Snow and Driving....

Last night I hosted a co-op committee meeting at my home. It started to snow lightly after our meeting started. As everyone headed home, I talked to my girls, who were hanging out with Chelsea over at Hospitality Lane, telling them the usual parent stuff "drive carefully, go slow," that kind of thing.

After a while, I realized that they should be home, but weren't, so I called. They were fine, but having a hard time finding a road home that didn't have a steep hill. The slid a bit on the one road we travel on all the time, just when they would have made a turn. So they kept on going straight, taking them a longer way. However, they couldn't get up a hill there and had to turn around and come back the way they had just come. We talked about the steep hill on the road they normally would have taken and we figured out a way for them to come a different road that doesn't have the hills that these two others do. They got home safely.

Tim was out at my mom and dad's doing our taxes, and had the little ones along with him. I called him as he was heading out, and told him that the girls were having to find a road without a hill. He said he would rescue them if they needed help...good Daddy! They arrived home before he did, and he called on his way home to make sure they had arrived. He had had some "fun", going up a steep road on the way home, but the rest of the way with hills were fine.

This is just the way it is sometimes here in beautiful Pennsylvania. I am looking out my window right now and seeing about 3 inches of snow covering everything and enjoying it's beauty. I love how even in the midst of the cold, with driving sometimes tricky, there is so much to enjoy.


  1. Oh dear. I am sorry they had a hard time getting home. I was thankful to avoid troubles.

    Becky K.

  2. Snow is beautiful..... Is there a nor'easter coming our way? I hope it's winter's last hurrah!

    Keep toasty and warm!


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