Wait Until You See This…

Last night we were driving home from our friends' home in Maryland.  We were about 5 minutes from our house when Tim swerves a bit and we were all saying "Whoa! A tree's down in the road."  From our quick assessment there was a tree down in the westbound lane (we were headed eastward) and there was some branch debris in our lane that Tim masterfully missed.

He quickly turned around because a tree in the road at night on that road is going to cause an accident for someone headed west.  When we got back to the tree we were shocked to see this -

30 seconds before we had been coming the other direction and drove under this tree!  I was in the front seat and hadn't even seen it over the road! (I lightened this photo up in editing)

This is what it looked like with the light we had last night -
The tree top is caught on the phone lines, keeping the tree from being down on the road bed completely which would have been disastrous!  Tim says he is certain that we wouldn't have seen it until it was too late; we would have hit it.

God protected us!  Tim immediately called 911 and was told that the state troopers would be out and our local power company.  We waited directing traffic and flashing lights so that on coming traffic could be warned.  The trooper didn't arrive while we were there but we left when the power company arrived with their big truck and flashing lights.  They were going to have to close the road they said.

I often wonder when I get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle and I'm running late, or when we leave at a different time than we had planned, if God is protecting us from something.  Last night we stayed a little later than intended - great food and fellowship is a wonderful thing, and who wants to leave?

Now we know that we very well could have been the ones God used to save lives last night.  If we had come through a bit earlier it may not have been down yet.  See when we drove to our friends house, we went on this very road and the tree was not down.  The tree was so hard to see - that it others headed westbound may not have been able to stop in time before hitting the tree.

We are thankful for God's protection.  We recognized that we often take for granted His keeping us.

We are praying today too, for Lindsay and Joseph as they drive back from their Honeymoon.  

ps- We believe that He holds us in His hands and that He sometimes does allow for us to go through accidents and other hard things, for our good and His Glory.


  1. Wow! So glad you and everyone else was safe!

  2. Wow. Praise the Lord for His protection over you!! And I also thank Him for using you to prevent disaster for someone else. Sobering thoughts.

    I agree that we take so much for granted. Thank you for the reminder to be aware. He is the designer of our lives and is over every detail.

  3. That is incredible! I am praising and thanking God for His protection for you and Tim. Well done for staying on the scene until the pros arrived, too. God is always on the job and only some of the time are we allowed a glimpse of His protection. Otherwise, we might be pretty freaked out. He really is holding it altogether.

  4. That is amazing that you passed under that and didn't even know it! (If I understand your story correctly.) Yes as Vee says we have no idea how many near misses we come through each day~

  5. OH! the providence of God, I truly believe this, just reading this reminds me of so many times an unseen hand has stepped in and guided us and others to safety. I give thanks with you and your family for safety, and for you taking the time to help others, this speaks volumes to me of your character and walk with the Lord.Enjoy your weekend

  6. Thanks be to God for his protection over you all.

  7. Praise God for keeping you all safe and for using you to keep others safe! I also think about how I am kept safe by standing and talking a little longer, going back for an extra hug or leaving a little late for an appointment:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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