Happy Birthday!

to Emma!  Or Emily, or Em, or Emmie woo….

She has many names, but they all represent this amazing young woman.

This will be a year of big changes.

She will leave in the Fall for Bible College - a two year program that has her siblings already missing her.  Kyle can't believe she'll be gone that long!

We love you Emily and are so proud of you.  You are yielded to God and He is at work in you.

I hope you are blessed on this Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday to Emma and great blessings upon her upcoming college adventures and studies.

  2. Aww...lovely gal...happy birthday to her!

    And thank you for explaining the many names...I have been so confused and may yet be. = D

  3. Happy Birthday to such a lovely girl with a versatile name! I thought she was in wedding garb and it made me go back and look and I hadn't noticed before the bridesmaids' dresses were different syles. Nice.

  4. Emma is a beautiful girl, inside and out! Birthday blessings to Emmie Woo! (Totally love that name and will try to refrain from calling her that the next time I see her.) ;)

  5. Happy Birthday to Emma, she is gorgeous! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Wishing Emma a very happy birthday, and much happiness on this new journey she will taking.


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