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Mentoring Opportunity

I am a proponent of the Titus 2 ministry model with older women mentoring the younger women.
I was mentored as a young woman and it was very life changing for me. Over the years I have mentored young women myself. It is a wonderful way to pass along the things the Lord has taught you.
I currently mentor my daughters and as a leader of a large homeschool co-op I mentor many of these ladies as well.
I have been feeling the need to be encouraged lately and I think I have found just the thing!
Victoria Botkin is going to be doing online mentoring on Monday nights starting tomorrow night. Here is what her family's ministry website says -
How does a wife help her husband be the man Christ wants him to be? How can she inspire him to love her? How can she discover the forgotten joys of being the helper God designed her to be? Beginning March 1, Victoria, beloved wife to Geoffrey Botkin, will host weekly online mentoring sessions for women as a homemaker's resource to the worldwide Chris…

Home Keeping


With my husband at work this weekend, I am keeping the home fires burning. My two right hand women are away today - one with her Grandfather at a horse expo, and one spending part of the day with a friend who just lost her Grandmother.
I have been busy, but in a relaxed way, not rushing around. I made breakfast, tidied the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom. I have been knitting and finally finished a short scarf.

I have worked on it off and on for quite a while now and am glad to get it finished!

A week ago I knitted this wee hat in pink for my yet in the womb granddaughter. I know that she will be born in June, but newborns often have trouble regulating their body temperature and so they put little hats on them. It is so cute and if they don't use it Rachel and Sarah can have it for their dolls!
When I finish this post, I will be headed into Kyle's room to move the furniture around - he is asking for his bed to be next to his train table. Hmmm, I am thinking h…

What Makes You Happy?

Soon, we will be able to gaze on all this beauty...
The peonies will bloom...
The mini white Iris will be stunning

Babies like these will be back too!
It is only 23 days until Spring...however a local almanac is calling for 40 inches in a March snow storm...after the Winter we have had, I believe anything!
Looking at photos from my Spring garden makes me happy today! What things are making you happy?

Have You Ever Watched...

The Duggar Family's show on TLC? We don't watch much tv and we don't get TLC, but whenever we get a chance to watch it at my parents house, we take it!
Last night Tim and I were on a grocery shopping date, and were looking through the book and dvd's at Target...guess what I found? Season two of the Duggars' show for $12.99! My kids were so excited when I showed it to them last night. The little girls are downstairs watching right now.
They are a sweet family, not perfect, not little Stepford clones of any kind. A real family who loves the Lord and wants to honor Him. They are raising their family to do the same.
Their 19th child was born approximately 3 months early when Michelle developed pre-enclampsia and they needed to deliver the baby at 25 weeks. Baby Josie is doing well from all reports, keeping breast milk down and has doubled her weight. Usually preemie's go home around the time of their original due date, Josie's due date was mid March, so …

Sisters and Daughters

Last night I was poking around and was struck by the paintings that reminded me of my daughters.
This one reminds me of Lindsay - gentle, womanly, one who knows how to wield a sword! She is a young woman who is strong in her convictions, she is noble in her goals, and is content as a daughter at home.

The artist of this painting has captured the beauty that comes from the inside, from strong and noble character. She is feminine without being delicate. She reminds me of my Emily. This young woman is capable, as is my Emma. She is able to do hard work and yet is gentle. That's my girl.
I love this painting! It shows the care and watchfulness of an older sister - I see this trait in my daughters. They are loving sisters. They do annoy one another at times, but their hearts are bonded to each other. Actually not only with their sisters but with their brothers as well - even though one of them is older than all of them!

This one is a younger sister. She is helping by r…

The Word of Our God Stands Forever.


The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

What a wonderful verse, and what a great promise.
Life can be hard; a young wife is missing her husband who has entered military training, a courtship ends, a young girl has brain cancer...the list could go on and on, and it's not all major things like cancer or other kinds of illness. Sometimes it is finances, rebellious kids, or dealing with difficult people.
But our God and His Word stand true. They don't change with the seasons...God doesn't get moody...or anxious...or unsure.
What a wonderful promise to stand on.


This is a photo of our barn on Christmas looks nearly the same now, only more snow on the ground and none on the roof! While the snow is lovely to look at and makes for fun playing for the kids, it makes everyday work much more difficult.
For instance, our barn is across our small creek, a ways from the house. When we need to load the barn with hay, we pull off the road and back up to the barn and load it in. With two feet of snow still on the ground, this is impossible to do. So today, Lindsay and Emily are shoveling a space off the road where the truck can pull and then they will need to make a path from there to the barn door. Tim is helping them. If we had a blower we could use that to do it much quicker, but the snow blower is my Dad's and they are 20 minutes the time we went there and back the job could be done by shoveling. So they shovel.
Tim and I went this morning to pick up his truck - he had to have the windshield replaced, and while out we went…

I Need A New Rug

The last week, our dog vomited on my living room area rug. It was so disgusting. Just ask Lindsay, she'll tell you! Eeew!
Anyhow, the rug in the living room was actually the rug I used to have in my bedroom. When Tim made our wonderful, gigantic dining table, I had to use the matching red rugs that used to be in the living room and under the old table. Then I moved my bedroom rug into the living room. Following me?
I have needed a rug in my bedroom and now I need one for the living room. We have all wide plank pine flooring throughout the whole house, so we use area rugs to anchor seating areas and to soften the hard surfaces.
I like these.

