Monday, March 2, 2009

Looking Forward To Spring

I try to be a person who is not always looking to the next season....I try to be content with each season, even winter which seems determined to hang on 'til the last moment!

We are experiencing a Nor'easter today.  Even the dogs didn't want to stay out long this morning.  Signs that spring is on the way have been around, but March has come in like a lion!

I am taking  The Inspired Room 's Melissa up on her challenge to write a list of things we are looking forward to about Spring.

So without further ado, my list:

1. Blue sky and sunshine.

2. Signs of life in my gardens.

3. Color!

4. My husband will be home recovering from hip replacement and it will be a treat to have him around so much!

5. We will be finishing up school for the year.

6. Being able to go outside without a coat.

7. Grilling!

8. Getting our veggie garden laid out!

9. Easter!

10. Little girls in sweet pink Easter dresses.

11. Lots of family birthdays!

12. Our homeschool convention, so much fun!

13.  Airing out the house after it.

What are you looking forward to?


  1. Taking my granddaughter shopping for their Easter dresses.
    Thanks for sharing your list- I'm also looking forward to throwing upon the windows for some fresh air.
    Happy day

  2. Love your list! I'm so looking forward to getting my veggie garden set out too :) Happy Spring!

  3. Beautiful flowers. When it's gloomy it seems the plants are sad. But with Spring, the plants and flowers come alive and look happy!

  4. Oh, little girls in Easter dresses! I just saw such darling ones at TJ Maxx...brings back such memories!

    M ^..^

  5. Sounds like you have some great stuff to look forward to!!! Especially having your hubby home!


  6. when or did tim have his surgery? hip replacement at his age--he is still a spring chicken!


  7. our neck of the woods we have many cloudy and rainy days..SUNSHINE---BLUE sky..oh I appreciate it and love it so much more now.


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