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The Season Of Joy Has Begun

Last bit of preparation before the Tea In The Highlands event at my church.  I'll be sure to take photos and show you on Tuesday!

We Gathered

Thanksgiving was a day of family gathered around our table.

With married kids we know that we will have to share the holidays.  Last year Lindsay and Joseph were with his family.  This year we get them!

 We ate great food, enjoyed being together, played games, watch movies, looked at old family photos my parents had brought with them.

 Here is a photo of my brother and I in our jammies.  

I hope you had a good day too.  Today, I'll be begin the process of greening the house, and getting the focus on celebrating Advent and Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful that people who were being persecuted for their religious beliefs, packed into a small ship with their children and headed for a place they hoped would allow them to worship the way they believed would honor God.
They left 'modern' life behind for the unknown.  They suffered the death of half of their party that first winter.  But they saw themselves as stepping stones for the next generation and the next.
Were they perfect people?  No.  Were they all separatists?  No.  But they found a way to work together, and even learned from the Indians, how to survive.
They had a vision of building a community and perhaps a nation.  I often wonder if I would have had the strength to face the dangers they did.
I hope you have a wonderful day.Even in these challenging times, there are things to be Thankful for, and to rememberthe Source of all goodness and blessing.

I'm Awfully Fond Of My Chickens

I let our chickens out early yesterday.  With our old batch of hens (only two of which are still living, out of 9.  We had a hawk who thought this was a drive thru restaurant this summer) we let them free range all day. Now they go out later in the day, and they've been fine.  We also didn't let them out at all for several months so that the hawk would realize that he would be getting no more meals here.  They live in the old dog run which has chain link on the top also.  Did I tell you one Sunday morning, we came out of the house to go to church and the hawk was sitting on top of the dog run looking down at the chickens?!!!

I understand nature and the circle of life, and I'm fine with that, but he's had enough of my hens, I'm not sharing any more.

These chickens love apples.  We have Australorps, Pidgeon Cochins, Speckled Sussex, Marans, and another older girl whose breed escapes me now.  We didn't by the Pidgeon Cochins sexed, hoping we'd get one or two roo…

I Need To Talk About My Christmas Tea

This helps me think it all out and know what I still need to do.  We had to move the date from December 7th to November 30th, so I've lost a week to prepare but I think it'll be fine!

Photo from Pinterest. I'd love to own this tea set!

Well, the theme is set - Tea In The Highlands!  I'm going for a 'Downton Abbey' era vibe.  For Downton watchers, think the Christmas episode when they were visiting Robert's cousins Lord and Lady Flincher, and their daughter Rose.  It was a glorious visit - stag hunting, a piper playing them into supper, the Gillies ball.  The only horrible thing is that Julian Fellowes had Matthew die in that episode - but I digress.  Sigh.  

There will be NO dying at my tea, I hope everyone got the memo on that!

Will the ladies dress up and be excited?  You never know.  Most will, and they will help make the tea a success.  I really wanted to surprise everyone with a real Piper to play 'Highland Cathedral' to start out our tea, but the …

Wedding Planning : Cake

Today we are going totaste cake!

When Lindsay was getting married, she contacted bakeries for pricing so we could have an idea of what we were looking at, cost wise.  Some used voicemail and we were surprised that a few never returned her call.  We assumed they didn't need our business, so we didn't bother to call again.

In our area in early 2014, wedding cakes were averaging $5.50 a slice, which of course means if you are having 200 guests you're going to be paying $1,100 for cake!

No, thank you!

What we did was we found a wonderful baker who's rate was $3.50 a slice and then got a cake that could feed 100 people.  What about the other 125 guests we had at Lindsay and Joseph's wedding?  Did they go cakeless?

Nope.  We bought delicious sheet cakes from Costco in several flavors and served that.  We are budget conscience around here and taste conscience!  The Costco cakes are great, and in fact when Nate and Kay got married, we just did a Costco cake for them, as she is …

Happy Saturday

We went to the movies yesterday and enjoyed it very much.  Since we went on a school day, in the morning no less, we very nearly had the place to ourselves.

The theater has big reclining seats, I was so comfortable!  The movie was really good, and we've been enjoying talking about it and it's themes and characters.

Today, I am hoping to get my desk cleared, and to get to some hemming of pants that have, embarrassingly, put off for too long now.

I'm still knitting hats.  I'm working with a lovely green right now.  I'm also finding time to read a series of books that Kati  got me started on when she gifted me with the first two books!  It's The Scottish Crown series by Carol Umberger.  I'm on book three now and Sarah has finished them all!