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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

At least I think so.

My favorite holiday season is upon us.  We had a delightful day yesterday, feasting and reveling in God's goodness to us.  It's unmerited favor.  We know it and are so thankful for His grace.

Love these guys, so much.  We're proud of them.

The lovebirds.  Their wedding is now 12 weeks away.

My beautiful kids…

Dad and Mom.

So thankful for our family, and our friend Denny, who spent the day with us.  He's family too.

Emma and I are headed out early to get groceries (all we have in the house is thanksgiving leftovers, and that won't last long around here!), and then we will begin decorating.  

We are savoring our time as a family as this next year will bring so much change.  Nate and Kay will soon be in their own place, likely planning a wedding, Joseph and Lindsay are getting married in March, Emily will be headed to Bible School in the Autumn.  

Lots of change but it's all good.

I thought of you all last night and today as we were cooking.  Thinking o…

My Heart Is Filled With Thankfulness

It's Quiet In The House

I am thankful for this quiet, this morning.

I am preparing my heart, for the coming holidays.  For communicating Thankfulness to my family (and for my family) and for gearing up for the JOY of the Christmas season.

I'm making a last minute run to the store, and then the cooking begins with pies.  I am making Chocolate Surprise Pie and Rachel has been requested to make her fresh apple pie.  She found the recipe on Pinterest and basically you bake a pie crust, chop up Snickers and put into pie crust, slice apples into the crust,  drizzle with caramel sauce, put whipped cream on top and maybe drizzle with chocolate sauce, whatever she does with it, it's really good!  I'll have her give me the exact recipe if you want it.
We are having a family day tomorrow, with my parents, of course, Uncle Denny and our nieces Carrie and Shelly coming by sometime tomorrow.  Our niece Kaitlin will be with us for the first time EVER on Thanksgiving!  So fun!

Tonight my turkey goes in…

Let's Talk Wedding Plans, Shall We?

I am endeavoring to keep a record here of the many ways that God provides just what we need for the wedding, so I am going to tell you that Lindsay found her dress and we have it in our possession!

This was a concern for me as all the shops mention how you need like 5 months to order your dress.  We don't have 5 months, so I knew we were going to have to find it at a consignment shop or buy a sample.  A sample is simply a dress they have in the shop for girls to try on, and then order in their size.  Fortunately Lindsay fits the sample size perfectly, and they were willing to sell it to us at a discount, because others have tried it on!  The only alteration that she needs is a bit of adjustment in the shoulders and for length.What a blessing!  Big sigh of relief from the mama here!

We bought her dress at a shop recommended to me by a friend whose son got married this past summer.  Classic Weddings in Lititz, Pennsylvania was a delightful experience.  They are very professional and y…

Count Your Blessings

Thank you for praying for my cousin, Lisa.  She says, "My faith in God is holding me up."  I know that in the days to come she will be tempted to "curse God and die" as Job was encouraged to do.   The enemy of our souls loves to come into the midst of our pain, and bring more hurt, in the form of doubt and accusation.  I want to remember to up hold her in prayer in the days to come as I am now.  Her son's funeral is today at 2:00pm, so this will be another horrible day for her and the family.

This song was on my mind this morning.  This is a "lighthearted" style hymn that I grew up singing in church, but the words are true.    I feel like with the truths of this song, it should be sung with a more majestic tune.  Do you all know this song?

When upon life’s billows you are tempest-tossed, When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost, Count your many blessings, name them one by one, And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done. Refrain: Count your blessi…

Prayer Request

There is so much happiness going on around here and so much I want to share with you.  But…

My cousin's son died yesterday, a month short of his 21st birthday. My heart is broken for my sweet cousin Lisa and her family.  

So today, I will just ask for you to pray for her and her family.  Ask the Lord to comfort her, and to use this sorrowful thing to bring the rest of her family to Himself.  Our lives are like a vapor, and though He knows the our days from beginning to end, we do not!

I'll be back on Monday. 

November Note Card Party

I love this Note Card Party!  It's so fun and Vee is the "hostess with the mostest!"  If you have a blog, I hope you'll join us in the fun.  I have met nice friends through this party!

This month is all about Thanksgiving and God's goodness and provision, so I wanted to use images that would allow me to put words with them to express my heart of gratitude!

These first three I tried to think of text that I might like on a card to both be encouraging and express thankfulness.

This last one is pure praise to the One who is worthy of all praise!

Thanks for joining me today!

I'm Overwhelmed

My friends, tonight I am so overwhelmed by God's grace and goodness.  

The other night Tim and I were talking about our very small budget for Lindsay's wedding and I said, "We just need to pray for God to give us good ideas for a simple but lovely wedding."  

As you know I asked on the blog about a morning wedding and afternoon reception, thinking to keep expenses down by not having to serve a meal to 200 people.  I got a lot of great feedback and decided to do what I was the most comfortable doing which was a brunch reception right after the ceremony.  This was very doable to our budget and I had a plan for having a quiche making party at our house a few weeks before the wedding!

Then today, I got a call that changed everything.  My friends Amy and Bonnie had been scheming together and brought Becky in on it too.

