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I thought that I would post today about my favorite teas to drink.  I am a lover of black tea; Twinings English Breakfast Tea, PG Tips, Yorkshire Gold.  I like Darjeeling.

I never used to like herbal tea, but I have come to really enjoy Chamomile, and Sweet Apple Camomile.  
I also really like Lipton's Black Pearl.  It is lovely to drink.

 Did you know you can buy it on Amazon?  

I have started to branch out in my tastes and to try new things, hence the chamomile and black pearl.  I tried Africian Red Roobois (roy boss) and didn't care for it.  However my husband and several friends loved it!
What kind of tea do you like to drink?  Do you have a favorite tea cup or are you a mug kind of person?  I can't wait to hear!


  1. I adore white peach tea....and apple cinnamon in the Fall makes me oh so happy.

  2. I know we'd just have so much fun if we ever got together. I'm a tea lover too. I don't ever drink coffee, but I'm a bit grumpy in the morning until I have my cup of tea :)
    Right now, I want my tea iced, but I love drinking hot teas too. I always love black tea, but at night I like Pomegranate Pizazz from Bigelow Teas. It's one of their caffeine free teas, so it's perfect in the evening :)

  3. Just love Rooibos...it is so good for babies too....my other favourite, especially when not well, is Green Tea and Honey.
    Love this post.

  4. I like tea like coffee, dark with a bold flavor. I enjoy tea iced without any sweetener, and hot with only honey. I don't use a fancy cup, but just the everyday cups...unless we have company...LOL. Maybe I need to treat myself to a cuppa in a lovely tea cup. ;)

  5. I've been getting the black or green iced tea at Starbucks lately. It is smooth and refreshing. At $1.50 for a tall it doesn't break the bank as quickly either.

    I made tea using the Keurig the other day...that worked very well too! So happy.

  6. I am totally a coffee gal but I do love iced tea. I've learned that if I use a few flavored bags with my plain old Lipton it really boosts the flavor. Also if I think ahead, I put a couple of cinnamon sticks in the water and 'fridge it overnight. Then use the water to make the tea. Wonderful.

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. I enjoyed your tea tasting! I prefer green teas. Also jasmine at my favorite Chinese restaurants! Happy Tea Day!

  8. I like black teas the best. My fav is Lipton with a fresh slice of lemon and sweetener. Which is probably why I also like Lady Grey which has a citrus flavor.

    I drink tea iced all year round.

    Hot tea for years was my breakfast drink but it started to make me feel sick, perhaps I make it too strong. My husband convinced me to try coffee. I can drink that without getting sick but I have to add everything to it so it doesn't taste like coffee.

    I don't like herbal teas but my daughters do. I like chamomile, too. The flowers are pretty and easy to grow.

    I guess I am a mug person. Although I prefer a thinner lip edge to my cup. Mugs are everyday...work till you drop kind of cup and go well with sitting on the edge of a tire talking to my husband. When the coffee is gone I can help him out because they come in handy for holding nuts and bolts even before they're washed.

    Although, I've been "given" fine china ;) and the tea tastes the same...I'm afraid of breaking it. Since I was a kid, I was always dopplich.

  9. When I find my favorite again, I'll have to send you some. I'm also not a fan of rooibos per se, but I think it's in the Good Earth stuff I love.

    I usually just use my favorite coffee mug, rather than a teacup and saucer. I have a pretty one I love and it holds a lot more than a teacup, ya know?

  10. Hi Deanna,
    I like both tea and coffee; preferably coffee in the morning. My favourite tea is Green Chai and Lemon Ginger but I also enjoy Earl Grey and PG Tips. I like coffee in a mug and I will drink tea in both a mug and a pretty tea cup. It is more of a luxury from a tea cup, I find. Thanks for sharing your post with Tea Time and have a lovely week.


  11. I enjoy herbal teas but my daily drink is a black tea by Madura.
    It's a very low tannin and caffeine tea.
    I mainly use teacups but I don't mind a nice big mug either :-)
    I'm going to look for that Black Pearl tea!

  12. I do have a favorite tea cup. I really like honey chamomile tea, but I will look for this apple chamomile because I enjoy trying new teas. I also enjoy concoctions so I put several complementary teas into the pot to make new flavors. That's always fun because you never know what you'll get. I also love Yorkshire tea.


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