Life Is Never Static -

-  it keeps flowing right through the seasons - days, weeks, months, years.

I have found that I can't slow the passage of time, I can only join in its flow, and try to be fully engaged.

As we are headed into Autumn, I can see a difference in the light, and the days are noticeably shorter.  I've been lighting more candles in the evenings, too.

Taking the trip to Scotland with my dad, the near loss of Tim's mom has brought on much of these musings (ponderings?).  I want my life to count for eternity.  I want to live with a multigenerational vision for family life, which we are practicing in someways, we have 3 generations under our roof here, and one day (hopefully soon) we will have four generations here.

Children grow and become adults, and when your baby has his big teeth, you know you can't slow time, as much as you may think you'd like to.

But truthfully, I have never wanted to keep my children babies.  Tim has long said that we're in the business of "raising adults" and not children.  We don't want our kids to be dependents their whole lives!  We want them to be hard working, productive, world changers.  That sounds lofty doesn't it?  But it is simple in my mind, as you change the world around you - in your circle of influence- by the way you live your life.  Helping others by mowing their lawn or making a meal, helping a friend with a project, listening to a teenager share her tender, sweet heart and give encouragement, loving our aging parents, planting seeds in the hearts of grandchildren of honor and respect for their grandparents....all of that affects change in those around you.

Seeing our daughters grow as women, and to see the faithful, delightful people that they are, watching my once rebellious son become a hardworking, loving man, and a very good daddy is a joy!  We are so proud of them!

Why would I want them to stay children?  One day I'm going to need them to take my arm when I walk down the stairs, or to drive me places when I am so old, it isn't safe for me to take myself places anymore.  Life will have come full circle in someways and yet flow onward.


  1. This post is so moving, Deanna. I, too, have been musing lately about the passage of time...always passing, seemingly faster as I get older. It is sobering. I so want to be pleasing to my Father and to make each day count.

    I love Tim's philosophy on "raising adults"! That is certainly a healthy way of looking at it! And it truly makes the brief time we have to raise our children count if we think of it in that way.

    You have given me much to ponder this morning. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. My Great Aunt Gladys just turned 94 on Thursday and is the last of her generation. My parents are now the elders and it makes me take pause too.

    Enjoy your generations!

  3. Yes. Having things stay the same isn't normal. Life is always changing.

  4. Great Post!!! And praise God for that son becoming...!! tammyp


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