Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Godly Wife

That is the topic today for the Titus Two Blog Party...

My journey to being a godly wife started when I married and realized that I was not a very godly wife!  I wanted to be, but our personalities are different and I often wrongly thought "I" knew what was best and that is what we should do! ouch...

Neither of us is perfect, but I really had a heart to honor God by honoring my husband. The Lord graciously showed me in that in the area of submission, my submitting to my husband is really an issue of trusting God.  That when I submitted to my husband I was actually showing that I trusted God to work through my husband for my good.

When I began to put this into practice, submission, like love is a choice, my husband became the leader I had wanted him to be.  When I stopped trying to lead, God moved my husband to do it.  I have seen this in many areas.

This lead me to desire to grow in other areas.  I love to dress femininely for my husband, make sure he has meals to eat that he enjoys, I love to make sure he has coffee, even though I don't touch the stuff!

I have made the choice to not talk badly about my husband.  I don't join in men bashing sessions either! I teach my children to love and to honor their dad, and they do!

These things have caused my husband to desire to lead our family and to work hard on our behalf!

I am so grateful to the Lord for His guidance and correction.  I am thankful for the husband he gave me, I am a fortunate woman.


  1. That is a wonderful testimony and great to watch as your friend.

  2. Very good post! I've been thinking so often about how I treat my husband. Yes, most of the time I'm submissive, but the LORD must really be working on me, because I notice the minute I have any contrary thought or something slips out of my mouth that shouldn't. Painful, yes. But worth it.

  3. Did you see Dee all the qualities the women posted on the site!!

  4. Great post. I am still struggling with the submissive part, but am trying very hard.

  5. I'd gotten behind on reading some blogs so i just read this. Thanks for sharing.
    This sentence really spoke to me...
    "when I submitted to my husband I was actually showing that I trusted God to work through my husband for my good."

    Thank you, i needed that.


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