of Wonder" blog.  They were friends with Jewels and her whole family!
We really enjoyed watching them teach us how to make candles.  My good friend Becky is a wonderful candle maker and my girls and I thought it would be fun to try out making the beeswax "glow pots."  They were very simple and are so delightfully beautiful when they have a candle burning in them!  We gave every family in our church one for Christmas this year.  I also received several of their dvds as gifts this past year.      
In an email from …

He's Home!

My darling is now back home with us!
He is doing well in his recovery and all the appropriate people were impressed with his ability to get around, so they sent him home.
We are very happy to all be back under the same roof, especially our Kyle who "mithed Dad tho' much."  We are looking forward to having time together - I told Tim he could do math with our six year old and he and Kyle could nap together!  It is going to be special.
Thanks, once again, for your prayers for our family.   I have a few request, as we come to mind...
1. That Tim will continue to recover well.  I was a bit concerned last night as he had a low grade fever - but it was gone in a few hours.  The nurse mentioned it can happen as part of his healing.
2. That Kyle and the other little ones would remember that they can't just jump on Dad like they usually do...I am sure you can guess why I am requesting this.
3.  That we would grow in grace together.
4.  That the girls and I would take delight in servi…

He Is Now Bionic!

And much handsomer than Lee Majors ever was!  
His surgery took a total of 1 hour.  Can you believe it?  To do a total hip replacement!  So awesome!  The doctor said everything went great!  
I got to talk to Tim about an hour ago....he sounded a tad hoarse but otherwise just fine.
As soon as they have a room available, they will move him and I will get to see him.
This morning he told me that the words to Garth Brooks song "If Tomorrow Never Comes" was rolling around in his head.  He was asking if all the things he has said to me over the years would be enough for me to know how he loves me...just in case.
It made me teary.  My answer was yes.  He used to leave me notes more often but he always manages to find me incredible cards and writes in those.  I know that I am valued and loved by him. 
I try to keep a mindset of keeping a "short account", not letting things fester and build.  I want to have no regrets with my relationships with my husband and our kids.
The girls a…

Prayer Request

Tomorrow, my Tim, will be having hip replacement surgery.  He is young, but has suffered with arthritis since his childhood.  Our family doctor and the two orthopedic doctors that we consulted with, all commented upon seeing his xray "Wow.  That hurts." They couldn't believe that his hip was so bad and he was just now coming in about it.
He is getting the Trilock hip replacement which simply means that the femoral head is larger (this goes into the hip socket) and will give him greater mobility and range of motion than the traditional hip replacement.  After his 6 weeks of therapy and such he will be back to work with no limitations.  This is an answer to prayer already.
I would be so thankful for your prayer for us all as we have lots of little details that have to take place.  Coordinating babysitting for my youngest children, as my older girls and parents are in California.  They fly home tomorrow! How we have missed them!  
Tim has to get a shot of radiation before the …

I Am Now Unplugged!

Last evening Becky and her husband Warren and daughter Chelsea came over.  The main purpose normally would have been for fellowship as we really LIKE these people a lot.  But seeing as how we had been at church with them from 9:30 in the morning until about 6:00 in the evening - Sunday school, morning service, fellowship meal, congregational meeting - we figured we had all seen enough of each other!  hee hee.
However after we got home, we thought we had had such a great day, maybe they would like to come over for coffee!  Then it occurred to me that maybe that genius, tech savvy Warren could possibly get my wireless connected for my laptop! Aha, genius moment on my own part!
See what I don't know about technology would fill a library or two...however when I bought our niece Jen's laptop, I was so clueless.  I thought "it has wireless capability, she has it running wireless at her house, people use them all the time in public places such as Panera Bread....I should be able t…


This is my favorite fast food place....I can totally relate to this song, as the nearest one is 40 minutes away! 

This And That


As you know my older girls are in California visiting our family that live there.  We miss them, but have talked to them everyday.
On Thursday, Rachel woke up all stuffed up and with a bit of a sore throat.  She asked if she had to go to co-op that day.  This is so not like her, so I told her to rest for awhile and we would see how she felt later.  Later she still did not feel well, so Becky picked up Sarah so she could go to co-op.  I asked Sarah if she liked going with Becky and her kids and she said "yes, but they had weird music on."  heehee... Just what were you listening to, Becky?  
It turned out to be a good thing that I stayed home that day, as Tim, Pastor Mike and Becky's hubby Warren all went to a construction auction.  They were looking for personal things and for some cabinets, and a door for the church.  They found a door which will work great for the handicapped bathroom the guys are installin…

Another Great Find

Last weekend I went shopping for a little something extra for Emily for her birthday.
I didn't find anything for her, but look what I found for me!

