Keeping Track Of My Life

I can tell I haven't been writing in my journal much these days...the last entry before today was January 30th...I use this journal to jot down my thoughts about what is going on in my life, as well as prayer requests, to do lists, ideas.

I cut up old magazines for the photos - I am drawn to gardens, interiors, storage ideas - all the things that are a part of my daily life. I often just comment on the ideas sparked by a photo.

This journal is not an original idea, I have seen it many different places. But it is a help to me to remember not just for today, but for years from now. I love going back and seeing answers to prayer, all the blessings, struggles, hospitality.

Here are some blank pages just waiting for me to write on them.

Sometimes I just put photos of things that I love together. When I am long gone to my eternal reward, my great grandkids can look at these pages and think "Great grandma was crazy!"

Thoughts, hopes, dreams....

Ideas for the to's...

Things for today.


  1. I love to read about how other people journal...thanks for sharing yours. Mine looks much the same and I have been neglecting my journaling for a month or two and I'm feeling it. Need to get back to it. I always say the same thing about my kids reading my journal...that they are going to think I was a crazy woman. (grin)

    Have a great day.

  2. This looks like a great way to use all those pictures I tear out of magazines for inspiration. Thanks for the idea!


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