31 Days - Preparing For The Holidays

Thanksgiving is a month away.  Then comes Christmas.  

Thanksgiving is generally a one day event, while Christmas around here begins the day after Thanksgiving and lasts until after New Years!  I wish our Thanksgiving wasn't so close to Christmas, but when they were started they both were more of a one day event.

In years past it has been easy to blow through Thanksgiving to the season we all could wait for - Christmas!  But now, I try to focus in  the week before, if not several weeks before, on the purpose of Thanksgiving.  

Of course, we SHOULD be thankful everyday.  We would have nothing without His goodness and mercy to us.  The scriptures say 

"...for He makes His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust." Matthew 5:45

There are so many scriptures that speak of giving Thanks.  I want them to know some of them at least, so they can remember.

I believe that is a key word "remember."  In scriptures we are commanded to remember many things about the Lord and His goodness.

I think holidays are great for this.  One great thing about moving from Thanksgiving into the Christmas season is a sense of remembering to be thankful, and then focusing on the peak of God's mercy to us - the Advent of our Lord Jesus!

If I keep my focus I can help the kids to keep theirs, and the Christmas season becomes less about "Gifts" and more about the GIFT.

As Thanksgiving and Christmas come, I'll post more about that but for now, I just want to encourage you to keep Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It's easy when we are sad, or lonely, or troubled to not want to "do" these holidays.  But I believe that if we focus on Him, it doesn't matter if we can have a big celebration or not.  We can make it special with a pretty table, simple foods, and our attitude.  What if I reach out beyond my own self and invite a lonely neighbor or widow from church to share the day?  Make them a part of your celebration whether large or small.  Doing this means a bit more work.  It means focusing on others.  But in this comes BLESSING.  A chance for us to give because He gave.  

What do you think?  Are you looking forward to the Holidays?


  1. Oh yes, I have been preparing for the holidays! We are having special guests for Thanksgiving (they will arrive the weekend before)...and of course, there are less than four weeks (!!!) between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year...and I have a special project that I am working on this Christmas...so I am feeling the need to simplify this holiday season.

    I absolutely love the holiday season though! It is filled with such glorious significance!

  2. Yes, I got a little pitter-pat just this morning when I thought that next month the tree will go up. Like you, Christmas begins here the day after Thanksgiving and extends into the New Year. All that said, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. And you know what that means! Your directions for the perfect turkey!

  3. What? Less than four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Good thing I read comments! Ackkkkk...

  4. I love everything about the Holidays but Thanksgiving has always been my favorite because it is about being thankful and enjoying good food,that I always prepare for all my family, and spending the day with those we love. The next day I start preparing or Christmas!


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