What A Pain!

Somehow I apparently pulled strained my trapezoid muscle on the left side of my back.  This is a huge muscle and it keeps having spasms.  This is quite painful.  I have muscle relaxants and they help some, and I also took naproxin sodium (aleve) and together they helped me.

The problem for me is that I have things to do today.  My regular shopping day for the bulk of our groceries was interrupted yesterday by a doctor visit and pain, so I need to get food into the house.  The other thing is that I need to mow the property.  I love doing this, I put my ear plugs in, my headphones over that and turn my ipod on!  An hour and a half of listening to what I want to hear and thinking my own thoughts!  I'm thinking that may really aggravate my already strained muscle.

So what to do?  Well, for sure no mowing.  Rachel may need to give it a try today.  And I may drop the girls at work and try to get the groceries.  If it gets painful again I will just come home.

The bright spot in all of this is that the doctor said doing dishes or cooking will put strain it too, so I should not do that for at least a few days.  So sad.

Tomorrow after church we are headed to the other side of the state to see Tim's aunt and to pick up a pony for Rachel and the younger kids.  Here's a photo of Rachel riding her when they went to see her a few weeks back.

The family that owns her calls her little horse as the previous owner never gave her a name but referred to her as that 'little horse'.  After much discussion, Rachel has decided on 'Liberty' as we will be picking her up on Monday, July 4th.  I think that is a great name for her and she can call her 'Libby' for a nickname.

So if you think of me, please pray for my muscle to heal and for me to not overdo it and aggravate it all the more.  Thank you all!  And thank you to all the new ladies reading my blog - it has been fun to meet you!


  1. Praying that you'll be able to judge how much you are able to do. Let me know if I can help. I need to run out for groceries very soon so if I can get things for you I will do so gladly.

  2. Oh, Deanna! That was the name of our beloved Golden Retriever - Liberty - and we did call her Libby for everyday. She was a marvelous animal - gone too soon at 12 years - which is normal for a golden. She used to lie on her back in the middle of all the kids in a circle on the floor rubbing her belly during Bible Study (family home group - we kept the kids with us) while all the adults were on the chairs. Good memory.

    May your Libby bless you as much as ours did! For many more years!

    Miss Kathy

  3. Oh! P.S. Hope you feel better! Back pain IS a pain! But, enjoy a few days off your feet!


  4. I'm *so sorry* to hear about your back and I can sooo relate to your pain. Be careful and don't over-do. Sometimes the meds make you feel like you can do more than you should and then you pay for it later.

    And I think Liberty is a FABULOUS name for a horse! (o:

  5. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT try to do to much. Take it from someone who knows only rest will help with this. I will be praying for you. Hand over some of the rresponsiblity to your kids. You have trained them so well I am sure they will handle it just fine.

  6. Take it easy...back spasms are no walk in the park. Your family is going to be so helpful to you through this. Then one day soon, you'll wake up feeling great. Praying for a quick recovery.

  7. God bless you. Feel better!

  8. Oh do take it easy you don't want to make it worse and take even longer to heal!

    Liberty is a great name!

    Feel better and have a hood weekend!

  9. It is so difficult to have any kind of ailment when running a busy household. I've been there. I will pray for you to heal quickly...just enough to do everything but the dishes.

    Can't wait to hear all about that pony. Lisa~

  10. Hope your back is feeling better today and that riding in the car will not aggravate it more! I say let the family have a taste of what it's like to do all that mom does for a few days...it'll be good for all of you!!! Just getting ready to have a go at your blueberry cake! I'll think of you while I consume it!

  11. Oh, you poor girl!
    I'm sure that if you leave the groceries for a few days your family will be ok.
    Rest is very mportant for your back right now - it'll help you heal quicker.
    I know it's hard to stop everything and not feel guilty, but you really do need to take it easy - doctors orders!!
    I am praying for your healing, Deanna.
    love in Jesus..Trish


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