Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Summer Magic In The Garden

The magic in my garden this summer are the hydrangea - Limelights to be exact!

Also this sweet mophead in pink. 

They make for a charming display in a vase!

This vase is normally on my kitchen table, but we had rain overnight, again, and its cloudy so the lighting was better on my counter by the sliding doors.

Happy Wednesday Friends!


  1. They're beautiful! I've had no success with them, but I sure enhen seeing other people's!

  2. I love seeing your hydrangeas! They are just breathtaking :)

  3. They are lovely this year! Like your new header picture.

  4. Sadly the intense heat we have had here has taken so much colour from the hydrangeas. They look pale and sad now.

  5. I just love them🌼
    My parents have a blue one in their garden
    It is such a joy to see .

  6. Beautiful hydrangeas. I keep seeing and reading about limelights - perhaps it's time I ventured into trying to grow one. Mine are mostly mopheads. I have one oakleaf that I don't really like. Perhaps I'll replace it!

  7. The Pink stands out so brilliantly against the green leaves!


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