Thursday, August 23, 2018

House Plants: Time To Re-Pot

My house plants have all be thriving this summer with new growth and growing in size, so I decided to re-pot several of them yesterday.

This Pathos didn't get re-potted, its doing just fine in it's spot and in it's pot.

It's got new growth on it, and it seems to thrive with a lot of indirect light.

My Boston Fern is usually on this little chair on the table by the front door.  It had grown and needed more room so it got re-potted, and I put this smaller pathos in its old pot.  This pathos, well its actually two, were grown from cuttings, that Lindsay gave me.

The fern is in an urn now, and today I placed it on our dining table.  Its getting big and stately.  It will probably not stay here in this spot, but with our open plan living room and kitchen/dining room, I'm limited on actual spots for it!  

 I'll have to re-think some of my decor or perhaps take it back to my bedroom.  My room is on the north side of our house and I don't get any direct sunlight in that room, so maybe I'll swap the bigger pathos with my fern, and but the pathos in my room.  We'll see!

Since I was repotting the house plants, I decided to re-pot my aloe, too.  He is sitting next to my ficus.  It won't be too many more weeks and I'll be bringing these two plants into the house until spring.

You can see my tablecloth hanging over a chair, so I thought I'd show you the current state of my deck.
My table is at Lindsay's house, as we were planning an outdoor party for Rachel's going away party.  I need to get over to her house, and bring it back!

The weather is just lovely this morning.  Cool, and sunny.  The today is going to be 76 degrees which is cool for August.  It won't last but I'll enjoy it while I can!


  1. i admire people whose indoor plants survive and even flourish.
    but me? a meme says it best:
    "I don't think of myself as having a "gray" thumb,
    but more of a plant hospice worker,
    easing the transition so the plants can go to Jesus."

  2. I wish I could keep houseplants alive. Pathas are the only plant I have any luck with. Between our cat, my not so green thumb and very little natural thanks to the old oaks trees outside, I eventually kill everything. Yours are beautiful. And I love your gold tablecloth!

  3. The plants look healthy and happy. I like their impressive pots. Like you, I don’t really have a lot of room for houseplants. Sherry’s comment is so funny!

  4. We seem to have similar weather... at least today!

  5. Your Fern looks fabulous! (How do you keep the bottom leaves from turning brown?)

  6. I love indoor plants but never seem to have luck with them. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  7. I love house plants. Yours look healthy and happy. I had to giggle at Sherry's comment!


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