Sisters and Daughters

Last night I was poking around and was struck by the paintings that reminded me of my daughters.

This one reminds me of Lindsay - gentle, womanly, one who knows how to wield a sword! She is a young woman who is strong in her convictions, she is noble in her goals, and is content as a daughter at home.

The artist of this painting has captured the beauty that comes from the inside, from strong and noble character. She is feminine without being delicate. She reminds me of my Emily. This young woman is capable, as is my Emma. She is able to do hard work and yet is gentle. That's my girl.

I love this painting! It shows the care and watchfulness of an older sister - I see this trait in my daughters. They are loving sisters. They do annoy one another at times, but their hearts are bonded to each other. Actually not only with their sisters but with their brothers as well - even though one of them is older than all of them!

This one is a younger sister. She is helping by rolling the yarn into a ball. She probably is learning to sew and knit as well. This is the goal I have for my girls. To be skilled in home keeping things, such as sewing, cooking, knitting, running a household. This girl reminds me of my Sarah, she would wear an outfit like this!

This reminds me of my girls - especially Emily - who will grab her knitting and work with her hands while we read or watch a movie. This young woman in this painting is womanly and feminine and yet dressed for work! And she is barefoot which is how we like to be around her much of the time, so I thought it was fitting to include it.

The girls and women in our family are not delicate, incapable of hard work kind of gals. We do work hard, and like to do outdoor kinds of things, as well as look pretty and also have tea parties! I like to think that we have a good balance.

My friend Becky did a post recently that mentioned being intentional in parenting and in wifehood. If you are raising children, what kinds of things do you do to be purposeful in your discipleship of your children? If your children are raised what kinds of things did you do and what are you up to with grandkids? Are you single? Did you know you can prepare for your future as wives and mothers? I'd love to hear the things you are doing to encourage your daughters toward their futures!

All art from - click on the paintings to find out more information about them.


  1. I really enjoy every one of these pictures. Too bad ladies didn't look more like this today. Even though the world was fallen in the times that these were painted, it must have been so wonderful to see women (young or old) displaying femininity.

  2. What a delightful post and what lovely pictures!!

  3. lovely post. nice to peek in and see your wee world for just a moment or two. lizzie let me borrow her laptop while she's at awanas with mrDarcy. he's director and she's leader (for cubbies). Sally's asleep early and rocky's in chicago so i've a few minutes all my own. :o)


  4. Loving this post. The comparisons are very good.

    Now, if you could only catch that impish look that is so often in Sarah and Rachel's eyes.

    That look I love!

    Living intentionally.
    It is a very good thing.

    Becky K.

  5. What a nice post! I really like the paintings.


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