Saturday, September 28, 2013


I was so over due for a haircut.  I finally went this week.

Let me tell you about my hair.  It's always had natural body to it, but as I had more children and aged, my hair got curly.  Really curly when I just wash it and let it dry naturally.

The other thing about my hair is that it has become fine like baby hair.  The individual shafts of hair are tiny.

I have weird cow licks in my hair, especially the two in the front on either side of my forehead.

All this works together to make hair "with a mind of its own."  So I try to work with it and not against it.  

For a year or so I was trying longer layers in my hair rather than the shorter ones I normally wear.  I like it shorter layers on top for fullness, with my fine hair if it gets too long, it just hangs and drags my face down.  So I decided to go back to more layers and I like it.

I really like the way it looks though these pictures taken yesterday in my bedroom don't look all that great.  

And weirdly - this photos make me look more silver than I am - the last photo is more accurate as to color, but they show the haircut better than the last one.


  1. Oh, it looks great, Deanna! Love the shorter layers. (Thanks for indulging our curiosity!) ;)

  2. Cute as a button you are! It looks fabulous!

  3. Your hair looks great. You're working with what you've got.

  4. Love these selfies, Deanna, your hair cut is so lovely. I was due for a haircut this week, but had to cancel., and am in dire need of a cut.
    Read you last post, and enjoyed your fall decorations, looking forward to your posts on embracing our season of life. I must be in my fall season, as i refuse to go into winter, I have such a young mind, I just wish my body would co-operate. ~smile~

  5. Looks great--thank you for sharing with us! I am always on the lookout for new haircuts, but mine is very thick and coarse and wavy, so I keep it short usually...needing to do something with it soon! Have a happy weekend!

  6. Great cut and I love the color:) Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  7. I love it! It's fun to try new things, or return to the tried-and-true in your case.

  8. Love the layers - it looks darling. It really frames your face well.

  9. Lookin' good girlie! :) Thanks for you comment on my blog about my magazine cover debut! lol It was SO hard keeping that a secret since JULY!! I thought I would burst! lol
    I need a haircut too...mine is long and down my back...I want to cut it off short! Gotta build up my nerves! :)

  10. I have fine hair, too. I used to think it was thin - but am told it's more fine than thin. Wish I had a little more body - like yours!

    The layers in yours make for a great look! Nothing like a good cut...Enjoy.

  11. Your new "do" looks great! I don't see much gray as much as you try to show us! I've developed cowlicks I never had before .. I wonder if yours are new! enjoyed seeing your autumn touches around your house.


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