I found these on line at I like a traditional rug, or a solid. It best suits my style and allows me to change things up without having to replace everything! Huge bonus for my budget!
These are probably out of my price range, but I will use these as inspiration.
I think maybe I need a trip to Target or Pottery Barn Outlet!


I learned a few new things about tea this morning.
I was at the website for Dr.Tea, looking for written information about the differences between white, green, black and oolong teas. While there I came across an article he wrote about tea. It was filled with easy instructions for brewing tea, which I already knew or thought I did. Several of the steps went counter to what I had been taught.
The first thing was that you should not let the water get to the boiling point. I have always let it boil first, then pour it over the tea. That is how I was taught. The second thing was that you should pour your milk, if you put it in your tea, into the cup before you pour the tea, so it doesn't curdle in tea. I was taught that is why you put it in after you pour your tea!
I decided to try it out. I put cold water in my kettle, I warmed my pot and put the tea leaves in. This step allows the tea to warm and the leaves to open up. I watched the water and caught it just …


Did any of you watch the new BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma? Jane Austen wrote of the character of Emma Woodhouse "I have created a character no one but myself will much like."
At times this is very true - she frustrates me, just as Scarlett O'Hara frustrates me, but that is a story for another time!
I like this version of Emma though it is not very true to the actually words that Miss Austen wrote. The actors are good in their roles - I now truly despise Mr. Frank Churchill!

Emma and Mr.George Knightley. Mr. Knightley's brother John is married to Emma's sister Isabella.

Miss Bates. You feel deeply for this vicar's daughter who lives in gentle poverty. She and her mother live by the care of others, including Mr.Knightley and Mr. Woodhouse.

Emma's protege', Harriet Smith.
Another thing I liked about this miniseries is that it showed Isabella and John's family. Here Mr. Knightley was visiting John and Isabella and the children are playing…

Keeping Track Of My Life

I can tell I haven't been writing in my journal much these days...the last entry before today was January 30th...I use this journal to jot down my thoughts about what is going on in my life, as well as prayer requests, to do lists, ideas.
I cut up old magazines for the photos - I am drawn to gardens, interiors, storage ideas - all the things that are a part of my daily life. I often just comment on the ideas sparked by a photo.
This journal is not an original idea, I have seen it many different places. But it is a help to me to remember not just for today, but for years from now. I love going back and seeing answers to prayer, all the blessings, struggles, hospitality.

Here are some blank pages just waiting for me to write on them.
Sometimes I just put photos of things that I love together. When I am long gone to my eternal reward, my great grandkids can look at these pages and think "Great grandma was crazy!"
Thoughts, hopes, dreams....
Ideas for the to…


Do you wear hats?
I used to, especially for church. No, I didn't grow up in a formal church, hey, I grew up in So. Cal after all! I wore them because I loved them. My interest in hats started when I became interested in the British Royal Family. My great-great grandmother had been a seamstress for the ladies in waiting at Buckingham Palace before she came to the United States, so that made me interested. Also what girl doesn't wish to be a princess at some point in her life? Then about the time I graduated from high school Lady Diana Spencer came on the scene. She was a 19 year old preschool teacher and I was an 18 year old preschool teacher! She was young and had her own style. I liked how she dressed. She took the royal hat a new direction.
I started to collect hats to wear. I had a cute red hat that I wore with my red dress with white polka dots, and cute red flats with bows! Come on, it was the 1980's! I had a royal blue hat, black felt, w…

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is an anniversary day for us. This year it is the 23rd anniversary of our first kiss.
We didn't know then about saving your first kiss for your wedding day, or we wouldn't have this particular anniversary. However it is sweet to us, and I am sure we will celebrate it with a few more kisses for good measure!

Today - Update

We had a lovely time at the Civil War Ball. The caller was very good teaching everyone the dances. The girls danced a few times, but really were interested in watching. We found that many of the dance steps are familiar since we do some English Country Dancing. We also were happy to see such good interaction between everyone who was there. So now maybe we will have to make a few dresses?