Three Johnson Brothers blue plates that are like Emilys' Old Britian Castles.

She is begging for these plates, and they do look great with her dishes, but so far I am loving them too much to give them up!  Breakfast toast is more special served on these plates!
I found them at Marshall's.  For $1.99 a plate.  Whoo hoo!
I am going to start haunting these stores!

Happiest Anniversary Miss Paula!

Today Miss Paula and my brother Robert celebrate 26 years of marriage!  Paula adores my brother and my brother is a great husband, he has studied his wife and knows what things mean something to her.  They are sweethearts and best friends!  What joy to say that after 26 years!
They have a lot going on this year!  Their oldest son Ryan and his sweet wife Alicia made them grandparents 2 weeks ago.  Here is a darling photo of Miss Paula holding her grandson.
Here is the Popi holding his grandson.

Here they are together with Cayden. (notice a theme?! )
Saturday their baby Kaitlin will turn 18!  Kaitlin is a miracle baby - God has big plans for her.
In November their oldest girlie, Jill is getting married!
Paula and Robert, I love you so much and am delighted at how God has grown you, and uses you as an example for others.
Have a wonderful day!


A friend mentioned to me yesterday that it was sweet that Emily wanted our family friends over for her birthday.  She seemed impressed by that.
I was not surprised by that at all.  My kids love and respect our family friends.  They consider the adults as their friends as well.  Partly it is because of home schooling.  They are around a wide variety of people for most of their lives, and don't get locked into a "peers only" mentality.
However I believe their is another reason for this as well. I believe it has to do with our practice of hospitality.  We always practice hospitality as a family.  Even if we only have adults over, our children have been taught that they are not just mine and Dads' guests, but they are guests of our whole family.  They do their part to make the time pleasant for everyone.  One child might want to make place cards, one child likes to give tours of our home.  All the kids, visit with our company until we either tell them to go and play or unt…

Their Leaving On A Jet Plane

Have I told you how awesome my girls are?  Well, they are.  
My daughters are such a delight.  They love their family, they honor their parents, they are helpful and kind to their brothers and sisters.
Lindsay and Emily have been given the opportunity to travel with their grandparents to California, land of my birth, to visit their Auntie Paula and Uncle Robert and their cool cousins, and to see their new wee second cousin!  
We are happy that they can have this opportunity to go, I know they will be a blessing and that this will be a special trip for them.  I am going to miss them as they are dear friends to me!
I will have to work much harder than I normally do, without them around!  So if I don't blog regularly you'll know I am working hard around here!  They will get home late the day of Tim's hip surgery.  Just in time, as they are my right hand women! We have a lot on our plates here in the next week, pray for me.  God is so good and I am going to rest in His sovereign pl…

Emily Had A Birthday

She wanted to have a friend sleepover and she wanted to have all our friends over in the evening.... Kyle helping Emily - he adores her!
Emily found a dish pattern she loves so we have started to collect it for her; Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles.
After church, we ate at B.K. and then Dad took the kids on a hike to house rock.  Lindsay and I stayed behind to work on last minute preparations for the evening.
Emily's friend Amber - they all had so much fun, hiking and exploring.
In this photo you can see Grandpa, and a lot of the other friends who came last night.  It was the kind of get together we love, good food, lots of conversations, kids playing...great stuff.
Even though she didn't want gifts, everyone brought them anyway!  
This fun thing is a caterpillar neck pillow.  Our friends always get at least one "joke" gift, but my girls always end up loving them!  This one is going to California this week!
Our dear girl is a wonderfully sweet, caring young lady.  She is…

Pam Is Having A Give Away!

Pam Warden is a talented artist and a sweet gal.  Her artwork has been chosen to advertise the Midwest Markets show.  This is for buyers looking for, believe it or not, Christmas items for later this year!
To celebrate she is having a give away of one of her cute pieces called "Let it Melt!"  
Rush right over to see it.  If you leave a comment you'll be in the drawing!
Thanks Pam!

