Wednesday, April 3, 2019

An Interesting Village Square

This village square is in Lampeter. (pronounced Lamb-Peter)  Its pretty old  and the three buildings you see on the corners are very old.
 The stone house on my left used to be covered in vines and looked derelict.  I always thought it looked like an old Inn.  Especially from the other side.  The kind where coaches would drop travelers for the night during the colonial period of American history. Someone has been working on it but we haven't heard whether its going to be a business or a residence. The house across the street is being redone and has been stripped down to its log cabin roots in the front.  As far as we know this will stay a residence.  The brick building on the right is now the Lampeter Cafe.

These photos were taken upstairs in the Lampeter Cafe.
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They did a great job restoring this building and adding on to it, while keeping the original structure intact.  They have good food, too!

I love that these buildings that sat empty and were decaying more and more every year are getting a new lease of life!

Here is a better shot of the grey stone building.

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


  1. Oh yes, I love the old buildings that have been renovated. This looks very nice. We stayed at a local Bed and Breakfast there in Lampeter, the Australian WalkAbout. We did walk around the town a little bit!

  2. Wonderful old stone buildings...Pennsyvania has many stone and brick homes, doesn’t it?

    Great fun to go out for a meal together.

  3. Wow! I love old buildings . I always ponder what happen in times past in them.

  4. How wonderful that these beautiful old buildings are getting a new lease on life. Looks like a really fun family time, too.

  5. I love these type of places! We were in Lancaster, PA just over a year ago, and all the old buildings and beautiful designs were just my favorite. One of my favorite things about the Northeast is how there is so much preserved history. I love how people use the old buildings for something new instead of just tearing them down, which unfortunately is what happens where I live.

  6. When I read the first sentence I wondered what you were doing in Wales! Lampeter, Wales is where my cousin lives and we visited several years ago. Immigrants were fond of naming places in the New World for their old homes, weren't they? I do love those old stone buildings.

  7. I wish I had remembered to look for this cafe when we were in Lancaster this week!! Next time . . .


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