Back to Normal?

I'm saying "Not yet."

I wanted to let the kids sleep in and then get back to our history, science and math work that we set aside for a few weeks.  So far the sleeping in part is working.  Lol.  Sigh.

It's all okay.  We practice a lifestyle of learning and soon they'll be awake and ready to do their work.

After the wedding, and the rearranging all the bedrooms, we ended the week with Emily's birthday on Saturday!  The family went out to eat to celebrate not just her birthday but my niece's birthday which is this week.  Then yesterday, nearly 30 people came for Emily's birthday hike and bonfire!  I did not hike (challenging trail and a bad back), but I made gallons and gallons of Chicken Tortilla soup for the hungry hikers to eat when they got back.  It was a lovely day yesterday, in the 40's partly sunny, a great day to be out in the beauty of God's creation.

Birthday girls blowing out their candles Saturday night and then a self portrait they left for me yesterday on my camera!

I also had time for tea and conversation with my friend Jen.  It was a very nice afternoon and evening.

So now back to normal.  What is normal anyway?  With growing kids things are always changing.  I am wanting to get into a routine that will incorporate morning Bible reading, then exercise, then everything else!  I think with those two foundations in place, I'll be ready for whatever comes my way!

PS- I've been drooling over wedding photos.  I'll share a few more with you tomorrow!


  1. Gosh those cousins look like sisters! I have a few cousins who look more like my sisters than my sister come to think of it. Sounds as if Em had a wonderful birthday weekend. Gallons of chicken tortilla soup? I think I must visit a Pinterest folder soon.

  2. Cousins sharing birthdays - such a fun time.

  3. Right, gallons? I'm sure it seemed like it. It's actually 73 here today. Got outside and worked in the yard a bit. But the cold returns in a few days.

  4. Ha!! Sounds like a normal Monday at our house...and not just after a wedding and a whole-house rearrange! We get it done, but not early in the day!

    Can't wait to see more photos!

  5. I love chicken tortilla soup! I'll bet everyone loved it too. Congratulations on the marriage of your daughter. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Thank you for your kind note too. Life has been busy, but maybe it will settle down a bit now. I miss my blogging friends :)

  6. What a fun birthday celebration! Sounds like a BIG one too:) Enjoy your day my friend, normal sounds restful! Can't wait to see Wedding pics! HUGS!


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