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~ Jani Ortlund

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Home Education: A Bit of Vision Aid

Sometimes a boy needs a bit of help to see clearly!  

We had no idea that he needed help with his vision - he is reading above grade level and is a year a head in math.  However, as soon as he had them he was noticing small details on a game on my phone and noticing that things looked bigger with the glasses on than when they were off.

It'll be interesting to see just how he does now that he has glasses.  Oh, and he would want you to know that the frames are camo!

Silly boy!


Vee said...

Handsome boy with a sense of humor!

Melissa Gill said...

So handsome! I'm missing your hugs and card games Kyle! :) Love you!

podso said...


Cheryl said...

Kyle is darling!! His new glasses are the perfect fashion statement! :)

The same thing happened with Bekah last summer. We had no idea she was having trouble with her vision. When I went for my exam, I made an appointment for her too, because it had been awhile. Lo and behold, her prescription was stronger than mine. It was a whole new world for her!

I hope it's the same for Kyle!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh Melissa, that was a sweet weekend, wasn't it? We are so thankful for that time together.

Aunt Deanna

Mrs.Rabe said...

He seems to like them and I think it does help him, Cheryl. They are cute!

Lorrie said...

Such a handsome fellow. So glad the vision aids are helping him. Our eldest daughter, at age 6, needed glasses very badly and we had no clue. Made me feel kind of terrible as a parent. Kyle will love being able to see things better.

Terra said...

He is cute in his camo glasses, and it is good you discovered he needs them.

no spring chicken said...

Camo frames? Tell him, "THAT IS SO COOL!"

Your header made me cry... I'm not just saying that. I'm smiling tears right now. Beautiful.

Blessings dear Deanna~

Sue said...

You should see me smiling, Deanna, he is precious!
love your header, that is also precious.