31 Days - The Season of Preparation

The season of preparation can mean different things to different people.  It does to me - sometimes at the same time!

I am currently in a season of preparation.  A cousin of mine mentioned last week that there were 10 Saturdays until Christmas!  Oh, man that got my attention!  Now there are nine Saturdays!  Yikes!  

This has got me knitting furiously on a lovely scarf made from my bargain bin chenille. 

I found two skeins of this lovely yarn at a local craft store for $1.00 each!  Love that and I know it will make a nice gift.  

I want to do more hand made gifts this year, or at least give things that are meaningful.

Another preparation is underway here, but that is my husbands' department.  It is preparing for cold weather by making sure we have plenty of wood for our wood stove to burn.  He does this for my parents as well.

All year he works on wood - getting it for free by taking a tree down for someone or removing a tree that is down already.  Its neat how the Lord provides and Tim is willing to do the work necessary.  

The wood goes from looking like this, 

to looking like this!  Oh and there is more - much more, this is just the wood in the wood rack close to the house.

We are thankful for this preparation as we have a freeze warning tonight, and our furnace is in need of a repair.  The house is toasty warm inside.

I am also beginning to prepare for our Ladies Tea in December and for our annual Fall Fest next week.  This is a family sponsored event for fun with our friends.  Hay rides, dancing, campfire, apple recipe contest, pumpkin recipe contest, fun.

What kinds of preparations are going on at your house?


  1. Well I have started shopping for Christmas and I TOO am making some homemade gifts:) Those are just the best to GIVE and RECEIVE! We also have a HUGE wood stack because of lots of hard work that my Honey put in! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  2. Oh you had to go and make me feel guilty for not having any when I should! Love that stack of wood that Tim rounded up for the cost of his labor... It's so nice to have a smart husband!

  3. Nine weeks?!!!!

    *reader runs away screaming*

  4. I like the chenille scarf, i enjoy giving and receiving hand made gifts, usually mine will be jams , jellies and baked goods. I am already getting ideas as to how to dress them up a bit!~smile~
    What a great feeling to have so much wood ready for winter! We are under a freeze warning tonight, and have spent the day covering and bringing in plants, and gather peppers.
    Enjoy your weekend.


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