Beautiful Day

Today, Tim left early with Emma, Kyle and our friend Rick to get supplies for putting laminate flooring in his mom's bedroom.  More on that another day.

The rest of us had to go shopping for groceries (these people still want to eat regularly even on vacation!), and to do a bit of fun shopping.  We went to a huge Goodwill here (found rain boots for Rachel/Sarah), and then we went to World Market.  I love that store!  We don't have one of these where we live but I grew up in So. California with Cost Plus.  

After we got back to where we are staying (the mission Tim's family was with, and his brother still serves with is in the town where his mom lives.  They have a small but nice motel that is used for when missionaries or their families come to town.) we did some swapping of people and I got Kyle and Tim took Rachel to help them pull up carpet at his moms' house.

I took Sarah and Kyle across the street to the pool and we had a great time swimming for several hours.  I love the way the sky looks when it is so blue and there are big, puffy, clouds!

I love Sarah's swimwear this year.  We found long bright tunic tops at Target with matching bike shorts!  Perfect!  She likes them too.

The building behind her is the motel.  Our room is on the end with a view of the lake and a full kitchen!  We are spoiled.

When the hard workers were done, we jumped in the van and raced the sun to the beach.

It was beautiful.  When the sun was gone, we had the moon to see by for a brief time.  What a fun thing to play in the warm water with the moonlight shining on the waves.  A first for all of us.


  1. I love what you found for your Sarah's swim ware. It has the coverage without being so flappy that it's uncomfortable.

    Those clouds are just beautiful to me. They look so independent from each other and like cotton balls suspended in the sky.

  2. What a beautiful day! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. How lovely that you are able to combine work with fun with family with rest! Love it!

  4. smiling through your post..
    so thankful your time in florida is fruitful in many ways. :)

  5. I love that you are able to combine work and fun and family and rest...all in the same vacation! I know that you are being a blessing!


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