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I was so over due for a haircut.  I finally went this week.

Let me tell you about my hair.  It's always had natural body to it, but as I had more children and aged, my hair got curly.  Really curly when I just wash it and let it dry naturally.

The other thing about my hair is that it has become fine like baby hair.  The individual shafts of hair are tiny.

I have weird cow licks in my hair, especially the two in the front on either side of my forehead.

All this works together to make hair "with a mind of its own."  So I try to work with it and not against it.  

For a year or so I was trying longer layers in my hair rather than the shorter ones I normally wear.  I like it shorter layers on top for fullness, with my fine hair if it gets too long, it just hangs and drags my face down.  So I decided to go back to more layers and I like it.

I really like the way it looks though these pictures taken yesterday in my bedroom don't look all that great.  

And weirdly - this photos mak…

Welcome Autumn

We are delighted that it is officially Autumn and we can officially show off our decor.

Welcome to Creekside Cottage!

This wreath is outside the kitchen door - which is where most guests enter our home.

These mums and pumpkin on are the kitchen door step.  Behind the mum is where I used to have a lilac bush.  It didn't flower well, and it was terribly over grown.  I removed it for those reasons and the fact that when my parents add on to our home, this space will be in their laundry room/pantry.

The weather has been delightful.  Warm days, cool nights.  Perfect.

It's fair season here in our county and our favorite local one started today.  We hope to get over to walk around and maybe watch some equine events on Friday.  This year the girls decided not to compete.

We have a local farm that sells their pumpkins for the best prices around.  Most are $1 or $2, while the more unusual ones are a bit more money.  Ours were all $1 pumpkins.

I have been spending quite a bit of time outside - …

Cute Skirts

Remember I promised you a photo of the girls wearing their cute skirts that they made in our home economics class?

Yesterday they wore them to church.  Each one made from the same pattern.  Rachel and Quinn made the knee length, and Sarah and Brooke made the mid calf length.  

Didn't they do a great job?

Hobbit Day Party

As we were driving North on I-95 Saturday morning, we were talking about church the next day.  I mentioned that since it was the 4th Sunday of the month, it was family day and there were no activities planned.

"We could invite people to come over and then have our first official campfire of the Autumn season," I mentioned.

"Well, since tomorrow is September 22nd, and it is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' birthday...we could have a Hobbit Day Party," suggested Lindsay.

"That would be fun," said I, and the party began to be planned.

Truly the only things needed for a great party is some yummy food to eat and great company, but we ended up with much more than that.

Lindsay texted her friend Joseph and he started volunteering to bring things and do stuff.  Check and check!

We discussed food - for the campfire we would do roasted hotdogs and s'mores (don't know how Hobbit like that is but when you're having young children, its a winner!)  For the rest of th…


Everyday I am in awe of the Lord's goodness to us.  Not that we have a perfect life, or that everything always goes how we want it to, but we really have so much to be thankful for.

We are thankful that we could help Tim's mom by doing some projects at her home.

We are thankful for time spent with family.

We are thankful for time spent with friends who are like family.

We are thankful for beautiful Florida skies.

We are thankful for Florida rain.

We are thankful for time.

For fresh mercy.

For God's work in our lives.

I am sure that you have a list of things you're thankful for too!  Please share them in the comments!

The Work Part Of Our Working Vacation

The photos were taken over the course of a few days - most of them by Emma.  All the kids helped out in some way, Kyle and Sarah got to try their hand and tapping the flooring into place, and Rachel, Emma and Lindsay worked with Tim several days.  Emma flew down at her own expense to help out over the days that she didn't have to be at work.  Lindsay was able to help some too, in spite of limitations due to her leg.  She made her yummy curry the other night and the kids shared dinner and a movie with Grammy and Terry, and Terry's son Gary, while Tim and I went to dinner with our friends.  Rick is in some of the photos.  We met he and Jane 24 years ago.  We were all just starting missions training and they knew Tim's sister so they made a point of reaching out to us.  We were young marrieds with a 3 month old baby, and they became our best friends.  We love them dearly, and don't see them as often now as their vacations are spent visiting their grandchildren, they are t…

September Note Card Party

Joining Vee once again for her wonderful Note Card Party!

This month it's all about the beauty of the Florida sky!

This is my favorite thing about Florida - other than the people I love who make this place their home!

Won't you join Vee and the rest of the gang at the Note Card Party?  It's a lovely way to meet wonderful friends!
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