Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Their Leaving On A Jet Plane

Have I told you how awesome my girls are?  Well, they are.  

My daughters are such a delight.  They love their family, they honor their parents, they are helpful and kind to their brothers and sisters.

Lindsay and Emily have been given the opportunity to travel with their grandparents to California, land of my birth, to visit their Auntie Paula and Uncle Robert and their cool cousins, and to see their new wee second cousin!  

We are happy that they can have this opportunity to go, I know they will be a blessing and that this will be a special trip for them.  I am going to miss them as they are dear friends to me!

I will have to work much harder than I normally do, without them around!  So if I don't blog regularly you'll know I am working hard around here!  They will get home late the day of Tim's hip surgery.  Just in time, as they are my right hand women!
We have a lot on our plates here in the next week, pray for me.  God is so good and I am going to rest in His sovereign plan for us!


  1. Praying for you!! You will be very busy!! I am glad the girls get to come and see Cayden!!

  2. Hi Neighbor! I'm from Santa Clara (almost San Jose.) I've been here in PA for almost 21 years. What part of CA are you from?

    The for sale sign goes up this week. Hopefully we are bound for VA.

    In the meantime, do you need help?

  3. Big week...don't forget to call me if I can be of any help!

    Love you!

    See you tomorrow.


  4. Hi Kat!

    We thought you were still here! I will ask if we need help, thank you for your kind offer. We need to have a visit!

    Becky, thanks dear friend. I will let you know. I may need to borrow Chelsea, too!

  5. I could come over too..IF it weren't so far...

    How fun for your kiddos...



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