Friday, August 14, 2015

Home Keeping: Canning Tomatoes

The bumper crop of tomatoes continues, and it more than we can eat while they are fresh, so I am canning the extra.

As of now I am doing blending tomatoes to use for sauce, soups, or stews.  It's easy as pie.

The girls went out and picked more last night.  I'll be bringing more lids home today and we'll be able to process more.

Thank you for all your hints and tips, both on the blog and in email.


  1. I've been kicking myself all week for not trying your tomato and mozzarella on Sunday. That salad was huge and I was pretty full. But I should have made room for that super red tomato!!

  2. I am sure that you're going to enjoy your bumper crop this winter!!

    Summer is such a busy, busy time, isn't it? To think that you have already begun school and also are preparing to host a usual, I am quite impressed with your ability to accomplish so much!

    Thank you again for organizing our gathering last week! I finally blogged about it this morning. (I am quite impressed with the LACK of things that I accomplish! Sigh...)


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