My Little Guy

is not feeling well.

I think he has the same virus I had last week...Sarah might have been coming down with it too.  Bless her heart...

They shall rest and relax and be made comfortable.  I made grape juice popsicles' today.  They can't wait to try them out.  

Sometimes being sick is a blessing in disguise.  It helps you to  slow down.  It is just what is needed right now!


  1. It's no fun to have sick kids...and yet, there is something tender about those nurturing moments that we have when they are under the weather.

    Hope Kyle and Sarah are back on the road to recovery very soon!

  2. My poor babies! Hope they feel better soon!! Give them hugs from Gma!

  3. Hope that everyone is feeling better soon. Slowing down can be a very good thing. Hope that there's lots of resting, reading, napping, listening to music, and enjoying those popsicles.

  4. You're right to recognize that sometimes sickness is a blessing in disguise and to "read" it as a signal to slow down,..

    Praying for health to return in a timely manner to your entire household.


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