Wedding: A Little Something Special

I'd been planning to regale you with my story of nearly killing ourselves on Saturday by weeding and mulching in 95 degree weather.  But I'll save that for another day. Lucky you!

I've decided instead to show you a tiny peek at what I am doing this evening.  Earlier today my Mom and I went with Kay and one of her bridesmaids to her final dress fitting.  We are down to 19 days until the wedding!

When she picked out her dress, she also decided to wear a veil but wanted to personalize it.  She has a signature color and wanted to add some to her veil.  I bought some beads a few weeks ago and am now getting the privilege of stitching this bit of custom beading onto the veil.  

The original beading is so pretty in person, but the red beads makes it pop.

I'm delighting in helping her plan for their big day, and enjoying making it special and memorable for them.  It's a joy for me. I'm thankful for the relationship we've built.  I love these two and the wee grandgirlie very much.


  1. So pretty!! I love personalized touches in a wedding!

  2. The beads will be beautiful on the veil ! Fun times !

  3. What a special and beautiful touch to her veil! It has been so nasty hot, it must have been horrible to be out weeding in it! Praying for God's peace as the big day gets closer!

  4. Very pretty, and very special that you can do this for her.

  5. What a beautiful addition the veil! LOVE the pop of colors! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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