Liberty Meets Sandy and Cheyenne

 We had a great trip home with Liberty.  She did well traveling four hours on the turnpike.  The biggest adjustment will be Sandy and Cheyenne - and likely more adjustment on their part than Liberty's!

 Sandy is the lead horse around here and she has already let Liberty know that she is the one in charge around here - she kicked her!  We are keeping Liberty away from the other two by putting her in the arena that is in the middle of the pasture.  That way they can see each other, and smell each other etc...but Sandy won't be pushing her around.

 She is a cute pony - a tad overweight, but with Rachel giving her regular exercise she'll be in shape in no time!

 Kamryn loves the horses and got so excited see them!

I am sure there will be more in the days to come - for now we are going to get some pizza and relax a bit.  Then once it is dark we are setting off some fountains and sparklers.  Grandpa is our fireworks dude.  He is the hero of all the kids - it's fun.  I remember in years past when my nephew Evan and niece Kaitlin used to come every summer.  We had a blast with kids running around the little spinners that made it look like a strobe light.  Fun times!


  1. We plan to join you in just a little bit.....hopefully Chelsea did let you know...

  2. Ah, I remember the fun last year.

    This year is exceedingly more boring as I'm getting up very early to take friends to the hospital tomorrow and need to go to bed early.

    Enjoy your show and have fun for us, ok?

  3. Welcome home, Liberty! Hope you get settled in soon - I'm sure you'll be feeling like one of the gang in no time! What happy children and ponies!
    Miss Kathy

  4. Beautiful horse! Do you enter in the county fairs?

  5. Jared wanted to know what time the fireworks started. We told him that Willow Valley started at 9:15pm. He said, "No! No! Grandpa Rabe's."

  6. Good luck with the adjustments! It sounds like you had a wonderful fourth...

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Hope you all had great fun last night. Seems as if everyone knows how.

    Sweet little pony Liberty is. I'm sorry that she got a kick for a welcome. Oh dear. Jealousy extends right across the animal kingdom I guess.


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