Garden: Tomatoes

We are getting a bumper crop of tomatoes this year.  The weather is not much different than last year,  but we'll take the tomatoes!

I'm going to give canning them a try.  I have never done tomatoes so it'll be a new experience for me.  Sue, do you have any advice for me?  I have the basic idea - blanche them to get the skins off and then puree them if making sauce or chop them if canning the fruit.  I'll be happy to hear any advice!

These smallish tomatoes are fabulous.  I'd tell you their name but the tags are out in the garden. I'll have to look tomorrow.  Our grape tomatoes are amazing too.  Yesterday I did fresh mozzarella with freshly picked tomatoes.  Yum!

How does your garden grow?  Do you do vegetables, or just flowers or both?


  1. There is just no comparison between a garden tomato and those cardboard replicas that they sell in the grocery store!! I know you're enjoying your bumper crop! Fresh mozzarella...mmmmm...

  2. Your tomatoes look wonderful. Hope the canning goes well!

  3. We had such a wet summer, the tomatoe plants didn't look good. But I'm getting cherry tomatoes in spite of the pathetic plants. Two of the three larger tomatoe plants are beginning to produce green tomatoes. The third plant that must have had a creepy crawly infestation produced only a few tomatoes. As the plant started to wither, I picked the tomatoes and most ripened on the windowsill!

  4. I have a bumper crop of tomatoes as well and plan to make one of my favorite jams with them this week - here is a link to the recipe I use. Enjoy those tomatoes!

    Best to you and yours!

  5. Our garden isn't doing well, after a very wet June, and a hot July. Some of the plants are lush, but no fruit. I need to head out there and see if there's anything to be harvested. It's ironic since we actually got the garden in on time this year!

    As far as canning tomatoes, you don't need to cut them unless they won't fit in the jar.

  6. Your tomatoes look fabulous. The best looking tomatoes at the fruit and veggie store come from the area around Lancaster. If you come to NYC happy to do a tour around the Metropolitan Museum. So much to see!

  7. Wow! Look at all that garden goodness!

  8. We are getting lots of heirloom cherry tomatoes. They are amazing! Enjoy!


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