31 Days - Loving The Season Of Teaching

As I've grown as a woman,  I have loved the opportunity to mentor and teach others.

I particularly love teaching my daughters, and their friends, how to make a house a home.  Last week in our little home economics class we made pillowcases.  It was so much fun, the girls did a great job and their pillowcases turned out great!

 It's been so much fun to have four sewing machines set up and going at the same time!  They would be too impatient to have to take turns sewing!  I am so thankful for the large dining table Tim built for us!

Sarah, just a tad pleased with herself!

Rachel's pillowcase.  I told her I'd like a set just like it for Christmas!

You can find the fabulous tutorial by Missouri Quilt Company here.  I have wonderful things pinned on my Sewing Board.  Feel free to check it out.

This week we are going to talk about a skill I think all women should have - Event Planning.  Whether it is hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for the extended family, or a birthday party or a Holiday Tea, these skills come in handy.  It's going to be so fun!


  1. Exactly the tutorial I use and love. Oh my! Both girls created the most darling pillowcases. It's kind of addictive because it is so much fun! The combinations are endless... How fun to see the machines there at the table. There must be quite a hum and a buzz when they all get going.

  2. Oh, I love this season of teaching too! I kind of dread when it is over...although I suppose that I will learn to love the new season that I am in, right?

    The pillowcases are fabulous! I can see you using a pair of those red ones in your bedroom...perfect! I think I'll go check out that link...

  3. Oh my...what a great tutorial!! I must make some of those!

  4. What a blessing...teaching and spending precious time with your daughters. They did a great job too! I share the love to sew and do crafts too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...you are a dear friend.

  5. A beautiful fun day, my mom, daughter, granddaughters and I made Christmas pillow cases a couple years ago, it is etched in my heart forever, and hopefully theirs too! Thanks for sharing.


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