They want to give us the reception as a gift.  Yes, you read that right. As their gift to Lindsay and Joseph they want to take care of the whole reception, pla…

I'm Looking For Opinions….

Wedding planning is in HIGH GEAR here.

I wanted to ask you for an opinion on idea.  Is it acceptable to have a morning wedding and then have a dessert reception scheduled at a different location for mid-afternoon?

The bride and groom are wanting time to do photos with bridal party and family, without having their guest waiting for them at a reception site.  They do NOT want to see each other before the wedding.  Joseph wants his first look at her on the day to be her coming down the aisle.

I think this is acceptable - we would do something like a boxed lunch for the family and bridal party at the photography site, and it would give family a change to celebrate before sharing them with all their guests.

Okay, bring on the opinions.  Would you be offended by the break in time for the wedding and reception?  Would you be offended that their was not going to be a meal?


It had been in the planning stages for weeks.  Secret meetings, and texts had been going back and forth, all culminating in this one amazing day - Joseph proposed and Lindsay said "Yes!"

She said she wondered slightly if something was up, since they went to an early lunch and then to Longwood Gardens (where he popped the question), and she's on a break from Sight and Sound but he had to take the day off from work.  But she said she had thought last week when they went out to dinner at a really nice restaurant and they things they talked about, that he was going to propose that night!

So she wasn't really thinking "today's the day," but when you are in love,  you start anticipating that it's going to happen sooner rather than later!

Here is a photo they took of themselves at Longwood, after they became engaged!

I didn't edit this one at all wanted to keep the colors and oncoming evening in the photo.  Her is her ring.

Part of the planning was for them…

Autumn Sunset

Event though the leaves are almost gone from the trees, there is such beauty this time of year.  I like the changing seasons.  I like to see the fields laying barren - resting.  

Last Friday I was driving home after grocery shopping and dropping Rachel at the home where she babysits.  I love to drive on the back roads and see the farms settling in for winter to come.

As I turned out onto the main road that would bring me home, I saw this.

Between my dirty windshield and the position of the sun it was so hard to see, but it was so beautiful, that I held my phone up against the steering wheel and snapped a few photos.

All I did to these photos was to crop them a tiny bit.

We don't see many sunsets from our house.  We have hills around us and live in a bit of a hollow, or as the kids say a "ditch."  We really enjoy them when we can really see them.

I hope you are enjoying the Autumn.  I know I am.  The crisp days, now getting to be cold days, soft sunlight, fires in the wood stov…

Home Economics Class - Big Project

The girls and I have been busy with a project for our home economics class.

We are helping our friends, who do the class with us, to make over three rooms in their house.  This is a big job but it's been fun, too.

One week we had a planning meeting.  What did they want to do in these rooms.  The girls had been sharing a room and were now going to each have their own room, and we were going to make a family room in the space off the kitchen.

These friends life in a huge house, but it is a rental and they don't have the option to paint right now, so all color is coming in through curtains, bedding, throw rugs etc.

We shopped on Monday and then went over yesterday and set up the new bedroom, which is the older sisters room and see wanted a light, tropical feel to her room.  

We also were able to find a sheer curtain in this exact color for her window.  It looks so pretty.  We also found a piece of canvas print art that has tropical huts and a gorgeous ocean with similar colors to her …

Home Keeping - Dish Love

I've mentioned my love of dishes a time or two, though this last year, we passed on to Goodwill some of my less loved dishes.  I do not have tons of dishes, but I do have red plates, white plates and bowls, white china plates with a silver rim, and Pfaltzgraff Winterberry plates that I bought from the outlet 19 years ago for about $3.00 a plate.

Yesterday, I found a pattern that I have been eyeing for a long time, but the cost has been prohibitive.  I am a thrifty shopper, my white china was bought several years ago at Target on clearance after Christmas.  Twelve plates cost me $12.99!  I am not one to go out and spend, spend, spend.

Do you want to know what pattern I found?

Ah! It's The Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers!  I only bought two dinner plates, two salad plates and two bowls, but I am planning to get more.  I'd be happy with just the dinner plates.  The price of these beauties were only $3.99 a piece and I had a 20% off coupon!  I was so excited.  Rachel says sh…

The Winner Is…

Here are the names in the hat….


Ginny, please send me your contact information and I'll pass it along to Melissa and let the two of you work out all the details!

I know you'll love whatever item you choose!

You're Going To Love This - Giveaway!

When we were in Florida in September, we went to a Lilla Rose house party that my niece was hosting.

I didn't expect to buy anything as my hair is fine, though curly, and most hair 'things' fall slide off easily.  Well, the consultant let us try them on and do different hair styles with them, and I found that the mini flexi worked great in my hair and that the headband did not slide off my head!  My girls ended up liking several things too so we placed our order and have been happy with it.

Then my niece Melissa became a consultant.  She asked if I'd like to host a blog giveaway and because I know how great these products are, I said "Yes!"

So here is the deal - The winner of this drawing will get to pick a flexi or other product worth $16.00!  There is a lot to choose from in this price range.

Here are some photos of Melissa and her sister Crystal wearing some flexis.

To see more product click on the Lilla Rose to go to Melissa's business page.

So how do you g…