The Work Part Of Our Working Vacation

The photos were taken over the course of a few days - most of them by Emma.  All the kids helped out in some way, Kyle and Sarah got to try their hand and tapping the flooring into place, and Rachel, Emma and Lindsay worked with Tim several days.  Emma flew down at her own expense to help out over the days that she didn't have to be at work.  Lindsay was able to help some too, in spite of limitations due to her leg.  She made her yummy curry the other night and the kids shared dinner and a movie with Grammy and Terry, and Terry's son Gary, while Tim and I went to dinner with our friends.  Rick is in some of the photos.  We met he and Jane 24 years ago.  We were all just starting missions training and they knew Tim's sister so they made a point of reaching out to us.  We were young marrieds with a 3 month old baby, and they became our best friends.  We love them dearly, and don't see them as often now as their vacations are spent visiting their grandchildren, they are the kind of friends that you pick right back up with, as if you saw them yesterday.  We are profoundly grateful for what they have been to us in our lives!

I washed all the windows at Mom's yesterday, on the outside and Lindsay helped.  Then spent the rest of the day in the pool.  It was great.  Our nieces brought their kids to swim - Kyle was particularly delighted that their were two boys ages 7 and 4!  Prime play pals!

Thank you for your prayers for our family.  Mom is doing so well, and yet we know that with her health issues (clot on her heart valve) that she could have another stroke at any time.  For her part, she can't wait to drive again!

God is good and we are so thankful for this time He has granted for us to care for Mom and Terry.  It's not always easy or convenient  but it is a privilege.


  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family working together. I was proud of myself for recognizing Rick. :-)

    See you back in beautiful Lancaster County soon.

  2. It is indeed...hope that Tim's mom won't wish to drive until the doc gives his okay. Yikes!

    What a great job you've all been doing. Many hands makes light work. That floor just looks fabulous!

    I like the description you provided of good very true. Distance may separate, but time seems not to be an issue with true friends.

    Glad that Kyle found playmates!

  3. did get a lot done! That floor is beautiful!

    How delightful that you were able to meet with your friends.

    And that photo of Kyle with the wrench on his nose? Cracked me up!! He's such a boy! :D

  4. Wow, you got a lot done. What a blessing to work together as a family.

    Love the floor-it looks great.

    Also love Kyle with the wrench. He is so funny!


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