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Joy Revisted

If you want to see more wedding photos and read the covenant that Lindsay and Joseph wrote together and signed at the wedding, please go visit Joseph's mom's blog The Blessing of Verity.

Creekside Cottage

I don't know how many of you know "Creekside Cottage" is the name we gave to our house.  We are history lovers and historically houses were known by their names or later were named using the owner of the house's name.  

We were charmed by the idea of naming our house.  It is not an estate, but a simple, well loved home, but even small homes were named.  We have an eclectic style that we call cottage, and since we have a creek behind the house, the name was born.

The cottage is situated on 4 1/4 acres.  It all used to be farmland at one time but the house was built on one acre and the previous owners bought 3 1/4 acres of land from the neighboring farm.  When we bought this land it was completely overgrown.  We didn't even know that there was a creek the first time we looked at the house!  

Now we have about two acres of fenced pasture for our horses and Tim has built a barn that is flush with the fence line.  We have two 12x12 stalls and a bigger space for storing h…

Home Education: Home Economics

Do you remember my little Home Economics class?  Two of my girls and two sisters from our church?  The ones who made these cute skirts?  We started our class up again and have decided to learn about herbs.

So we watched a bit of a video from the Bulk Herb Store - Making Herbs Simple.

After we watched some of the dvd, the girls got to plant some herbs.

They each planted two or three kinds.  Rachel is trying Lavender - I hope it grows well for her.  I had no luck growing it from seed last year!

I am going to start some German Chamomile, Italian Parsley, and some flowers this weekend.

It was fun to learn about making herbal hair treatments, and how to use them in products for your skin!

I think these are fun and useful things to learn as a part of our class.

Did you take Home EC in school?  What was your favorite part of the class?

Unexpected Joys

Sunday Kyle went fishing at a pond near our friends' house and caught his first fish!  He was pretty happy.  I love these boys.  I pray that God will grip their hearts, and that they will follow hard after Him.

Last week I caught the sunrise…

Family Culture: Teaching A Daughter To Cook

We had found that Sarah's education in certain areas was, shall we say, lacking?

As the youngest of the sisters in the family, it was easy for us to just do the baking and cooking.  We neglected to teach her!

Well, today, she and I took the opportunity to start her on the path to the fun of cooking and baking.  We decided to start with cinnamon rolls.  Why not start with something you like to eat, when your just starting out?  It makes it more fun!

Here Sarah is wearing a dusting of flour and her adorable apron that she bought at Fresh Vintage.  

She wanted to do the kneading by hand…

Here are the cinnamon rolls right after they came out of the oven! Don't they look great?

Here is the one I chose with the frosting on it!  It was delicious!

 One of these years I'll be able to send her into the kitchen to create a whole meal, not just Cinnamon Rolls.  Though she can make these anytime.  

Home Keeping Master Bedroom

It's still a work in progress, but I have made progress!

I spent nearly every afternoon last week working on sorting through and clearing out the rest of the clutter in the master bedroom.  It's embarrassing to have taken nearly two weeks to get it all done, but I am down to the two big boxes of tablecloths that were borrowed for the wedding, and two bags headed to Good will!  Hurray!

I also have managed to get a chair and couch in the room and it is so nice to have a quiet sitting area!  

Let me show you the room the way it is right now.

This is what it looks like standing in the doorway of the room.  REMINDER: This is not the color of our choice for the room.  This is what the girls chose 9 years ago!  We are looking for a warmer color.  Just needed to say that.

This is a closer view of the bed.  The cedar chest at the foot of the bed is Rachel's hope chest.  It belonged to the grandmother of some friends of ours.  It's at least 60 years old, I'd say, probably older. 

Home Education: A Bit of Vision Aid

Sometimes a boy needs a bit of help to see clearly!  

We had no idea that he needed help with his vision - he is reading above grade level and is a year a head in math.  However, as soon as he had them he was noticing small details on a game on my phone and noticing that things looked bigger with the glasses on than when they were off.

It'll be interesting to see just how he does now that he has glasses.  Oh, and he would want you to know that the frames are camo!

Silly boy!

Family Culture: Having Fun Together

Sunday evening several families came over after church and as is our new custom we had a quadruple batch of pancakes on the griddle.  Tim decided that he was going to be the chef this week, and our friend John was doing the assisting.  Emily was helping out as well.  The next thing I know I hear this crazy laughing and see Em with the giant white platter catching pancakes as Tim flipped them into the air!
This got everyones' attention and their was a lot of laughter going on.  The Moms were sitting in the living room and visiting and watching the cooking show going on over in the kitchen.  One of my friends leaned over and said, "That looks like fun.  I'm too serious about everything.  I think we need to add some more fun into our lives."  This dear friend has had a decade and more of serious health issues having developed RA at age 30.  The RA has left her with a body that doesn't work like it used to, but she still has such beauty and I love …

Note Card Party - March

Well, a sure sign that the month is flying by is that it is time for Vee's Notecard Party!

As I was looking back through my photos from the last several months I realize how patient you've all been with me.  It's all snow and wedding stuff.  

Since I didn't have anything new, I thought I would show you cards made from my app Waterlogue.  

This is a mix of cards, a few home related, a few wedding related, but we all need a variety of cards don't we?

I made a box lid this time!

Thank you all for visiting today.  I hope you come by again.  You are always welcome, and I promise to move on from snow and wedding photos!

Snowy St. Paddy's Day

We had such a beautiful Saturday - nearly 60 degrees!  We had the doors open and it was great to air out the house after a long winter season.  We'd heard the forecast and knew that snow was coming, and it really did come.  Still snowing but it's like and I don't think we'll get very much, though the ground is completely covered again!

Dotsie showed us a fun app a week or so ago and I downloaded it.  Waterlogue.  I have had fun playing with some photos from the wedding.  This is my favorite so far.

While the weather was nice and I had the kitchen door open on Saturday (Tim was working on the van right outside the door, photo below), I made some cookies for Sunday.  They are Oatmeal, peanut butter and chocolate chip.  Very tasty!

Tim has had several things to change on the van recently.  Two weeks ago he changed the motor mount and a wheel bearing.  Saturday he replaced the dead battery and the starter.  He had a helper.  I am thankful for his knowledge of cars and his abi…