I learned a few new things about tea this morning.

I was at the website for Dr.Tea, looking for written information about the differences between white, green, black and oolong teas. While there I came across an article he wrote about tea. It was filled with easy instructions for brewing tea, which I already knew or thought I did. Several of the steps went counter to what I had been taught.

The first thing was that you should not let the water get to the boiling point. I have always let it boil first, then pour it over the tea. That is how I was taught. The second thing was that you should pour your milk, if you put it in your tea, into the cup before you pour the tea, so it doesn't curdle in tea. I was taught that is why you put it in after you pour your tea!

I decided to try it out. I put cold water in my kettle, I warmed my pot and put the tea leaves in. This step allows the tea to warm and the leaves to open up. I watched the water and caught it just before it boiled. After letting it step for about 2 minutes with the teapot lid off, I put milk in my warm cup and poured in my tea.

You know what? It worked really well. I wouldn't say that it tasted much different than how I usually do it, but it tastes really good, and I am enjoying a morning cup of tea!


  1. Isn't it fun to research? Don't you wish we had learned the fun of learning when we were still students?

    Maybe we are breaking that cycle for our kids. I hope so.

    Becky K.

  2. oh I love Dr Tea too....his teas are wonderful and a special treat at my house.

    i enjoyed reading your posting...thanks!

    blessings shelia :)

  3. I'm a tea drinker too. I've just never acquired a taste for coffee, but I do want my tea! I don't take milk in my tea, and I didn't know about not boiling your water, so you taught me a few things too.

  4. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I could wish for nothing more than that people would be encouraged by what I write =)

    with my next cup of tea
    (that I brew myself)
    I will definitely try this out =)



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