Today I will be puttering around my house, working on some treats for tomorrow, and guiding my family. My husband and I are taking Lindsay and Emily to a Civil War Ball this evening. They don't have gowns from that era, but not everyone dresses formally. They were going to perhaps wear their Regency dresses but may just wear regular dresses. They know dances that are similar to those from the Civil War era, so they should have fun.
Tim is working on clearing the driveway - he is using my Dad's snowblower. The snow is so piled up everywhere. Some roads that drift badly…

If You Love Paperdolls....

Then check out Noble Rose Press!
I came across these sweet paperdolls before Christmas, when I found a blog written by one of the two sisters who are the designers. Since then I have seen them offered for sale at Vision Forum and raved about on other blogs.
Today Jasmine Baucham is hosting a give away of these beautiful paperdolls. My girls would love them! If you have daughters who love to play with paperdolls you may want to head over to Jasmine's great blog Joyfully At Home to enter!
To see one of the girls who would love these paperdolls, don't miss the post I did below this one!

One Of My Favorite People

is wearing a few recent knitting projects. Recent meaning, that I made them before Christmas. I am working on a few other things but haven't completed any of them as of yet. I am working on a shawl for myself and also I want to knit for my granddaughter. I just need to spend less time online and more time with my needles.
Remind me of this, will you?

The Morning After

Just before the sun came up this morning...the sky was so pretty.
View from our deck - I was standing in the open sliding door and not actually on the deck for this shot...the deck has about 3+ feet of snow on it!
Icicles in the early with the sun up, they are dripping...
About 6:30 am...instead of shoveling the driveway, Tim shoveled from our driveway to the stop sign...made a nice path to drive on so he could get out!
Now the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it is beautiful outside!
Have a great day!

Blizzard Update - New Info!

Tim made it home safely! The girls shoveled the driveway when they knew he was on the way home - it had a foot of snow or more on it since the early morning hours when Tim shoveled it so he could go to work!
We had homemade pizza for dinner - it was so good. To see more of what the girls have been up to check out Emily's blog - A Fresh Perspective. Becky, Chelsea is just fine - really!

Snow, Snow and more snow...nearly two feet today!
The girls were out early in the day working on their igloo...When the wind picked up they came in!
This is the snow on the deck -some of it is from the weekend but there were two paths on the deck - one to the rail and one to the deck stairs, both got filled up!
Soon my picket fence and lamppost will disappear!
The mailbox and stop sign are being buried as well - though much of it is from the plowing!
Right now the township who are great with our roads, haven't been by to plow in hours! The girls who are out shoveling the driveway say they don't…

Snow Again and Book Talk


I just heard an interview with a representative from Penndot saying that the foot of snow we have is the mild part of the storm..."the snow overnight was only coming down about 1/2 inch an hour." They expect that to pick up greatly today as we get up to another foot or more.
Add to that the winds are coming this afternoon, and will blow the snow that is falling as well as the snow on the ground creating blizzard conditions!
Amazing! The five day forecast is showing snow for Monday as well. This is not usual for us here. When you don't have to go anywhere it is fine, not too much trouble. Although taking the dogs out and feeding the horses can get tricky! Fortunately for me my 'Girl in Nature' handles these things.
To really enjoy this storm, the girls have their good pal Chelsea, from Hospitality Lane, here to be snowed in with them. So far they have made bread and brownies, both of which will be gone early today, so I for see more baking on …

Being Known


But if anyone loves God, he is known by God. 1 Corinthians 8:3 ESV
There are alot of ways to be known.
I am known as a mother, daughter, wife, leader of a homeschool co-op, Christian, home educator.
But does anyone really know me?
I am a "knower" of people. I am interested in people and can remember things about them. I love to use this knowledge when buying gifts for someone - I love to give them something that I "know" is them, that they will love. I do this to show my care and affection for someone.
Over the years I have studied my husband to learn about him. What kinds of things does he like? What kinds of things express love and care to him? What does he like to eat? Knowing these things help me be a better wife to him. One thing he likes is for me to come and hang out with him when he is working on a project, like changing the oil in the car, or chopping wood. He likes my company. If I hadn't studied to know him, I would never have t…

Snowy Day

It started to snow yesterday sometime after 3:00pm. For a great deal of the time it was tiny flakes, it seemed like maybe the storm wouldn't give us as much snow as they were calling for.
It continued to snow, but it wasn't really laying on the roads when my husband came home.
I made potato cheese soup for dinner, with a nice green salad and garlic bread, while it continued to snow.
Tim, Lindsay, and Kyle took the truck to go and get hay. They got stuck by our gate and used the van to pull the truck out. Still the snow came down...We had family devotions, read, watched a video and went to bed. By then the snow was about a foot deep.
We woke to a winter wonderland...buried cars in the driveway, the barn doors have snow piled up around them...and it is still snowing. It is hard to tell just how much we have because around 11:00 pm it started to get windy and is supposed to blow and drift today...Tim goes in to work today at noon until midnight.. I am praying for clear roads fo…