Prepping For A Trip

Today and tomorrow, we will be doing a bit of baking - I have three banana's that are begging to be bread, and we want some cookies to take along on our road trip.

We are headed South - to have a working vacation.  Translated that means Tim will be working and I'll be vacationing with the kids.  He has a list of jobs to do around his Mom's place to help her, such as handrails in the shower, to replacing the vanity in the bathroom that the caregiver will use.  That's a job way over due.

Of course Tim has his crew of helpers Emma, Rachel and Lindsay are regulars and Sarah and Kyle are getting pretty skilled at helping too, so maybe I'll be vacationing by myself. Hmmmm.

Anyway, I foresee plenty of time in the pool, some good Mexican food, time to read, and a day with my friend Jane.  Yay!

Tomorrow I will begin to pack our clothes (mine, Tim's and Kyle's) and advise Sarah on what to bring.  The other girls are able to pack for themselves.  

We are thankful for vacation time to use to help out at his mom's house, and to spend together as a family.

Thanks for all of your precious words to me on my last post.  I had a commenter (whose comment I didn't publish) ask some questions about our courting couple, that I am happy to answer through email, but I have no way to email this person back!  If any of you would like the back story or to ask how we go about this (we have no set pattern for what this looks like) please leave me an email address in the comments so I can send you a message.  If we are already in contact through email or you are a reply blogger, just say "I'd like to hear the story" and I'll copy you on it.  

It's not super secret but perhaps sensitive so that's all I'll say about that here on the blog.  

Now, I must go pack.  Pray for me!


  1. I will be praying for your family as you travel and work (and vacation)! ;) I know that you all will be such a blessing to Tim's mom!

  2. Bon voyage, you traveling wonder, you! I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed time and all needed repairs are made.

  3. Praying for you all to have productive work time and restful down time. I know that it will be wonderful for Tim's mom to have the fixes she needs and what a wonderful way for him (and all of you) to honor her. Sweet blessings, my friend! Enjoy your time with a friend.

  4. Have a great trip! It's so nice that Tim is able to help his mom out with those projects...and that he'll have such good help as he works on them.

    Enjoy your family time and travel safely!

    (My question about the courting couple is that Allison and I were trying to remember if Joseph played an instrument one time when we visited your church? Are we remembering correctly?)


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