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Just A Few Photos

These are unedited, but I thought I'd show you just a few photos from the kids' photo shoot with Lindsay.

Our goal with the photos was to show a bit of their personalities and their interests at this stage in each of their lives.  Can you tell what those interests are?

What We Did On Saturday

We now are at 6 days and counting until the wedding!  

Emma and Vinnie have arrived, and the projects are getting knocked off the list.  Of course, not all the projects are necessary for the wedding, but it is a good motivator to get projects done that we've wanted to do for some time.

This play gym had seen better days.  Rachel and Sarah dismantled it!

I trimmed a lot of tree branches that were hanging down too low, and or were dead.  Kyle loaded them all into the back of the truck, then the play gym wood was loaded and taken to our burn pile.  It'll get burned in a week or so.

This other play gym is in fine shape.  It's nearly 30 years old, made by our neighbor for his own son and given to us nearly 10 years ago.  The play house was here when we moved in and we've always wanted to do something with it.  It was just low on the priority list. See that weird roof overhang in front?  That's gone!

Tim and I leveled it and then he and Sarah tore the shingles off. 

Tim put so…

Photo Shoot

Lindsay is doing a photo shoot for me today.  I asked her to take the kids pictures as this was the big birthday year!  They are 16, 13, and 10!  This is also Rachel's senior year.  Lindsay will take her photos tomorrow.

Today is all about Sarah and Kyle.  

 They have moved outside and the lighting will be really great today.

Can't wait to see them all and of course, I'll be sure to share!

To The Rescue!

The last two days, I have been busy doing school, running the household, driving Rachel to work and picking her up (late - 11:30pm), visiting with my parents, Oh, and rescuing Tim!

Monday afternoon, just as Rachel and I were pulling back into the driveway from a quick trip to the gas station for fuel for the riding mower, I got a call asking how soon could I get to a certain location.  This place is about 40 minutes away and it was around 2:30, and Tim had a 3:00 inspection.  And he had locked the keys in the van.  "We'll leave right away!"

This meant a quick change out of my mowing clothes, Rachel grabbing her uniform for work and we ran out the door!  On the way, Tim called to say that his 3:00 appointment cancelled for the day, so there was no hurry.  That was nice but we did have to hurry because I had to get Rachel to work at 5:00.  

Everything worked out perfectly, I got her there with time to spare!

Yesterday, I got a similar call in the afternoon.  This time the van …

It's A Beautiful Morning

Here is a look at the backyard on this beautiful morning.  The cicadas are singing loudly today.

We've been working hard on getting the property tidy and organized for the wedding.  I love having a looming deadline like this - we are really motivated to get stuff done!  (not that we don't normally take care of the property but as I've said before this spring and summer have been unusual for us with Tim starting his own business)

I took a few photos yesterday afternoon as I was finishing the mowing.

This is the riding arena with the barn in the background.

Some of these fence posts need to be replaced.  They've been in the ground nearly 8 years.

We are going to park cars in the arena for the wedding.  There is a big 12 foot gate on this street side of the arena area.  Emma's boyfriend Vinnie is a professional valet and will be handling the parking of the cars!

Hi, Sandy girl!

Potting up some red and white annuals.  This is no easy task as most places have gotten rid of any…

12 More Days

Until the wedding!

I changed the chalk board message tonight!
Today, the guys in the wedding party went to get their tux's ordered, so we are one step closer to being ready!
Kamryn goes to church with us and was excited telling everyone that her Mommy and Daddy are getting married in 'two days!'  We had to remind her it's 'two weeks!'  She is so excited!
While at lunch with friends today she was being a big grumpy so I decided to take some photos with her and the kids jumped in on it too!

Weird angle on me but the kids are so cute I couldn't resist showing you.

Emma will be home at the end of the week, bringing Vinnie with her!  We are excited about that, and then next Wednesday Tim's mom and sister arrive!  

We still having flowers to get, and desserts for the reception to buy, but it will all come together beautifully, and it will be a special time for us all.

Summer Is Waning

It's been a memorable one.  We've worked hard, we've played, went swimming, enjoyed a visit from California family, Tim's mom came to spend two weeks with us, we enjoyed a visit from Emma and Vinnie, and have planned a wedding.

The weather here has been very hot and humid the last week or so, but we are having nice weather right now.  I am beginning to see changes in some trees that are early September changers; leaves on the ground, a bit of color change here and there.  Real autumn weather is five weeks away, but the signs of seasonal change has begun.  

I started making a few autumn wreaths yesterday.  I've had a few ideas in mind and wanted to try them out.  I am interested in selling them.  

I was looking for a vintage, neutral look here.  It's very different than my usual style!

I think this ribbon from Costco is so pretty, too!

What do you think?

Are you noticing that the seasons are about to change?  What are the signs where you live?

Work Lunches

With Tim working his own business now, we have changed what we send along for his lunch.  He used to have a typical half hour lunch in a lunch room.  He loved to take left overs and heat them up to eat.  He rarely took a sandwich.

Now with doing the inspections, he is on the move continually and only gets a 'break' when he's headed to the next inspection.  So he has requested food that he can eat while driving, and that won't drop all over his clothes!

He's been loving the sandwiches that I have been making for him, and wants to keep those coming.

Really good Italian bread, mayo, dijon mustard, lean turkey breast, cheddar cheese, and romaine lettuce.

Yesterday I sent a baggie full of homegrown grape tomatoes.  They are tasty and easy to pop in your mouth so no mess.  Today I packed sweet potato chips!  

For breakfast, I sometimes make an egg sandwich, but mostly during these hot days, I have been making him protein shakes.  It's healthy and cool, and they taste amaz…