Favorite Book or Series

Miss Paula is hosting a book party!  
I love books and love to read so this is fun for me!
When I was a girl I was definitely into Nancy Drew.  My mom signed me up for a book club for the summer, where I received a book every month or every 2 weeks.  They were special Nancy Drew books, as they had two of the mysteries in each book!  Well, I went through these books in about a week!  My mom couldn't keep me in reading material.
As series that I loved from my girlhood were the "All Of A Kind Family", by Sydney Taylor.  I just loved reading about this Jewish family, with all the sisters!  I learned so much about the different holidays, too.

Now, in my adulthood, I adore Jane Austen.  I have read Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Emma.  I am also working on Persuasion.
The last year or two I have started to read many of the different authors who have written "sequels" to these books.  Many are very well done and some are very risque - I am sure Miss Jane wo…

Titus 2 Blog Party - Motherhood!

God placed a desire for motherhood on my heart when I was just a young girl.  My life goals were always to be a wife and mother!  All through my youth and young adulthood I was surrounded children, but always someone else's.  I longed for them. I feared that I would never get married!  I was 23.  That was the year I met my husband at Bible College and the rest as they say is history.  
I would have loved to have children right away - however we were counseled to use birth control - "you need time to get to know each other and adjust to marriage."  These were sincere godly people so we listened.  I just need to insert here that if you don't know your future spouse by the time you marry, something is wrong!  Even if you get pregnant on your honeymoon, it will be nearly 10 months before the wee baby arrives!  Okay, back to my story.
I felt that somehow my wanting to have was wrong somehow, as everything in our culture said "no!"  I had been encouraged by some th…

A Godly Wife

That is the topic today for the Titus Two Blog Party...
My journey to being a godly wife started when I married and realized that I was not a very godly wife!  I wanted to be, but our personalities are different and I often wrongly thought "I" knew what was best and that is what we should do! ouch...
Neither of us is perfect, but I really had a heart to honor God by honoring my husband. The Lord graciously showed me in that in the area of submission, my submitting to my husband is really an issue of trusting God.  That when I submitted to my husband I was actually showing that I trusted God to work through my husband for my good.
When I began to put this into practice, submission, like love is a choice, my husband became the leader I had wanted him to be.  When I stopped trying to lead, God moved my husband to do it.  I have seen this in many areas.
This lead me to desire to grow in other areas.  I love to dress femininely for my husband, make sure he has meals to eat that he en…

Titus 2 Blog Party

She Looketh Well is hosting a blog party!  What a great opportunity to meet new people!
Welcome to my blog.  I started blogging as a way to connect with likeminded people and to offer encouragement, friendship and hospitality.  I hope you find all three here.
My name is Deanna and I have been married for 21 years.  We have 6 children, ages almost 20 to age 3, and we welcome all that the Lord wants to give us.  We home educate and are a part of a family integrated church fellowship!
I am happy to serve my family here at home, and happy to serve the Lord where He guides.  One of the outside things I do is lead a homeschool co-op of 56 families!  I love to encourage women either in their roles as wives and mothers or as homeschool moms!
I hope you enjoy spending time here at my blog!

Home-Making On Purpose

I am posting a link here to a blog called "The Common Room."  She has a really good post about, well, Home-Making on Purpose.

Looking Forward To Spring

I try to be a person who is not always looking to the next season....I try to be content with each season, even winter which seems determined to hang on 'til the last moment!
We are experiencing a Nor'easter today.  Even the dogs didn't want to stay out long this morning.  Signs that spring is on the way have been around, but March has come in like a lion!
I am taking  The Inspired Room 's Melissa up on her challenge to write a list of things we are looking forward to about Spring.
So without further ado, my list:
1. Blue sky and sunshine.
2. Signs of life in my gardens.
3. Color!
4. My husband will be home recovering from hip replacement and it will be a treat to have him around so much!
5. We will be finishing up school for the year.
6. Being able to go outside without a coat.
7. Grilling!
8. Getting our veggie garden laid out!
9. Easter!
10. Little girls in sweet pink Easter dresses.
11. Lots of family birthdays!
12. Our homeschool convention, so much fun!
13.  Airing out the house…

The Farmchicks Are Having A Giveaway!

It's a surprise gift.  I would say hurry over to enter, but then there would be more people than the 184 who entered before me!  hee hee!
I don't usually win these things, although I did win the lovely Jane Austen Cards from the The Barefoot Mama!
Click here to enter!