Thank You and Happy Independence Day!

Thank you all for your kind well wishes and prayers for my back.  It has been feeling very well, and I am having to be careful to remember to take it easy!  I haven't needed to take anything for it - what a blessing!

We are picking up the pony this morning - the kids are so excited!  We will take lots of photos and I will try to show them tomorrow!

We got to visit Tim's aunt last evening and we were so glad.  She is not in very good health and was so pleased to have us come see her.  When we got there she was happily holding her 7 week old great granddaughter!  It was precious to see them both. 

On another note - I want to wish you all a glorious Independence Day!  May we remember the freedoms our founders fought so hard to give us, pray that we may gain them back.



  1. Glad to hear you've gotten some relief for your back pain. I guess that means you'll have to do the cooking & dishes again????

    I really like the name you've chosen for "little horse" & the trailer looks GREAT!

    I share your feelings about our wonderful country and wish you a safe and happy holiday...

  2. Happy 4th, to you and your family, Deanna! Glad the back is better - and what a memorable 4th it will be picking up your pony in that festive red carriage! Looking forward to seeing the kids loving on their new charge!
    Miss Kathy

  3. So glad the Lord is placing His healing hands on your life! Happy 4th! So thankful we live in a country where we can fellowship via the internet. ~ Ruth

  4. Oh your trailer just makes me smile. And the joyful thing bringing you a new pony. What a special day you've had. I'm happy you felt better so you could enjoy it all.



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